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Community Childcare

Portland Anti Capitalist Action is providing free childcare on January 18th.
Community Childcare!

Portland Anti Capitalist Action is providing free childcare on January 18th. We have several certified care takers, certified social workers, (CPR certified ) and references available.

We have secured the IWW hall on 6th and Burnside. Food, games, movies, arts and crafts etc...

Please contact us by January 15th, with questions, and to register with us. We aim to have children dropped off with us no earlier than 11:30 am and picked up around 5 or 6 pm.

Lets face it, it will be cold and rainy and a long day out. We need everyone out there to lend our voices and numbers against this war. If you feel you need childcare the 18th so you can be there, you got it.

Call: (503) 335-3193 ask for Alissa. (If someone picks up and she isn't available ask to call back and leave message on her voicemail.)

Or E-mail:  pdxaca@ziplip.com (subject: childcare)and we will contact you back.

Pro-Community Anti-Capitalist
Portland Anti-Capitalist Action

[Portland ACA seeks to legitimize the politics of anti-capitalism within the greater community. We view capitalism as a system dependently linked to all forms of oppression, therefore we commit to confronting capitalism head-on through organization and resistance, as well as promoting mutual aid alternatives to capitalist culture. We work in solidarity and support of communities struggling to defend themselves against capitalist advances (war, globalization, gentrification, police brutality, eviction, environmental racism, etc... ) worldwide. We engage in campaigns and efforts to undermine the influence of capitalism on our lives. And we seek to build a sustainable anti-authoritarian movement through education and building alliances locally, nationally and globally.]
Thank You 01.Jan.2003 17:11


Thank you for this service! It can be so hard for parents to make it to events for this reason. I've found myself, as well as many other parents, missing out on some events. Many parents are afraid to bring their children to events after MayDay 2000 and last Bush visit(to name a few). It's not very pleasent for children to walk so far and get bored and hungry, have to sit through big long talks or meetings, etc. I want my son to have positive experiences with activism. It would be really cool to see childcare become a regular feature of events. I know many parents who would become more active as a result.