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fear not the 'dirty bomb'

Bush's warning: hoax or....
President Bush has announced that "five people have crossed the Canadian Border" and that they may be trying to set off a 'dirty bomb.' I think this "team" is made up of exactly the same cloth as the "Libyan Hit Squad" that supposedly tried to assassinate President Reagan (and was subsequently exposed as a complete fabrication).

However, it WOULD be handy for the DoD or another branch of the Amerikkkan govt. to set off a bomb in the US, because they could then put the notice on the Emergency Broadcast System, arrogate every discussion in the US, and scare the crap out of people. I have to wonder if they would go that far, but history shows that war provocateur scares are the norm for US wars.

I am particularly paying attention to this latest BS because it comes at a time in which US troop concentrations around Iraq are approaching a quarter-million, and after the false stories about Saudi airspace being available. That last story is the sort of short-term-quality propaganda that would cause problems if it were not immediately superseded by a much bigger story.

In the unlikely event of a dirty bomb going off, remember: it is highly unlikely that the radioactive material plume would go to you. If it should, use any material available to cover your nose and mouth (i.e., even just wet cloth), exit the area calmly and begin cleansing your body, purging contaminated clothing and personal effects, and begin chelation therapy (huge amounts of Viatmin C). If you do these things it is unlikely that the bomb will affect you permanently (unless you are at ground zero).

The "Dirty bomb" concept is basically the idea of tying some radioactive crap onto an explosive device and setting it off to contaminate an area with the plume. The tiny amount of actual terrorists probably wouldn't be able to get their hands on much more than radioactive cesium or cobalt. A plutoniom contamination bomb would be more dangerous and would also pretty much give away the hand of the government.

We have to immediately wrest control of the discussion here, due to the danger of an effective propaganda coup.

Sorry about the typos, gotta run.

In solidarity

With love

Theresa Mitchell
The Real Dirty Bomb Threat... 31.Dec.2002 15:20


...comes in the form of all the truckloads of nuclear waste being trucked along our highways. These provide plenty of potential targets for those who might seek to scare the hell out of folks. Another example of DOE negligence; another externalized cost of this excessively dangerous and costly form of energy production.

heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh 31.Dec.2002 16:11


"cover your nose and mouth (i.e., even just wet cloth), exit the area calmly and begin cleansing your body, purging contaminated clothing and personal effects, and begin chelation therapy (huge amounts of Viatmin C)"

chuckle chuckle.... huge amounts of Vitamin C? oh god, I can't stop laughing long enough to type. Don't forget to also drink large quantities of dog urine and roll around in some wet alder leaves too... this will help dislodge the radioactive cooties as well...

I sure am glad you liberals have this person to look out for you and give you such good advice, of course with advice like this you won't need friends anymore...

Some Dogs Don't Like It, But... 31.Dec.2002 17:04


...dog urine is the ONLY antedote to radiation sickness, and the only way to insure the freshness of the urine, is by way of my own cutting-edge oral extraction technique...I am not positive that this method is effective, but if properly done, it can be a rewarding experience for both you and the dog... I will be touring Portland dog parks demonstrating my dog urine extraction technique...bring your dog, and I will show YOU how to go beyond simply giving lip service to the dog urine issue...b.y.o. Chapstick...

but then again..... 31.Dec.2002 17:54


... I'm an asshole so what do I know?

My new years is gonna be da bomb!! LOL! 31.Dec.2002 18:01


so... what are yall up to tonight? I have no friends and im lonely. If someone wants to chat you can 'hit me up' on AOL instant messenger: Username fancymandinnertonight

happy new years, ladies! ;D

(PS: I aim to please. -if you know what I mean!!)

hoo doggie! 31.Dec.2002 18:04


I just took the biggest dump in my whole life. PHEW! ...it wasnt on the carpet or anything SO DON'T ASK!!!

I don't know about the vitamin C, but... 31.Dec.2002 19:08

deputy dawg

(ignoring Trilox)

really, the biggest danger from a "dirty bomb" would come from inhaling a radioactive particle and having it lodge in your lungs. covering your mouth seems like a pretty good idea to me.

at least Trilox is going to have a happy year 01.Jan.2003 01:10


happy new year by the way Trilox.

anyway, psychological operations involving the mass (news) media have been in full swing at least since last new years day when the CBS evening news started out w/ the large type screen graphic "TERROR". happy new years to you from CBS, Russ Mitchell and "Trilox" :)

yes, such attempts at psycho-emotional manipulation are intended to affect us on many levels, which is one good reason for focusing on "the big picture in *this* life", the biggest picture you can.

anyway, i was watching news (8 i believe--they're all the same really..and what happened to the "minority" anchors? it's like i'm getting a holiday greeting card from a Mormom family every night. no offense, just trying being dramatic) and they were warning about these 5 *middle-eastern looking* desperados who--allegedly--got across a border that has experienced increased security measures since that day in september of 2001..but then, Ahmed Rassam *almost* got across, but they caught him..but then, both incidents will have the same effect on the western christian psyche. psy 0ping 102 (how's the experiment going Trilox? :)

so i got a chance to REALLY get a good look at those "towel heads" (though, they weren't wearing towels on their heads like *their people* USUALLY do). i appreciate the producers doing this. as i blurted to my friend before the report segment was up "watch them sucker put that graphic of those 5 guys up one more time"...those suckers didn't let me down :)

you didn't need to be George Orwell to see that coming.

it's similar to the incident when the image of--some "hostile", middle-eastern-looking "suspected terrorist"--was centered and repeatedly expanded to fullscreen size, i suppose to create that angry-"ethnic"-person-comin-right-atcha effect. some know that a lot of people aren't really scared of "the ethnics" but then, it's not just about playing on peoples fear, it's also about spawning animosity, which apparently is no difficult task in the human world (right Trilox?).

and just think how many times you'll see these pics on cable news--more than you saw Luke Helder, the person supposedly leaving mailbox bombs across the continental US in a smiley face pattern in the month of May.

i don't even have a problem with that video footage that shows Saddam Hussein dressed as a "Chicagoland gangster" firing a rifle into the air, even though i'm thinking "wow, Saddam's really up on his icons of Americana." who knows why Saddam would dress up as a gangster considering that *his* people wouldn't necessarily know who Al Capone or anybody of that ilk was, so it would appear that such a "message" was intended for others. fat lazy americans maybe?

so remember "Trilox", everything you do is so vital to the lives of every single human being. keep up your work as long as you exist.

(and giving out your supposed LOL IM name doesn't mean much. take care)

since this has gotten hopelessly off topic... 01.Jan.2003 04:20

SA deputy dawg

How were those 5 "camel jockeys" supposed to have gotten across the border in the first place? One would think that if the feds have their names and photos they might be able to ellaborate on things a bit.

I only wrote the first post so... 01.Jan.2003 09:13


Make sure you don't quit your day job because your attempts at piggybacking on my facetiousness with your additional posts spoofing my name just don't work. In fact, they are just pathetic and make you look like a fool. In order to actually do any good you sould use my name and post first in a thread instead of waiting until after I have shared my wisdom with the world.

Anyway, your ineptness aside, everyone would be better off finding information regarding radioactive contamination procedures from a better source.

hey Trilox 01.Jan.2003 13:30


It wasn't the author who posted the little parody and it wasn't intended to 'trick' people into thinking it was the real trilox. So lay off the original poster and quit making your assumptions and drawing false conclusions as to who makes the doppelganger posts. Gee, kinda makes ya wonder about the other conclusions and false assumptions you live off of!

although I must say it is amusing to see you accuse IMC eds and everyone else of 'attacking' you. hehehehe

even more funny that you would get bent out of shape about it.

I didn't get bent out of shape, goddamnit! 01.Jan.2003 14:29

the REAL Trilox

I didn't get bent out of shape, goddamnit! You're a stupidhead.

Waaa..they look like fools 01.Jan.2003 21:44

the Real Real Trilox

Quit making fun of me, you mean leftist bullies!! I have a heart, you know. My family loves me.
Waaa..they look like fools
Waaa..they look like fools

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