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imperialism & war

Wuffy sent an e-mail

or how to use the new american authentic language for international understanding.
A loyal pet of our dear emperor Bush has sent an e-mail to strike-free.net
Wuffy sent an e-mail
Wuffy sent an e-mail
from  zeebraface66@yahoo.com

A pox on your family, and a pox upon the next twenty five generations of you filthy hateful animals. Allah is ashamed of you. ASHAMED OF YOU. Heaven is something you will never see. Hate hate hate hate. I'm sick of hearing it.
Until I saw your website, I was against the pending war against Iraq. Now I welcome it, and hope the first bomb falls right into your shit stained mouth.
When all of America turns against you, the fires of hell will burn like mercurial shit through your buggered asses, and your childrens' bones will boil. Why? Why not! What have you ever done to deserve mercy? Fry, baby, and enjoy the fat.

I am so tired of you bastards.

We don't know if this one of millions of Bush pets has realized the sense of strike-free.net but we wish him luck to spread his opinion to the world. The spearhead Bush will assist him to drown the world in blood. The odds therefor are very well.

homepage: homepage: http://www.strike-free.net