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rush your submissions for the first issue of Little Beirut by the end of the week!
[if you have questions, comments, criticisms, names to call us, etc... our contact info is provided. please leave these poor indymedia readers alone!
pro-community, anti-capitalist- PDX ACA }

Little Beirut is an organizational newsletter intent on promoting solidarity and mutual aid, and better networking within the anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist radical left in Portland, of interest and accessible to anyone and all.

We are looking for :

Information and wish lists for radical anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian groups.

Events to list on our calendar, these can be meetings, social events, educational events, national events, conferences, lectures, art showings, protests, etc...

Classified ads including services available, or needed, spaces available, skills to share, etc...

Radical Art to include with our layout!

Distribution. Get in touch for a stack to hand out.

Donations and money!

Ads will be considered only by worker/family owned businesses, co-ops, and non-profits. Get in touch for information.

We want to print listings of Free Boxes in public spaces / businesses / parks / peoples porches / etc... As well as listings of places people can go to get a good meal for free with out any dogma attached.

E-MAIL:  pdxaca@ziplip.com (please note its for the newsletter!)
3439 NE Sandy Blvd
PO BOX 510
Portland, OR 97232
(Please note it's for the newsletter!)

Little Beirut is a publication put out by Portland Anti-Capitalist Action. ACA seeks to legitimize the politics of anti-capitalism within the greater community. We view capitalism as a system dependently linked to all forms of oppression, therefore we commit to confronting capitalism head-on through organization and resistance, as well as promoting mutual aid alternatives to capitalist culture. We work in solidarity and support of communities struggling to defend themselves against capitalist advances (war, globalization, gentrification, police brutality, eviction, environmental racism, etc... ) worldwide. We engage in campaigns and efforts to undermine the influence of capitalism on our lives. And we seek to build a sustainable anti-authoritarian movement through education and building alliances locally, nationally and globally.

The name Little Beirut was the name given to Portland by the first Bush due to the aggressive demos against his regime during the gulf war particularly when he dared to show his face in our city. Bush's intent was to illustrate the violence that surrounded his appearance here, associating it with the violence in Lebanon throughout the 80's, which include militant resistance to U.S. imperialism and militarism in the Middle East. We are taking this name to illustrate the resistance to the U.S., to Bush in particular, the U.S. Patriot Act, Militarism, and U.S Imperialism worldwide. Let passions burn should he show his face here again, or wherever he and his empire roams. -Portland Anti Capitalist Action