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The U.S. has tried to make 9-11 happen in the past

Here is a PDF file that is a declassified penatagon document, it shows plans for the U.S. to attack it's own people in order to drum up support for a attack on Cuba. This may be old news to some but I think it should not be forgotten. Page 10 is most clear on it's intent.
The U.S. has tried to make 9-11 happen in the past
The U.S. has tried to make 9-11 happen in the past
refereces should always be posted 31.Dec.2002 15:48


Please don't post something like that without taking the time to post URL references. It doesn't take long to find them on the net, and you should be responsible and (here's the key) make the information more accessible and able to stand out from the flood of info on message boards.

Here's the single best source (and the original) from the National Security Archive:


Here's an example of how the mainstream media dealt with it:


I'm sorry Mr. X 31.Dec.2002 17:45


Dear Mr. or Ms. X,

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate the advice and do agree with you. For this particular posting I did not feel it was vital to have URL ref's being that the document spoke for it's self, it is a photo copy of a goverment document. If it was a article I had written I would have included these. I do want to thank you for adding the ref's you found, although I would not have given a main stream media site that much credit. You are obvoiusly a intelligent person and I wish you the best in 2003!

quick note 31.Dec.2002 18:06


Just a quick note.

I wasn't giving the mainstream media credit. I said, how they "dealt with it." All things being equal, they actually did deal with it, which was kind of surprising.

As for references, you should always post URLs when possible. That only facilitates the learning of others. Many people seek to understand context and sourcing is a big help in that regard.

Finally, I wasn't picking on you. It seems you were a wee-bit sensitive ;-)

Have a productive and healthy new year


I was being serious! 31.Dec.2002 18:30


Dear X,

I really did mean it when I gave you the complements. I am free to think and post what ever I want but I saw the logic in your comment and will make sure to have those next time (just to make you happy).
Like Bon Jovi said "I make mistakes, I'm just a man". I think that was the first time Bon Jovi has ever been mentioned on this site, and with any luck the last.
I hope you don't think I was trying to start a fight I was just explaining myself, much like Trent Lott, I guess.


Mr. Sensitive

you two are so sweet 31.Dec.2002 18:59

deputy dawg

now that's more like it. these posts are a great example of how respectful IMC discourse can be.

a great year to you both.