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Israel is Number 1 ---- in so many ways

James Bond, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Secret Agent Man, all these fantasy spy films peaked our imagainations. Now, reality is far stranger and scarier than fiction! Who needs fantasy these days when you can read about real life sinister spies living here amongst us in the United States. As with many things, Israel leads the list of the biggest spy ring ever exposed in the US.
Israel is Number 1 ---- in so many ways
Israel is Number 1 ---- in so many ways

It's amazing. Israel leads the whole world in so many things! Here's just a partial list:

Number One country for CYBER TERRORISTS, followed by Hong Kong, and France.

Number One country for the only APARTHEID in existence in today's modern world.

Number One country for the last remnant of European colonialism, where the indigenous people, the Palestinians, are not only subjugated, but constantly pressured to MOVE or do something desparate like blow themselves up.

Number One recipient of US tax dollars by far!!! Besides the usual $6 Billion a year, right now they are negotiating for another $14 Billion!!!

Number One for its Lobby groups and PACs in the US.

Number One for spreading its propaganda in the US. What other country employs a full time PR firm to keep reminding us that Israel is "the only democracy in the Middle East"? I guess they think if they tell us enough times, we'll actually believe them!

Number One in the number of those of dual citizenship as in "American-Israeli".

Number One in number of spies here in the USA. There is a ton of information on the Israeli spies and Israeli duplicity on this website:  http://antiwar.com/israelfiles2.html

With this kind of stuff, who needs to rent videos? Scary stuff.

Our government is seriously compromising Americans' best interests by supporting the apartheid country of Israel. We must send in troops, like we did in Kosovo, to ensure that Israel is transformed into a true democracy, with equal rights for all, including all 5.5 Palestinian refugees. And the country should be renamed Palestine-Israel. It was Palestine for thousands of years, and there is absolutely no good reason why Palestinians should have to give up that name, just because the European UN decided so. Time to create something new. Make new history. This time with a sense of true justice for all, including the indigenous Palestinian people.

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