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Know Your Rights broadcast TODAY

Do you know what your civil rights are? What do you do and say if the "MAN" comes to your door? How can you support others who are being illegally rounded up in America. Gather up your friends and listen to this very powerful program as an act of resistence as the new year starts...

KBOO Radio, located in Portland and heard in much of Northwestern Oregon, will be broadcasting a program about your civil rights sponsored by the National Lawyers Guild and narrated by Peter Coyote. This is one of the most important pieces of information being distributed over community radio, community news and the internet right now. Don't miss it! http://www.nlg.org/

Do you know your civil rights? Can you answer the following questions for sure?

*What rights do I have?
*How should I respond to threatening letters or calls?
*What should I do if agents come to question me?
*What if the FBI threatens me with a grand jury subpoena?
*What if I am under 18?
*What if I am not a citizen?
*What should I do if agents come to question me?

On Tuesday, December 31 (New Years Eve) betweem 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM a very important program will be played on KBOO Community radio (90.7 FM in Portland area).

The "Know your rights" broadcast is being played by Anne Rose Pierce on her weekly program called "Prison Pipeline". She will start playing the recording about 10 minutes after the hour but will do an introduction to the program before that.

Gather up your friends and listen to this very powerful program as an act of resistence as the new year starts...

The National Lawyers Guild is sponsoring the project. Transcripts of the program can be found on their website in several languages including Spanish and Arabic.

The project includes help for people contacted by the FBI or police, help finding criminal lawyers, and help for lawyers and organizers.

If you cannot hear KBOO Community radio in your area you can hear the program streaming on the internet. Go to the following URL and hook up.


If you cannot access either there is a pdf copy of the transcript available on the National Lawyers Guild website located at http://www.nlg.org/post911/legal/KYR/KYR_2002.htm

You can view a copy of the transcript in several different languages by going to http://www.nlg.org/post911/legal/KYR/rightsinfo.htm. You can also download a multilanguage flyer to put up in your community.

You will also find information on supporting acts of civil disobedience.

"The Guild will seek to provide legal support for individuals and groups practicing non-violent civil disobedience regarding the "necessity" defense, which is conduct that an actor believes to be necessary to avoid harm to himself or to another. Such behavior may be justifiable, provided that the harm sought to be avoided by such conduct is greater than the harm which the law defining the offense seeks to prevent."

The National Lawyers Guild main website is located at http://www.nlg.org

Good luck to us all in the new year! Stay strong and support one another... Remember loose lips sink ships.

homepage: homepage: http://www.nlg.org

no web streaming? 31.Dec.2002 18:01


The web streaming isn't working. I got the message below. KBOO, please upload an MP3 of the program at some point.

"Unfortunately, there weren't any SHOUTcast streams found containing the term kboo."


thanks kboo and indymedia 01.Jan.2003 11:04



note that the details prodided  http://www.nlg.org/post911/legal/KYR/KYR_2002.htm) are of

to kboo----play it loud and often

amazing broadcast! 01.Jan.2003 12:06


Thanks KBOO and Portland IMC...

Awesome and powerful. I was able to stream it by using my Real audio player. The other software did not work. I have sent the transcript to as many activist lists as I can. Hopefully others will do the same.

We need to keep talking to each other...who knows what the future will bring us.