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Islam's Plan for 21 Years !

Read this....
Please read the Islam's Plan for 21 Years !

Twenty-Year Plan for USA: Islam Targets America

(Dr. Anis Shorrosh)

(Dr. Shorrosh's bio is after the commentary.)

When we immigrated from Jerusalem, Jordan in January, 1967, little did I imagine that Islam would become center-stage in world news. As my sincere interest in the growth of Islam in America intensified, I began to discuss, dialogue, and then debate Muslim leaders throughout the world from an Arab Christian's view of Islam. So far, I have had the privilege of participating in over 20 debates and discussions on every continent plus T.V. and radio. Islam Revealed was released in 1988 and is now in its 8th printing. The True Furqan is now in its third printing in the three years it has been published. It is the only book which challenges the Quran in substance, style, language and contents. The True Furqan can be located on www.answers-to-islam.net or www.islam-exposed.org.

The following is my analysis of Islamic invasion of America, the agenda of Islamists and visible methods to take over America by the year 2020! Will Americans continue to sleep through this invasion as they did when we were attacked on 9/11?

1. Terminate America's freedom of speech by replacing it with hate crime bills state-wide and nation-wide.

2. Wage a war of words using black leaders like Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson and other visible religious personalities to promote Islam as the original African-American's religion while Christianity is for the whites! Strange enough, no one tells the African-Americans that it was the Arab Muslims who captured them and sold them as slaves, neither the fact that in Arabic the word for black and slave is the same, "Abed."

3. Engage the American public in dialogues, discussions, debates in colleges, universities, public libraries, radio, TV, churches and mosques on the virtues of Islam. Proclaim how it is historically another religion like Judaism and Christianity with the same monotheistic faith.

4. Nominate Muslim sympathizers to political office for favorable legislation to Islam and support potential sympathizers by block voting.

5. Take control of as much of Hollywood, the press, TV, radio and the internet by buying the corporations or a controlling stock.

6. Yield to the fear of imminent shut-off of the lifeblood of America - the black gold. America's economy depends on oil, (1000 products are derived from oil), so does its personal and industrial transportation and manufacturing -41% comes from the Middle East.

7. Yell, "foul, out-of-context, personal interpretation, hate crime, Zionist, un-American, inaccurate interpretation of the Quran" anytime Islam is criticized or the Quran is analyzed in the public arena.

8. Encourage Muslims to penetrate the White House, specifically with Islamists who can articulate a marvelous and peaceful picture of Islam. Acquire government positions, get membership in local school boards. Train Muslims as medical doctors to dominate the medical field, research and pharmaceutical companies. Take over the computer industry. Establish Middle Eastern restaurants throughout the U.S. to connect planners of Islamization in a discreet way. Ever notice how numerous Muslim doctors in America are, when their countries need them more desperately than America?

9. Accelerate Islamic demographic growth via:

a. Massive immigration (100,000 annually since 1961)

b. No birth control whatsoever - every baby of Muslim parents is automatically a Muslim and cannot choose another religion later.

c. Muslim men must marry American women and Islamize them (10,000 annually). Then divorce them and remarry every five years - since one cannot have the Muslim legal permission to marry four at one time. This is a legal solution in America.

d. Convert angry, alienated black inmates and turn them into militants (so far 2000 released inmates have joined Al Qaida world-wide). Only a few have been captured in Afghanistan and on American soil. So far - sleeping cells!

10. Reading, writing, arithmetic and research through the American educational system, mosques and student centers (now 1500) should be sprinkled with dislike of Jews, evangelical Christians and democracy. There are 300 exclusively Muslim schools with loyalty to the Quran, not the U.S. Constitution.

11. Provide very sizeable monetary Muslim grants to colleges and universities in America to establish "Centers for Islamic studies" with Muslim directors to promote Islam in higher education institutions.

12. Let the entire world know through propaganda, speeches, seminars, local and national media that terrorists have hijacked Islam, not the truth, which is Islam hijacked the terrorists. Furthermore in January of 2002, Saudi Arabia's Embassy in Washington mailed 4500 packets of the Quran, videos, promoting Islam to America's high schools--free. They would never allow us to reciprocate.

13. Appeal to the historically compassionate and sensitive Americans for sympathy and tolerance towards the Muslims in America who are portrayed as mainly immigrants from oppressed countries.

14. Nullify America's sense of security by manipulating the intelligence community with misinformation. Periodically terrorize Americans of impending attacks on bridges, tunnels, water supplies, airports, apartment buildings and malls. (We have experienced this too often since 9-11.)

15. Form riots and demonstrations in the prison system demanding Islamic Sharia as the way of life, not American's justice system.

16. Open numerous charities throughout the U.S. but use the funds to support Islamic terrorism with American dollars.

17. Raise interest in Islam on America's campuses by insisting that freshman take at least one course on Islam. Be sure that the writer is a bonafide American, Christian, scholarly and able to cover up the violence in the Quran and express the peaceful, spiritual and religious aspect only.

18. Unify the numerous Muslim lobbies in Washington, mosques, Islamic student centers, educational organizations, magazines and papers by internet and an annual convention to coordinate plans, propagate the faith and engender news in the media of their visibility.

19. Send intimidating messages and messengers to the outspoken individuals who are critical of Islam and seek to eliminate them by hook or crook.

20. Applaud Muslims as loyal citizens of the US by spotlighting their voting record as the highest percentage of all minority and ethic groups in America.

Dr. Anis Shorrosh, D.Min, D.Phil, a member of Oxford Society of Scholars, has traveled in 76 countries, is a Palestinian Arab Christian American who is an author, lecturer and producer of TV documentaries. Islam Revealed is a best seller which has been printed eight times already. His forthcoming tenth book will be available spring 2003 entitled Islam: A Threat or a Challenge. He is in great demand as a talk show guest on radio and television throughout the U.S.A. He has been on CNN, TBN as well as other networks. You can contact him at PO Box 949, Fairhope, AL 36533, FAX 1-251-621-0507 or phone 1-251-680-7770. Also, you may order his materials
from his new website: www.focusing-on-islam.com. The True Furqan, our
monumental new Quran, is also available for viewing on  http://www.islam-exposed.org .
Judeofascism - a threat or a challenge? 30.Dec.2002 23:47

various chosen ones

May 13, 2002

A Budget truck was pulled over in Oak Harbor, Wash., last Tuesday near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and found to have traces of TNT on the gearshift and traces of RDX plastic explosive on the steering wheel, Fox News has learned.

Traces of explosives were also found on one of the truck's two occupants.

The FBI, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and local police are all investigating.

Government officials said the roadside stop was so close to the naval air station that military personnel took part in the initial arrest and naval intelligence has also been involved in the subsequent investigation.

Shortly after midnight on May 7, federal officials say local police pulled the vehicle over for speeding. Documents read to Fox News indicate that the driver and passenger told local police they were delivering furniture from California but that authorities doubted the story because of the early morning hour.

A bomb-sniffing dog first detected explosives on one of the men and inside the truck.
High-tech equipment was used later to confirm
the presence of TNT and RDX plastic explosive.

Documents read to Fox News indicate thatboth driver and passenger were Israeli nationals. Investigators say a roadside check of the national database of immigration records indicated that one of the men had not entered the country legally, and the other was in violation of his visa. Both men were taken into custody for immigration violations.

At 7:30 that morning local police were notified that the BATF and FBI had tested the truck and found traces of explosives on the steering wheel and gear shift.

Officials say no other charges of been filed against the driver and passenger and an investigation is ongoing.

Authorities say records for the Budget truck do not indicate any recent rental for the purposes of transporting explosives, which would require special permits.


August 25, 2002

TAMPA - Muslims expressed fears for their safety but appealed for calm as investigators tried Saturday to determine whether a Seminole foot doctor accused of amassing weapons to attack mosques and Islamic schools was acting alone.
``If you're afraid, stay home,'' said Mohammad Cooper, a Muslim leader who traveled from Lakeland to attend an afternoon gathering and news conference at the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Area Mosque.

``But do not hurt innocent people. You arm yourself with the Koran.''

Authorities stumbled upon an astonishing array of weapons inside the town home of podiatrist Robert Goldstein, 37, Thursday evening after receiving a complaint that he was arguing with his wife, Kristi, 28.

After coaxing Goldstein out of the home, Pinellas County deputies discovered about 20 homemade bombs, a pair of rocket launchers, dozens of high- power rifles and an antipersonnel mine. [!]

They also retrieved a three- page battle plan that laid out in intricate detail a mission to blow up what appears to be a local Islamic educational center. The writing includes at least the first names of two other people.

Tampa Tribune (google cache)

December 13, 2001

JDL pair charged in bombing plot
A lawmaker's offices and a mosque were targeted, U.S. alleges.
By Laura Mecoy -- Bee Los Angeles Bureau

LOS ANGELES -- The confrontational chairman of the Jewish Defense League and a follower were charged Wednesday with plottingto blow up a Culver City mosque and the offices of Rep. Darrell Issa, a San Diego congressman of Arab descent.

Irv Rubin, 52, and a member of the militant group, Earl Krugel, 56, were arrested Tuesday after a confidential informant delivered the last component of the bomb -- 5 pounds of explosive powder -- to Krugel's home, U.S. Attorney John S. Gordon said Wednesday.

FBI agents said they uncovered the plot after the source, a JDL member who had committed crimes for the group in the past, told them of the bombing plans and agreed to wear recording devices to meetings with Rubin and Krugel.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Victor Kenton ordered Rubin and Krugel held without bail Wednesday afternoon, saying they posed a danger to the community.
Sacramento Bee

December 26, 2001

September 11 nightmare ends for two illegal Israeli aliens
By Uri Ash

Ro'i Barak [paid some money for an airfare and] left for New York 16 months ago to earn some money.

Like many [poor] young Israelis, the 23-year-old from Upper Nazareth moved furniture [in the United States] to make a living [illegaly].

On September 11, Barak was in Ohio on a job. He and his partner, Moti Butboul, 26, from Rechasim, headed toward Chicago, from where they had planned to return to New York.

On the way the next day, however, they were stopped by a police officer in Pennsylvania for a routine inspection, and were eventually sent to jail. The two were released to Israel only last week, while five of their co-workers are still under arrest in the United States.

At the time they were stopped, the policeman held them for a few hours, after which another squad car arrived followed by four FBI agents. Barak, speaking from his parents' home, said he does not know what prompted the policeman to call the FBI - perhaps their foreign accent or the previous day's arrest of their five friends who worked for the same [Mossad front] moving company in New York. He said the FBI may have been tracking their truck after their co-workers' arrests.


September 12, 2001

Five Men Detained As Suspected Conspirators

Eight hours after terrorists struck Manhattan's tallest skyscrapers, police in Bergen County detained five men who they said were found carrying maps linking them to the blasts. The five men, who were in a van stopped on Route 3 in East Rutherford around 4:30 p.m., were being questioned by police but had not been charged with any crime late Tuesday.

embedded content: http://dc.indymedia.org/local/webcast/uploads/mossadtestwh.swf

Because this content does not reside on the portland indymedia servers, portland indymedia can make no guarantees regarding the nature or safety of this content nor the anonymity in viewing it.

However, sources close to the investigation said they found other evidence linking the men to the bombing plot. "There are maps of the city in the car with certain places highlighted," the source said. "It looked like they're hooked in with this. It looked like they knew what was going to happen when they were at Liberty State Park."

Sources also said that bomb-sniffing dogs reacted as if they had detected explosives. The FBI seized the van for further testing, authorities said.
--Bergen Record (copy)

My, My 31.Dec.2002 12:59

P. Tarquinius Constans

Fascinating. A ripoff of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but condensed and turned into an anti-Muslim slander. Plagiarizing a plagiarism- what a quaint charm it has.

And we also get treated to the usual regurgitation of old news items, intended apparently to invite us to think the same "evil agenda" thoughts about Jews, Never mind the mundane denouements of some of these stories- staying frozen in a chosen moment will do nicely.

What a delightful variation of the old "tu quoque" fallacy.

Somewhere farther down the wire there's an article on How to Grow Marijuana. If only everything here could be as useful, and if only our pet hatefreaks would read it, grow themselves some good weed and loosen up the lumps on the tops of their spines.

documentary records 01.Jan.2003 00:34

various chosen warriors of g_d

Dear Tarquinius,

No amount of bombastic pomp can hide the fact that these mutliply referenced and mutually compatible "old news stories"--as you dismiss them--infer Mossad involvement in 9-11.

Would you like to travel to America to document the imminent terrorist attacks?

What is a "War By Deception"?

What does "deception" mean?

"We were there to document the event", Tarquinius...

"My, my"...

tu quoque 01.Jan.2003 02:44


another example of political tu quoque

hominems 01.Jan.2003 21:19

intentional systems

not it isn't.

Why are you trying to defend or mask the behaviour of the Mossad agents on September 11, Tarquinius?

Shall we demonstrate the Tu Quoque fallacy to the audience?


Description of Ad Hominem Tu Quoque
This fallacy is committed when it is concluded that a person's claim is false because

1) it is **inconsistent with something else a person has said or**

2) **what a person says is inconsistent with her actions**. This type of "argument" has the following form:

Person A makes claim X.
Person B asserts that A's actions or past claims are inconsistent with the truth of claim X.
Therefore X is false.
The fact that a person makes inconsistent claims does not make any particular claim he makes false (although of any pair of inconsistent claims only one can be true - but both can be false). Also, the fact that a person's claims are not consistent with his actions might indicate that the person is a hypocrite but this does not prove his claims are false.

Examples of Ad Hominem Tu Quoque

Bill: "Smoking is very unhealthy and leads to all sorts of problems. So take my advice and never start."
Jill: "Well, I certainly don't want to get cancer."
Bill: "I'm going to get a smoke. Want to join me Dave?"
Jill: "Well, I guess smoking can't be that bad. After all, Bill smokes."

Jill: "I think the gun control bill shouldn't be supported because it won't be effective and will waste money."
Bill: "Well, just last month you supported the bill. So I guess you're wrong now."

Peter: "Based on the arguments I have presented, it is evident that it is morally wrong to use animals for food or clothing."
Bill: "But you are wearing a leather jacket and you have a roast beef sandwich in your hand! How can you say that using animals for food and clothing is wrong!"


Can you plug any of the reported details on Urban MOving Systems into this example for us in order to demonstrate which statements are fallacious?