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One Day of Peace Holds Peace Fair on January 1, 2003

On December 15, 2000, the United States Congress resolved "that each year should begin with a day of peace and sharing during which people around the world should gather with family, friends, neighbors, their faith community, or people of another culture to pledge nonviolence in the new year and to share in a celebratory new year meal; and Americans who are able should match or multiply the cost of their new year meal with a timely gift to the hungry at home or abroad in a tangible demonstration of a desire for increased friendship and sharing among people around the world; and the President should issue a proclamation each year calling on the people of the United States and interested organizations to observe such a day with appropriate programs and activities."

The One Day of Peace Coalition in Portland, Oregon is presenting, as its SECOND National Holiday event, a Peace Fair of support and celebration to all in our communities, towns, and cities across the nation and beyond. The Peace Fair will be held Wednesday, January 1, 2003 in a multi-cultural festival of community hopes, prayers, and visions of peace.

In today's climate of permanent war, it is more important than ever to add each voice to the call for real, lasting peace.

This year's Peace Fair begins at 4PM with an exhibition of many Portland area peace groups, highlighting the work toward peace that is being performed in our own community and around the world. The evening program begins at 6PM and includes music by Michael Allan Harrison.

The One Day of Peace Coalition warmly invites everyone to attend the Peace Fair festivities on January 1. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door.

The Peace Fair will be held at the Chiles Center on the University of Portland campus at 5000 North Willamette Drive.

For more information about the Peace Fair and the growing One Day of Peace movement, please see their website at the link provided below.

feature pic 31.Dec.2002 14:55

One Day of Peace

feature pic
feature pic

peace 31.Dec.2002 18:04

at a price

"invite everyone to"....."admission $10 and $12 at the door"

chuckles....it doesn't say "suggested donation" nor does it say "no one will be turned away for lack of funds"

so it really isn't an invitation to everyone to focus on peace for the "new holiday"

it's only an invitation to those with bucks

thanks, but NO thanks

Touche 31.Dec.2002 18:54

One Day of Peace

I am sure if you showed up, you would not be turned away.

Sadly, I am not one of the organizers and so I cannot say what the policy on funds is.

If you are not interested in contributing a few bucks to come to the event, please do something meaningful toward peace and reconciliation on January 1, and every day.

Others, please do not let the money be the determining factor in the crucial quest for real peace in the world.

Peace at what price? 01.Jan.2003 08:29

Malachy Bodhi@hevanet.com

Oregon leads the nation in unemployment and hunger. The ODOP is a great idea but sadly out of touch with what so many Oregonians struggle with on a daily basis: economic survival. The event seems to be a social event geared for the employed middle class who have disposable income. I salute those who may not attend the event, but are in Pioneer Square every Friday to protest the coming war.

Point taken, but 01.Jan.2003 11:58



Your point is taken.

However, I would like to point out that it will take all kinds of people, in huge numbers from all backgrounds, to truly affect peace in our world.

I think the weekly rallies in Pio Square are among the best ideas I have seen in action.

However, I have no intention of telling others that their plan and action for peace is misplaced or wrong.

Peace Activists 01.Jan.2003 22:12


Hmmmm. Hanoi Jane was a peace activist too.
Peace Activists
Peace Activists

You've really run out of ideas Bush Admirer 02.Jan.2003 02:03

pretty dumb

Is that the best you could do? You're kind of grasping at straws with that one.