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Anarchist Cookin and Bakin Collective- Meeting this FRIDAY!!! !!Woo Hoo!!

I'll be making soup- spark's doin the bread- It's the meeting you've been waiting for! Are you interested in doing bake sales to support anarchists and the growing local D.I.Y. movement? Catering events? Learning costing? Dumpster gleaning skills? Or just plain interested in learning and teaching, to cook and bake in a non hierarchical enviroment? Check this out!
Anarchist Cookin and Bakin Collective- Meeting  this FRIDAY!!!  !!Woo Hoo!!
Anarchist Cookin and Bakin Collective- Meeting this FRIDAY!!! !!Woo Hoo!!

phone: phone: 774-9253
address: address: 3735 se raymond st. Po Or

Where's the picture? 31.Dec.2002 11:12

Michael b

Ok I'm hesitant to repost the picture flier for this article because I've noticed that craig's post also is missing a picture. Is the lack of pictures due to the technical transition thats goin on at rose city indy? How long will the picture bugs last?



Avoiding conflict 31.Dec.2002 11:38


Hey! How come the anarchist baking collective is scheduled to meet the SAME day at the SAME time as the knitting collective??? Many folks wanna do both....

Didn't mean to preemt-Can knitters come here? 31.Dec.2002 22:08

Michaelb mbthink@hotmail.com

Planning for the meeting started just before the holiday season was about to hit. People showed alot of interest in doin this but said we should do it after the holidays.
I then posted asking for a good time and date. Folks said we should do it after the holidays- but that's about all.
So I posted this date with a flier asking folks if this would be a good time and date? I've got a couple emails of support for the meeting but again people had little to say about the time and date.
When planning for the meeting started I didn't know much about the knitting and sewing collective. Since then I've met ya'll and descovered that ya'll have meetings every friday. Kinda flew over my head back then though be'in as knitting isn't a skill I'm super focused on learning.
When I met ya folks it was cause I yearn for anarchist community, a culture of D.I.Y. resistance, and am committed to seeing this get real by working, providing material support, and getting to know folks. I did a zene as a fund raiser for an Anarchist Community Trust (A.C.T.) fund. Your collective recieved 30$ in knitting supplies from this fund. One idea people at the (A) knitting and sewing meeting -sounded off- was doin further fundraising for this A.C.T. fund like BAKESALES. I'm super interested in doin this. I'd like to see the (A) knitters and other (A) DIY endeviours get the tools they need to get shit done. It would be cool if we could all organize this A.C.T. fund for our common good.

-How's this for an idea- Why don't the (A) Knitting crew come to this meeting? We're probably gonna be waiting for the soup and bread to finish anyway. Ya'll could knit while we cook and hang out. I live in a six bedroom house that's got a huge kitchen, so there'll be room. I've got no compunctions against eating and talking FNB style. What do ya think? Then we could work out a different day for future meetings?

your bro,
Michael b


Great Idea 01.Jan.2003 17:43

Victory(from knit col) PDXrenegade@msn.com

Good idea, I'll run that by everybody.