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Resist the WCOTC in Riverton, Wyoming Jan 20th 2003

Regional call to action for westerners: for a Unified Anti-Racist Resistance (UARR) coningent in Riverton, Wyoming in solidarity with the anti-hate demonstration on Martin Luther King Day, Jan 20th, 2003
Comrades of the west!
The unholy ministries of the World Church of The Creator are moving right into our backyard—Riverton, Wyoming. Even with public outcry—the most Riverton has seen in the last 40 years, Matt Hale and his ilk still have the audacity to settle, and insult the dignity of the peoples of Wyoming, the Wind River Indian Reservation, and the entire west.

The WCOTC has been linked to dozens of violent hate crimes, including a shooting spree by one of its members, Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, which resulted in 2 deaths, 8 injuries, and the taking of said members life. The group's pseudo-religion preaches that biracial children have no souls, and that Jews are the spawn of Satan. The mass deportation of all nonwhites from the United States is advocated by Matt Hale's teachings, and the group uses the same eugenic theories used in nazi Germany to convey their beliefs on the supposed superiority of the white race.

"When we come to power, we will execute all race traitors." - Matt Hale, 12/12/02

On January 20th, 2003 in Riverton, WY, there will be an anti-hate demonstration—a clamor of voices, shouting "No, not now, not ever! Racism and hate are not welcome here!"

We call on all peoples of conscious in the west to rise up in solidarity! Radicals, revolutionaries, anti-racist warriors and anyone with the audacity to resist fascism and white-supremacy—we call on you! Peoples of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Montana, Kansas, we call for a unified resistance to fascism and white-supremacy in Riverton, WY January 20th 2003. Look for the anti-racist action banner, and black flags.

Fascism poses a real and present threat to oppressed peoples, to egalitarian movements, and to the world; it is currently manifesting it's vile head in the form of the World Church of the Creator. Let it be said, that we didn't and won't shrink from this threat. Let it be said that we did and will continue to resist and defeat fascism and white supremacy!

with hope—for total liberation,

-Denver Anti-Racist Action.

website:  http://liquid2k.com/aradenver/

Please contact us ASAP for more information or to endorse this call.

We have not at this time, decided any specific strategy for the days events and are very open to discussion. We will soon meet with organizers and community members in WY to get a feel for what they want to happen. Look for a strategy meeting in WY sometime before the action.

homepage: homepage: http://liquid2k.com/aradenver/

Rhetoric. 30.Jul.2003 13:12


It would be more persuasive if you used less Marxist/Leninist rhetoric. Your vocabulary is very inclusive of the left, but, the words and phrases you use exclude the general public. Was that what you intended to do, rally the believers and convert no one?