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Attack on Iraq to start on Feb. 21

the date and time was given by US President George W Bush to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a telephone call over Christmas
December 29, 2002
Report: Attack on Iraq to start on Feb. 21; Saudis to allow air support missions from Saudi bases

A British tabloid newspaper said Sunday that a US-led war on Iraq would begin on February 21 "at midnight".

The Sunday Express said the date and time was given by US President George W Bush to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a telephone call over Christmas.

"The timing is confirmed by British defence chiefs, who have been told to expect war in the second or third week in February," the newspaper said.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has privately assured U.S. officials they could launch air support missions from Saudi bases in the event of a war with Iraq and could coordinate the air war from a central command post near the Saudi capital, Pentagon officials said Saturday.

Victoria Clarke, spokeswoman for Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, said Saturday she could not comment on specific arrangements the Pentagon has made with Saudi Arabia or any other ally. She said it is U.S. policy not to discuss basing arrangements.

However, she indicated that the Bush administration has reason to believe the Saudis will do as much as they can to support the United States. "We are confident they will be an important ally going forward," she said, according to AP.

Other officials said Saturday on condition of anonymity that the Saudis have given private assurances that U.S. support aircraft, such as cargo, surveillance and refueling planes, could operate from Saudi bases.

These officials said the Saudis also are willing to allow the United States to coordinate and direct an air campaign against Iraq from the Combined Air Operations Center, a state-of-the-art command center at Prince Sultan Air Base, south of Riyadh. (Albawaba.com)

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War underway: resist 31.Dec.2002 12:52

Theresa of KBOO

I thank the poster for bringing forth this information. Here is the context in which I ead it:

The US war machine builds on Clausewitz' theories which include the extensive usage of deception as a tactic of warfare. The Pentagon views all democratic involvement in warfare decisions as inimical; anti-war patriots (or matriots if you prefer) are particularly singled out for enemy status. In fact, if one looks at plans such as Garden Plot and Rex-84, --the tip of the iceberg of Pentagon paranoia planning no doubt-- it is possible that we antiwar activists may be rounded up at some point. I have been able to confirm personally at least one internment camp, and there are said to be several in this area: near Pendleton, in northern Idaho, and in Okanagan County near the Canada border.

Whether or not the warmakers plan to intern us, it is certain they will attempt to deceive us (and Iraq) into accepting a date LATER than the actual ground assault date. This allows the Bush/Cheney coup leaders to move forward quickly without organized democratic opposition within US borders. As of September, US and Turkish 'special forces' troops were occupying Iraqi territory north of Mosul, and hundreds of tons of bombs have been dropped on Iraq over the last month.

My advice is to disregard 'war dates' and oppose the ongoing war. Here are a few of my sources: Counterpunch.org, Indymedia of course, Antiwar.com (they're Libertarian goofs with good intentions), radiohc.cu, and for the Right wing Israelis giving away the game with their bragging, turn to Debka.com. The world newspapers site at webwombat.com.au is also useful. I think we may be looking at an inernal and external war far greater in scope than Iraq.

Hasta la victoria siempre,


We are at war. Escalation is imminent. The US already has encircled the region with thousands of troops (over 120,000, probably a lot more) and enough equipment to start a world war--which is exactly what they may be up to.