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Test Your Knowledge!

A question is a mental probe designed to retrieve information.

Questions of "when", "where" and "what" are composed to solicit information about an agent's location in time and space, or their activities during a specified period.

Questions of "who" are composed to solicit the name of individuals or organisations.
Questions of "how" are composed to solicit an explanatory description of cause.
Questions of "why" are composed to solicit a theory-of-motives for the reasons-oriented behaviour of intentional agents.
Test Your Knowledge!
Test Your Knowledge!
1) Who trained Usama Bin Laden?

2a) How and where did Usama's brother Salem Bin Laden die?
2b) How did JFK Jnr die?
2c) How did Paul Wellstone die?

3) Who placed unusually large bets against the stock of AMR the day before three planes, two from American Airlines and one United, were hijacked and used in attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?

4a) Why were the "security people at the airport" who warned Willie Brown to avoid flying on 911 not arrested and interrogated?
4b) Why did Wille Brown refuse to name them?

5) Why did the New York Times scrub a 9-08 online report warning of imminent attacks?

6a) What is the name of the instant messaging company that received warning of the WTC attacks two hours before they occurred?
6b) Where is the company based?

7a) What time was the FAA standown order issued to all civilian, military and law enforcement aircraft?
7b) What time was the order lifted?

8a) Who discovered Mohammed Atta's passport after the attacks?
8b) Where was it found?

9) Who, after seeing footage of a plane flying into the first tower on a television, claimed he though to himself: "there's one terrible pilot!"?

10) What sort of military aircraft was sighted by several witnesses in the vicinity of the flight 93 impact site?

11) What sort of military aircraft was sighted flying above the jet that hit the Pentagon?

12) The olfactory discrimination of what kind of detonated explosive was reported by two Pentagon employees following the attack?

13) Who confiscated video footage of the Pentagon crash captured by a security camera at a nearby hotel?

14) Who confiscated possible video footage of the Pentagon impact captured by the security camera of a nearby gas station?

15) When was the hotel footage released to the public?

16) When did the Pentagon report that their security cameras did not capture any impact footage?

17) When did the Pentagon release a 9-12 date-stamped "sequence of images" to the public?

18a) Who paid the fat-faced actor in the fake Bin Laden confession video?
18b) Who produced the video, and for what reason?

19) How many Urban Moving Systems agents were arrested after they were reported by a neighbor for their display of "joy and mockery" while filming the WTC attacks?

20) What did a preliminary search of the agent's van reveal?

21) How did explosives-detecting dogs react to their van?

22) How many Urban Moving Systems agents were arrested the following day?

23) Where did Dominik Suter, the manager of the Urban Moving Systems front, travel to after being interviewed once by the FBI?

24) Soon after George Bush became president, United States special agents were told to back off the bin Laden family and the Saudi royals. Why?

25) When were the two dozen members of the Bin Laden family "evacuated" from the United States?

26a) In the twilight of the Cold War, how much money did the United States invest to provide Afghan schoolchildren with a cognitive diet of violent images and militant Islamic teachings?
26b) What sort of return should we expect from the investment?
26c) Cui bono?
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