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Kids Get Hosed by Madison Ave.

The corporate "noose" is forgetting to report one of the most stupid events this year.
Short and simple:
At the very same time that school janitors were canned and the school year shortened, playground equipment lay in ruin and sports were cancelled due to budget cuts, the stupid mass media and a bunch of well-meaning dumbasses went nuts pimping the idea of buying poor kids a new toy.
Kids need schools, not sweatshop made, imagination killing "Porkymon".
If they had spent the bread on schools instead of landfill fodder maybe the kids could have a good enough education to fix all the nasty goings on perpetrated by G.W.Bin Hussein.
I may not have to tell you that kids have just as much fun playing with rocks, leaves, etc.
Someone had the right idea. A rich guy who wanted to help kids is selling "School Aid" organic apples at 99 cents/lb., with all the proceeds going to Oregon public schools. Now that's charity.