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Call for the creation of an online database featuring images of police state spi

The Resistance seeks to create an online database featuring photographs of government agents targeting political dissidents and demonstrators.

Call for the creation of an online database featuring images of police state spies

Author: Joe Rebel

The Resistance seeks to create an online database featuring photographs of government agents targeting political dissidents and demonstrators. Recent months have revealed a growing government program to photograph demonstrators. While photographing demonstrators is nothing new, the introduction of military personnel with cameras is a significant change. Taken in conjunction with the Pentagon's plans to spy on American online activities, communications, purchases and travel, we must assume that photographs are being taken for nefarious ends.

The primary challenge in creating such a database is the acquisition of photos. The Resistance requests that dissidents attending demonstrations and political events take digital photographs of all military personnel, police, and suspicious individuals photographing dissidents. Whenever possible, attempt to obtain the names of police state thugs wielding cameras. We request that you send us said photos along with information concerning the date, time, and location of the event.

Thanks to the current downturn in the economy, the Resistance has a growing list of information technology specialists. We intend to build a system where photographs of police state thugs can be quickly retrieved. We hope that providing such a tool will enable dissident groups to quickly identify infiltrators. The development of such a system will take some time. However, there is no reason to wait until it's release to gather the photographs that it will manage. In fact, we would like to have a reasonably large sample of photos before implementing the system as the sample will help us to better understand the scope of the task.

Please send photos of police state thugs to:


This Communiqu? has been a service of the Resistance...

homepage: homepage: http://www.breakyourchains.org

shutter bug thugs 29.Dec.2002 23:29

say cheeez...0ps

interesting points.

i remember being nabbed along with an IMC reporter in the intersection during a particular rally; i was, i believe, suspected of having a (*flare*) gun because i blabbed just in general like that i had flares for the street party afterward. as the cops swooped in on us, i let the one cop know that i had flares in my bag to which he responded "we know"..blah blah. you get the picture, there are potentially a ton of ears and eyes out.

even though the spy/surveillance game is stupid, it is still an interesting one. the IMC guy i was nabbed w/ got some pretty interesting photos of a spy0p..this person then pointed out the person that he had spied and informed me of what he was. all i could do was stare at the fellow behind his orange tint shades doing his best to convince me that he was on the phone with anyone but the police. he looked pretty "normal" too, like one of those hip 30-something white dudes you find here in the Pacific NW...

even though he was just a "spotter" who knows who was where when.

so many tales of spy 0pservation; the guy who walked back and forth on the sidewalk next to the rally who, when he stood at the corner i stood and stared right @ him...whatever. the sad part is that there are people out there who have nothing better to do than try and help the evil ones cinch up their "new world order" (and for you "skeptic-0ps" out there, it's not that hard to control a mass of people, neigh, an entire planet covered with them).

so if you stand behind an undercover 'agent' and he's panning surveilling the crowd with his camcorder (all while his partners stand behind him posing as "shoppers", and the one with the big mouth just keeps talking his partners head off--probably about how they need to put an end to dissent), please, don't stand beside him as it only serves to annoy him to the point where he will smoothly try to turn the lens on you.

as someone on @ imc pointed out once, the devil's work is never done, he is always busy. it's just really hard to believe that this is what it comes to--shit you thought you'd only read in books or see in movies.

great idea 30.Dec.2002 01:14


on the surface, it seems an interesting practice to amass a photo site of cops, military and undercover types

what concerns me is the easy access by anyone to post photos, give a report of an alleged incident and then have activists "be on the lookout for..."

the stakes are getting higher and infiltration is going to grow and if i was a police or military agency and wanted to "target" someone, what easier way then to make a bogus statement, post an activist's picture and have the community shun them. some might say, oh, we would know it wasn't true...but would you? would someone else in another community "know" or would the deep seed of suspicion be planted.

i'm all for picturing cops/military in their uniforms who have shown disregard to citizens, who have used force and intimidation but beyond that i'm leaning heavily to not picturing anyone else

instead i would encourage people to develop their awareness, practice security culture and become aware of your vulnerabilities

one of the greater weaknesses i see is alcohol consumption. for whatever reasons any individual drinks,
if they drink to excess, they lose the ability to navigate their own ship. when alcohol takes the controls, it's not uncommon for loose lips to abound

many drunken voices have told tales that should have been left to silence

I would want 30.Dec.2002 07:05


A little better quality control than the FBI has demonstarted.

And a well-designed indexing system.

Finally, wide-diffusion, something knapster-like.

After-thought : the FBI probably has good quality-control for their purposes. They don't want to know who people actually are nor what they actually do; they want accusations which can be trotted before credulous judges and reporters to excuse whatever it is that needs to be excused. We are too eager to believe that they are cretins.

how will you know who's a spy? 30.Dec.2002 12:55


If you take a picture of someone and start announcing to the world that they are a spy, that sounds like a good way to get sued.

Lawsuits no threat to those without wealth! 30.Dec.2002 13:37


The answer to the lawsuit situation is obvious-those of us who have no legally reachable assets should take the front-line role in posting this kind of info. Then let the motherfuckers sue away! This is how Greenpeace kicked McDonald's ass despite losing the McLibel case. McDeath never got a penny, and DID get so much negative publicity they now deny that the US based central office had anything to do with it!

RE:Lawsuits no threat to those without wealth 30.Dec.2002 14:03


>>>The answer to the lawsuit situation is obvious-those of us who have no legally reachable assets should take the front-line role in posting this kind of info.


That's beside the point. The real issue is what if someone wrongly gets tagged as a spy and their reputation is ruined? I guess you don't care about that as long as your assets are "unreachable", whatever that means.

Hey Joe.... 30.Dec.2002 14:26

Eye Spy

It will be much easier for your purported "spies" to change personnel, all the while its your mug that makes regular appearances, bandanna or not. It seems your nervous and didnt think this through.

bad idea 30.Dec.2002 15:46


Yes, infiltration does happen. But I think that this is not a good solution. If you wanted to divide people more than we are divided today, what better way than to post someone's photo to such a database. Doing so will then cause suspicions of that person and anyone whom he or she associates with. Just sounds like a good tool for the state to cause divisions where non existed before. The criteria would have to be awefully high before such a database could be more useful than it is harmful.

Not a bad idea, just needs the bugs worked on 30.Dec.2002 17:13


Yeah, the fact that real activists could be targeted is a serious flaw, but one that only needs some sort of reliable filtering system to avoid that. Obviously if someone can be vouched for by other activists than they shouldn't be considered a spy.
Why not start by cataloging non-undercover cops? figure out who all the riot cops are. Figure out what their addresses are. If we had a catalog of "cop cops" than we could cross reference it with the undercover file.

1 sword, 2 edges 31.Dec.2002 08:24


activists, dissenters are already on a shit list. oh well.

and infiltration works both ways.

Pig Watch 31.Dec.2002 09:54

Digital Camera Mafia (DCM)

Big Brother is watching us? Or are we watching him? Film the pigs, film the little rat finks and then download it, make vidieos, make a data base, do what must be done. Pick up those cameras a weild them like an AK. We are facing the most advanced police state that has ever existed. From the fbi to the cia to the riot pig on the corner we gotta make 'em sweat. No limit to the struggle, No more liberal whinning about pigs "just doing their job". We need to cast the harsh light of day on the Benedict Arnold pigs. To everyone that thinks social sruggle is going to be nice candy, a feel good fun fest: Wake the fuck up! You don't stop nazies by moral conviction alone. You stop them with action and sacrifice; By any and all means necessary. The shit has done hit the fan now what the fuck are YOU going to do about it?

So now ya know...
and knowing is half the battle.

Pigs here, Bombs there, U.S out of everywhere!
c-ya on the 18th.

Some pig-Saboteur 01.Jan.2003 06:52


Some pig-Saboteur will suggestly loudly, in public, that we gotta find their addresses and phone-numbers, and the schools their kids go to... and the next time we see them, they will be wearing even more impenetrable masks.

Some other pig-Saboteur says we gotta out all the spies at our meetings... and our meetings turn into suspicious glowerings.

Let's leave 'Lord of the Rings' in the theater, ok?

Let's also remember that the police are not our enemies; they are only hired thugs. If we want strike a blow at the enemy, we figure out how to get past the police and rent-a-dicks, and aim the blow at the enemy.

Interesting Idea 02.Jan.2003 12:29


I think that this is a really good idea. But i think that we should make it so that instead of getting your picture on it automatically that if multiple people send your photo in that then it gets presented. Instead of just one person, probably informant of some kind, taking your shot then putting it in. It still makes me nervous but i think that if multiple people send in different photos of one person then it might be more creditable.