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Lecture on Legitimacy of Political Violence by Craig Rosebraugh

Contrary to popular beliefs held by many in the United States, political violence has played a crucial role in advancing historical justice struggles.
Lecture on Legitimacy of Political Violence by Craig Rosebraugh
Lecture on Legitimacy of Political Violence by Craig Rosebraugh
December 30, 2002

Lessons in Reform and Revolution
An evening lecture with Craig Rosebraugh

What: "The Legitimacy of Political Violence: Lessons in Reform and Revolution." An evening lecture to be given by Portland political activist Craig Rosebraugh.
When: Friday, January 10, 2003, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Laughing Horse Books, 3652 S.E. Division Street in Portland.
*Seating is limited.

Event Description
Within Westernized countries, particularly the United States, there has been a near universal acceptance of the notion that nonviolent action has been the foundation on which the success of social and political justice movements has been built. Yet, contrary to popular beliefs held by many in the United States, political violence has played a crucial role in advancing historical justice struggles. This lecture will examine the historical role that both nonviolence and political violence has played in social and political movements both within the United States and internationally.

Originally from the Portland area, Craig Rosebraugh became thrust into the international spotlight during the past few years due to his role of spokesperson for the North American Earth Liberation Front (E.L.F.) After resigning the spokesperson position in September 2001, Rosebraugh became focused on an intense study of political violence and its role in historical justice movements. Rosebraugh will share highlights of his findings at the January 10, 2003 lecture.

Contact:  anon@tao.ca
ad for lecture 30.Dec.2002 17:23

anon anon@tao.ca

ad for lecture
ad for lecture
ad for lecture

Where's the picture 30.Dec.2002 18:58


Where is the picture?

yeah, whats the deal 31.Dec.2002 01:53


what is the deal? what has been going on with this site the last few days? WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?

Vera, Vera what have they done to you? 03.Jan.2003 09:48

P. Floyd

You better make your face up in your faavorite disguise, tho, cuz you know they'll send someone from the PJTTF.

Thank you Craig... 03.Jan.2003 12:56


Thanks again for the heads up Craig, we will be parked down a half a block on the opposite side of the street taking down license plate numbers and capturing video with our enhanced high-resolution night vision cameras. We also plan placing several listening devices in the interior of the cafe as well so you might want to sweep for those...

Legitamacy? 04.Jan.2003 00:18


Mao was wrong. Power does not come from the barrel of a gun. BULLETS come from the barrel of a gun. In hosting this bald, anemic, myopic ELF spokesperson, Laughing Horse is only replacing one terrorist with another.

Don't you get it? The enemy will always have bigger guns and an unending stream of bullets.

Take time to learn your history or be forever doomed to repeat it.

Again, I say,

lecture 04.Jan.2003 10:37

P. Floyd

Point well-taken Tantantzin. Tho I do hope people (even in the PJTTF) realize that it is a lecture, not an advocacy group.

Tonantzin- 04.Jan.2003 13:44

Michael b

I know enough history to see that you don't. Africans didn't ask to be kidnapped to jamacan sugar plantations- and when they took up thier macheties and took back thier freedom- violence worked
It's a good thing people were willing to take up arms and fight the nazi's else they'd probably have killed every last jew.
The viet chong sucsessfully repelled the us imperialists.
With guns no less!
Right now Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty aka S.H.A.C. Is waging a very sucsessfull campaign against Huntington Life Sciences. Guess what, the US government considers them terrorists. Ya know why? Cause they employ tactics that it considers "violent"
It should know. The us government has employed violence aginst political causes domestic and abroad with a great deal of success since it's founding. It's the us government and ******* like you that are the real terrorists. When this government drops a daisy cutter and kills another 8000 kids you'll be sitting back tellin us we need to be peacefull about it. We need to bring the war home.

Rifle Training 04.Jan.2003 22:14


The pictured rifle is an M16 with a 20 round magazine. It is accurate to 500 meters for a human size target.

I doubt that Mr. Craig Rosebraugh can train you to fire this weapon. If you are interested in firing this weapon, contact your local ARMY or MARINE Recruiter.

If you are interested in training to fight the revolution, sorry, the war was won in 1776. I enlisted to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic. If you take up arms against US, I will shoot you from 500 meters with no remorse. Dont Fuck With the US Veterans.


Heh... 04.Jan.2003 22:42


"I doubt that Mr. Craig Rosebraugh can train you to fire this weapon."

Heh Heh, I doubt that he could teach you to piss in pot let alone do anything besides bake bread. Actually, I could care less about him anyway as he is quite irrelevant. You tend to get that way when the Federal Government watches every move you make. The way I see it he is more concerned about bringing attention to himself in an effort to elevate himself to cult status...

Craig's just jealous... 05.Jan.2003 19:42

Trilox Admirer

Craig's just jealous that Rolling Stone called Tre "America's spaciest eco-terrorist" or some such drivel.