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“Searching Jenin, Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli Invasion, 2002”

--Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein: "I am grateful to the editors of this volume for preserving the truth of Jenin\'s martyrdom for future generations - and, in doing so, redeeming in some small measure the suffering endured there." --
SEATTLE (PalestineChronicle.com) - After several months of Israeli attempts to conceal the conduct of the IDF in the Israeli invasion of the Jenin refugee camp in April 2002, the most compelling, detailed and revealing account of the historic events will finally be available to the public.

The book entitled "Searching Jenin, Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli Invasion, 2002", is without a doubt, a must for anyone interested in Middle East history, politics and current events. The work, which includes final statistics of casualties, human and material losses, is by far the most comprehensive and exhaustive volume written on the issue.

"Searching Jenin," a collective effort of nearly 60 scholars, reporters, and activists, Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals, is edited by Ramzy Baroud, editor-in-chief of PalestineChronicle.com, and includes a Forward by the highly-renowned scholar, Noam Chomsky. The book is being published by Cune Press in Seattle, and is a part of their Bridge Between Cultures project.

"I owe my greatest thanks to our commissioned reporters in Palestine," said Ramzy Baroud, the editor of 'Searching Jenin", Many of them put their safety, and in some cases, their lives on the line to collect account after tragic account for this book. Because of their integrity and professionalism, they were able to interview many high profile figures that refused to take an interview with any other news agency."

Not only does the book include scores of telling accounts of residents who witnessed and survived the invasion, but it includes interviews with people such as the wife and the mother of Mahmud Tawalbe, the leader of the resistance in Jenin. Tawalbe was shot and killed by Israeli forces. The book also includes a detailed interview with the only eyewitness to the extra-judicial execution of Abu Jandal, the second in command of the Palestinian resistance in Jenin.

The courageous reporters who combed the streets of Jenin, interviewed medical personnel, resistance fighters, and even children, including an 8 year old girl named Rund, who complained that the army broke her only doll. Rund's father was later shot and killed by the army. They also interviewed an elderly widow who explained how she implored Israeli forces as they demolished her small home, burying her disabled son alive under the rubble. Her son's body was never recovered.

"We had so many obstacles to overcome, primarily the Israeli army's refusal to allow me entry into Palestine," stated Baroud. "For the past several months, the Israeli government has done everything in their power to cover-up their actions, including the barring of a UN investigation team to the area. Until now, the Palestinians are still unable to carry out their own official investigation due to the fact that the camp is still under a strict curfew. But in spite of all these hurdles, and thanks to the hard work and contributions of so many, the truth is going to come out into the light."

Baroud and Cune Press are ready for the anticipated controversy such a book will stir, which follows the recent release of the film documentary titled, "Jenin, Jenin", a film that was abruptly banned by the Israeli government. However, they both state that "Searching Jenin" will not simply add fuel to the controversy about the events in Jenin, but that it will prove to be the most revealing document to date regarding the atrocities last April that came to be a symbol of Palestinian resistance world-wide.

Ali Samoudi, the project facilitator in Jenin stressed, "The promotion of this important book is the collective responsibility of all who care about justice and truth. This book is dear to the hearts off all refugees in Jenin, because for the first time, we are narrating our own story."

--For further information or to order your copy of "Searching Jenin" contact our managing editor, Suzanne Russ:  Russ@PalestineChronicle.com

--Ramzy Baroud is available for interviews and welcomes book reviews, he can be reached at:  Editor@PalestineChronicle.com
lol 30.Dec.2002 20:44


lol....The Jenin massacre myth has been fully debunked. Move on.

the Jenin massacre definitely happened 31.Dec.2002 02:44

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

The following is paraphrased from SARA FLOUNDERS article "Massacre in Jenin; Human Rights Watch & The Stage-Management of Imperialism" in Covert Action Quarterly #74, Fall 2002:

On the very day that the UN Secretary General moved to disband the fact-finding team to Jenin, it was hardly treated as news. All the corporate media were conveniently running banner headlines stating that "no massacre" had taken place in Jenin. They gave as the objective authority for this finding the organisation Human Rights Watch.

This let the IDF and the US - which was author of the Security Council resolution and primary supporter of Israel - off the hook.

In fact, the HRW report identifies 52 Palestinians killed during the Israeli operation and devotes 42 pages to describing a whole series of "possible" war crimes and violations of international law that the Israel forces committed. But all this is buried in a report on their web site that few will ever see.

The story CNN, BBC, AP, AFP, network TV, news magazines and all the other corporate media reported globally in bold headlines and sound bites was that a Human Rights Watch investigation had confirmed "No Jenin massacre." As CNN reported on May 3, "Human Rights Watch found no evidence that Israeli troops massacred Palestinian civilians in Jenin... said Peter Bouckaert, senior researcher for the group and a member of the investigative team." This was the news in a sound bite. It was reinforced in countless articles.

His words exactly echoed Colin Powell's statement the week before and Israel's position.

In the news coverage this sounded like it was the finding of an "official" inquiry, with no further investigation needed. This was not the first time HRW has stepped in to reinforce US policy with a veneer of apparently unbiased non-governmental judgment.

HRW is an institution that has acted at every turn to reinforce the policies of the United States and justify its "humanitarian interventions."

HRW claims its reports are objective, balanced and evenhanded. When it comes to Palestine this has meant equating the violence of the illegal Israeli occupation with the resistance of Palestinians to overwhelming military force. Once the HRW declared that "no massacre" had occured in Jenin, the demand for an inquiry and international action against Israeli crimes virtually disappeared. Media coverage shifted sharply. The Bush administration made a new round of demands on the Palestinians to condemn violence while calling Ariel Sharon "a man of peace" and expressing sympathy for Israeli "self-defense" measures. HRW statements echoed these shifts.

In Jenin the Israelis used 25,000 IDF troops and 270 Israeli tanks against 13,000 Palestinian refugees, very few of whom were armed. The April 21, 2002 NY Times said:

"The mismatch in force of arms was stark. The Israeli army used Vulcan anti-aircraft guns, able to shoot 3,000 rounds a minute, inside the camp. It used Cobra helicopters with thermal detection capability to fire TOW missiles - intended for use against tanks on open battlefields - through walls of houses, some with noncombatants inside. It deployed scores of Merkava tanks and armored vehicles equipped with machine guns. It used bulldozers to raze civilian homes, crushing more and more of them with less warning. Buzzing drones and balloons carrying cameras monitored the fighting from above, and from a hilltop encampment just outside Jenin, officers coordinated the combat, using detailed maps and sophisticated communications."

Here is a collection of links to news stories about the Jenin massacre:

erm.. 01.Jan.2003 16:07


Ms. Flounders report, as you have paraphrased it, is highly suspect.

see :

comment :
exempli gratia

dig it... 02.Jan.2003 15:19

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Sara Flounders took part in the International ANSWER delegation to Gaza, Bethlehem, East Jerusalem, Ramallah and Jenin, May 17-24. Flounders has edited and co-authored several books on international affairs, and is presently organising an inquiry into US-backed Israeli occupation crimes. She is co-director of the International Action Center.

She quotes what CNN is saying precisely to prove that what CNN is saying is wrong.

Bill, the fact that you actually trust the Israeli government and Israeli corporate media is telling. And makes me wonder why you deign to visit IndyMedia.

As you well know, the corporate media of any given country is less-than-truthful in stories concerning that government, more or less. This is WHY we have IMC and other non-corporate media. This is WHY we must question who funds any "independant" media and what accountability these medias feel towards its funders.

The fact that Israel denies entrance to a UN fact-finding team would get it bombed by the US (a la Iraq) if it was an Arab-controlled country. But you seem to accept this as a good reason for the UN to decide not to inquire further. Bizarre.

The HRW report IS "buried." It is not hidden, true. But let's compare how many people will see a story online where you have to click through several pages VERSUS how many people will see a misleading soundbite on TV, radio, and major newspapers that simplify and distort the message? As you know, FAR more people will passsively sit and watch TV or listen to the radio to get their (so-called) news, and if they do read, more people read newspapers than go online to sift through different sources. I wish most people weren't so news-lazy, but hey that's the US educational shitstem's legacy for you.

To equate me, as a news source, WITH FUCKING CNN is a less-than-honest tactic. I think maybe you missed the point of the article I posted. Perhaps you should read it over:


Equating Gringo with ''FUCKING CNN'' 03.Jan.2003 16:51


"She quotes what CNN is saying precisely to prove that what CNN is saying is wrong."

That may be what Sara Flounders intended.

However, Gringo, when you "paraphrased" you were attempting to prove HRW is wrong. Now you are saying you misrepresented her intention.

In the other article, you entitled your comment, "Soros' HRW derailed UN's Jenin investigation", and your comment body appears to attempt to prove that. In fact, Annan had disbanded the investigation two days before, and the reason he disbanded it was because Israel would not allow the UN investigators into Occupied Palestine. In fact, HRW's report shamed Annan/UN into writing that pitiful August report. Now you are claiming that Flounders article, different from your paraphrase, intends to prove that "what CNN is saying is wrong".

In this article, you entitled your comment, "the Jenin massacre definitely happened", and your comment body is identical; that is, it attempts to show that HRW's report derailed the UN investigation. Your comment does not in any way show that a massacre occured in Jenin. Now you are claiming that Flounders article, different from your paraphrase, intends to prove that "what CNN is saying is wrong".

Nowhere do I say I trust anything Israeli. It is quite dishonest of you to say so. Apology, please.

I made no comment about the acceptability of the UN's actions. I stated what the UN did, and I showed that your claim that HRW was responsible is false.

The HRW report on Jenin is not buried. It is filed neatly where it would normally be on their site, easily accessible to any non-American, and perhaps to most Americans other than yourself. The failings of the American education system should be attributed to Americans, not to HRW.

I did not originally equate you with CNN. I do now.

I replied to the comment you posted. Exactly what you posted and no more. I showed your claims to be incorrect.

If, as you now say, Flounders intended to discredit CNN, I have no need to read her article, since CNN has had zero credibility with me as a news source since long before the first George's attack on Iraq.

In any case, it is irrelevant here. What is relevant here is your comment.