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No Bomb? Your Screwed. Gotta Bomb? We're Cool.

Well, it is my opinion that someone just made the biggest horse's ass out of this Bush administration
No Bomb? Your Screwed. Gotta Bomb? We're Cool.

By Lloyd Hart

If you don't have the bomb we're going to preempt ya and I mean, bomb the crap out of ya. But if you do have the bomb we'd be willing to talk to ya. That seems to be the Bush regimes' foreign policy after today's headlines. Saying to the rest of the world "you had better get the bomb or we're gonna bomb you back to the Stone Age." Creating the greatest policy contradiction in terms of stated foreign policy goals of the non proliferation and the actual results at the other end of the policy process.

Well, it is my opinion that someone just made the biggest horse's ass out of this Bush administration revealing to the world for absolute certain that Bush is lying about U.S. intentions in Iraq. We've all known on the left that it is really just about the oil and of course the Pentagon plan created five months before 9/11 that was leaked to the Sunday Herald couple months ago revealing the Bush administration's real intentions to invade Iraq are to secure the strategic oil supply for whatever moronic nine year-old conspiracy they've got a mind is the absolute truth.

I couldn't stop laughing this morning when I read Colin Powell's comments in The New York Times. The world's greatest superpower empire completely outwitted by a tiny, poor nation that the U.S. bombed the crap out of many decades ago causing the U.S. taxpayer to pay financially and with the blood of their sons and daughters a heavy price that produced no real results, merely just pain all the way around. The irony of being caught with your dick in the meat grinder I'm sure is not lost on the Bush administration. But you gotta ask just how stupid are these guys in the White House that they didn't see this one coming. Axis of Evil? what a joke. After today Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Colin Powell should simply just resign and spare us the process and the embarrassment of the fallen down drunk domestic and foreign policy yet to come from these idiots that couldn't even steal an election without corrupting the Supreme Court to all new lows. Spare us from the childish and moronic attempt at legitimizing the empty suit greed. You might as well fess up and admit to the American public and the world George, that you really don't have any policy at all other than getting the oil that you need to keep the great pirate ship America from sinking into its own bad bookkeeping scandal of a paper tiger economy.

America is bust, and you know it. So just admitted it George, you haven't a clue how to solve all the leaks in your ship of state.

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yeah! 30.Dec.2002 18:42


Bravo, bravo!