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Marsh Insurance Drops HLS!

So Marsh isn't so tough after all!

This is a stunning and historical victory - many questioned if it would ever happen. Marsh was the bully few thought would budge, had an endless supply of resources it was all to ready to spend, and wasn't afraid of using dirty tactics trying to deter us.
Marsh Insurance Drops HLS!
Marsh Insurance Drops HLS!
The determination shown by those across the world working on this target would not be silenced and would not be discouraged. The dogged persistence of those of us the picket lines was bolstered by the constant and hard hitting direct action attacks from the ALF.

This is a victory that not only further unsettles HLS's precarious business position, but shows the vast scope of animal abusing industries that this movement is strategic, uncompromising, unrelenting, and poised for victory.

You made this happen. Give yourself a pat on the back, and get ready to sink your teeth into the HLS senior scientists and management. The next big victory on our calendar is Huntingdon itself. -SHAC USA


For Immediate Release December 18, 2002 Attention: News Desk

World's Largest Insurance Broker Abandons Dying Laboratory: Activists Declare Victory

(Worldwide) Animal rights activists are celebrating their second major victory in less than a year with today's announcement that Marsh Inc., the world's largest insurance company, will no longer provide insurance for Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Activists have campaigned against Marsh since February.

Property attacks against Marsh increased in the face of mounting injunctions limiting aboveground protests.

The credit for this victory lies equally with those who smashed windows as those held vocal protests outside Marsh offices and homes of executives states UK Animal Liberation Front Press Officer Robin Webb. Mr. Webb is currently in the U.S. and available for comment at 732.545.7560.

The UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) announced it will take over the insurance brokerage for the controversial lab. In a similar move last year, the Bank of England stepped in to provide Huntingdon with banking facilities, as no commercial bank would offer the lab a bank account HLS was unable to write checks to make bill payments. Providing government facilities to a private business is an unprecedented move, prompted only because no commercial business will align itself with Huntingdon.

After less than a year of campaigning, activists drove Stephens Inc., at the time HLS's largest investor and primary financier, to sell all its shares in the lab and relieve itself of a $33 million loan the company had previously extended to HLS saving the lab from foreclosure January 29, 2001. On January 8, 2002, Stephens, the Nation's largest investment firm off-Wall St., announced it would sever all ties to HLS.

As a result of the campaign, Marsh has sued dozens of activists and animal rights groups in up to five U.S. cities, and dozens more have faced criminal charges as a result of the campaign against Marsh worldwide. Three activists are currently imprisoned in New York for property destruction at the homes of Marsh directors.

"Marsh threw everything they could at the animal rights movement, attempting to deter protests, only to fail miserably," states activist Dave Elliot. "No lawsuit, private investigator, or criminal prosecution prevented this victory. Until HLS is closed we will not apologize, we will not compromise, and we will not relent."

Activists have now turned their attention to HLS's executive infrastructure, targeting the directors of the lab and their business affiliates. They vow to use the same strategy and tactics that have yielded victory twice before.

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SHACK KICKS ASS 19.Dec.2002 11:05

Bull Dog

SHACK KICKS ASS!!!!! I knew MARSH would step away from HLS. HLS will be closed soon!!!!!!! Then we can focus on
all the other lab testing facilities and close them down too! HURRAY FOR SHACK!