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In Defense of Animals - UPDATE - Dec. 18, 2002

IDA Africa - in loving memory of Pepe Damascus puppy mill Ark Rescue Pit bull attack Mall Walk against Scamp's/ Puppy Mills THIS SAT!
IDA Africa - in loving memory of Pepe
Damascus puppy mill
Ark Rescue
Pit bull attack
Mall Walk against Scamp's/ Puppy Mills

IDA Africa - in loving memory of Pepe

(forwarded from Edmund Stone, IDA-Africa)

It is with great sadness that Sheri reports the loss of our beautiful Pepe, who left us on Saturday, November 23, 2002. Pepe fell from a tree on October 24 and broke his neck. Sheri consulted with a neurologist. She tried valiantly to save him and give him every chance to recover to a functional state. It became clear today that he was suffering a lot and there was no hope. He passed away at 4:30 pm local time.

When we met him, Pepe had endured unfathomable deprivation as a caged prisoner for 20 years. He symbolized the plight of orphaned chimpanzees everywhere. Pepe was the first male chimpanzee to show Sheri and I friendship in 1997. He reached out and touched our souls.

IDA-Africa has lost a dear friend. A light has been extinguished in the world we are honored to share with our great ape cousins. But we must share this moment of grief with the conviction that Pepe is truly free at last. He inspired us to do more, try harder, strive for the impossible, and never give up. If we want to honor Pepe's memory, we can do no better than to remember this.

New site
IDA-Africa has remodeled their web site and if you haven't visited lately you should check it out. http://www.ida-africa.org

Edmund writes:
I would encourage visitors to read and sign the recently added Guest Book ( among those who have already done are Shirley McGreal of International Primate Protection League, Michael Kundu of Project Seawolf, The Animal Rights Action Network, and Heather Hines of Indigo Rescue. http://www.ida-africa.org/guestbook/guestbook.php

While at the website please also visit the memorial page to Pepe (click on Pepe on the left menu or go to http://www.ida-africa.org/pepe_memorial.html?x=110&y=6 ) and see a one-minute video of him shot at the site by a volunteer. This is the first time we have featured video footage from the site.

IDA-Africa's Winter Bush Telegraph newsletter will be mailed in January.


Damascus Puppy Mill

I want to thank everyone who responded about the Engelson sisters puppy mill in Damascus. The county received literally hundreds of calls, e-mails and letters asking for the Engelson's to be prosecuted and their conditional use permit revoked. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a satisfactory resolution in this case and we need to keep up the pressure so the county doesn't think the community is forget about these neglected dogs. The official word from the county is that they are still trying to negotiate a deal with through the Engelson's attorney to "bring them into compliance" which would allow them to have 20 dogs on the property. Apparently, the first deal the Engelson's proposed was not considered satisfactory by the county and the Engelson's attorney is out of town until Dec. 22nd. The contact information is below. Please contact the responsible county officials.

Puppies desperately need guardians!
Only the puppies have been removed from the property and they really need the help of some some special guardians and trainers to adopt them and give them a second chance. I talked with Diana Hallmark today, the new animal director at Clackamas County. From her staff I got an evaluation of the 5 Damascus dogs and following is the evaluation:
  1. Shepherd/Husky cross, 6-7 months +, male, wags tail, comes up and likes to be petted, semi-housebroken.
  2. Shepherd/Husky/(Border Collie?) cross, 5 months, female, very fearful, unable to approach or pet.
  3. Shepherd/Husky/(Heeler?)cross, 4 months+, male, a little more outing but unable to pet.
  4. Shepherd/Retriever cross, 61/2 months+, female, very territorial, may bite.
  5. Shepherd/Husky cross, 7 months+, male, fearful but curious, difficult to pet.

According to Joy, another activist advocating for these dogs, one of the Damascus pups is in training with it's guardian at Happy-Go-Lucky in dog obedience classes and doing VERY well, according to trainer, John.  John has volunteered to help with training for those who would foster or adopt the Damascus dogs. Two of these dogs will be transferred to Project Pooch, which leaves 4 in danger of being killed, as the shelter is getting crowded.  We need foster homes with trainers or experienced dog handlers to work with these beautiful dogs. They are shy of people from having been kenneled with little or no handling.  If you or anyone you know could rescue any of these dogs, please call Joy at 503-762-0939. It is important for interested guardians to contact Joy as well as the county so that we can keep track and document all inquiries.

Contact County Officials!
You may want to include in your comments‹
  • Finding 6 dead dogs is a serious matter and the county should prosecute; not make deals.
  • The Engelsons have had many chances to comply with their conditional use permit and you want to see an investigation started immediately to have their permit revoked.
  • The results of the dog necropsies should not be hidden from the public.

Clackamas County Animal Control
Diana Hallmark new dog control manager
phone: 503-655-8629
2104 Kaen Road
Oregon City, OR 97045

Clackamas County Transportation and Development
Cam Gilmour- Director
(oversees land-use planning and dog control)
phone: 503-353-4400
9101 SE Sunnybrook Blvd 
Clackamas, OR 97015

Clackamas County Board of Commissioners
phone: 503-655-8581
906 Main St.
Oregon City, OR 97045

Larry Sowa (chair)
Michael J. Jordan
Bill Kennemer

or for a group email
(stands for Board of County Commissioners)


Ark Rescue

More animals need foster homes!
I just received a call last night and 11 animals removed from the Ark who are now living in Molalla, need new digs.
Their descriptions follow:
Smiley is a quarter horse/thoroughbred cross
Strawberry is a POA-Welsh female pony
Beautiful is a Shetland pony who has been abused and is very fearful
Granny and Aunt Doe are both semital cows
Baby is a male rabbit
Black Beauty, Make Up and Snow White are all pygmy goats
and a peacock and peahen who, as of yet, remain nameless.

If you can give these birds a name or any of these animals a foster home, please contact:
Cheri at 503-759-3420 or cell at 503-341-6633

Fundraising Efforts
As you know, this case does not go to trial until July 7th- July 13, 2003. In the mean time, the veterinary bills continue to pill up at a staggering rate. IDA is dedicating to helping with this fundraising effort but we need the help of volunteers to join our Ark Fundraising Committee. Remember, you need not attend meetings and there will be many different levels of participation, much of which can be done either independently, from home, or with the support of others. Contact Connie at connie@idausa.org or 503 249 9996 for more information about how you can help.

I am happy to report that our Ark Animal Relief Fund Holiday Cards were a big hit at the Mindful Gifts Bazaar last weekend and we made over $300 at our IDA table. If you didn't get a chance to attend and buy some gift cards, it's not too late. Attached is a picture of Georgie, Smokey and Sissy, the Ark rescues featured on the card. These special babies were hanging with us at IDA when the picture was snapped. Smokey and Sissy have since found a great foster home and Georgie has a promising prospective guardian who just visited yesterday. Please contact us at the IDA office if you are interested in giving the gift of love with one of these fundraising cards. connie@idausa.org or 503 249 9996.


Pit bull attack

Thanks for all the well wishes and calls to Multnomah County District Attorney's office (503-988-3162), urging them to press charges in my pit bull attack. I am doing well. Mr. Paul West, the dogs "owner", was cited on the night of the attack with Reckless Endangerment, Animal Neglect- 2nd Degree, and public nuisance. Shawn Ridell the DA assigned to the case claims that he is looking into filing charges and says he is proceeding with an investigation but, to date, no charges have been filed. If the DA does not press charges, the police citations will be dropped. He cautioned that he is moving slowly so as to not make any mistakes. West has an arraignment hearing scheduled for December 30th at 8:30 am at the Justice Center in Courtroom #4 at 1120 SW 3rd Ave, where he will be informed of criminal charges, if any are pressed.

The fate of the pit bulls
I have great news to report and some alarming news. Shaka passed her temperament tests and is being spayed and adopted out to a loving family! As of today, Paul West has not claimed these dogs and they are now the "property" of Multnomah county. Unfortunately, the other pit didn't pass the temperament test with flying colors. In fact, she didn't allow the staff to even enter the kennel.

This means that Alizay is on death row and only has five more days to live if we can't find her an appropriate home! When I visited these dogs the other day it was Alizay who was the first to come up and greet me for a treat and she was soon licking my hand! Temperament tests do not necessarily determine a dog's personality, especially when they are thrust into such a foreign and stressful environment as a kennel. However, she is a dangerous dog and needs to be treated as such. John Rowton, Shelter Manager at Multnomah County Animal Control is agreeable to adopt Alizay out if the situation were ideal, but only as a Level Four dog with restrictions. Anyone adopting her would need to sign a release that she would be leashed and muzzled at all times in public, would have to post a sign outside, and if kept outdoors, would need an escape proof kennel with a lock.

If anyone has any suggestions about how to help Alizay find an appropriate guardian, please let me know asap at
matt@idausa.org or 503 249 9996 cell 503 890 5151. I have called a behavior specialist and will seek an outside evaluation.

FOX 12 UPN 49 pit bull news
Last Thursday, Kelley Day a FOX 12 UPN 49 news reporter did the story of my pit bull attack, showing me visiting Shaka and Alizay at the shelter and interviewing Leslie Spector, the woman who risked her life to save mine. The very next night she aired a much bigger story about pit bulls. She scooped a story about recent murders in Portland possibly being linked to a pit bull fighting payoff and unsettled debts. They aired some very graphic footage that shows the cruel reality of pit bull fighting. Please e-mail the station and let them know that you appreciate this honest, investigative journalism. http://kptv.com/Global/category.asp?C=14244&nav=2cFv and scroll down to "Questions and Comments"


Puppy Mill/Scamp's Mall Walk

We've already have 25 people rsvp for this event but it's not too late! I ordered a few extra shirts for last minute folks so please let me know if you want to join us. matt@idausa.org The shirt design has been modified a bit to read:

Scamp's Pet Stores
I'm not buying it!
[with a picture of a sad dog behind bars and the caption]
Don't breed or buy while millions die.

For all those participants, it is very important that you be on time!
Timing is definitely an issue with this event or you may not find us in the mall. If you need to arrive late please let me know ahead of time and if you can, try to come early . I will be there at 11 am and especially if you have questions about the event, COME EARLY! Also, I need to know right away everyone who plans to attend so that I can order you a T-shirt if you haven't already arranged it with me.

When: Saturday December 21, 2002
11:30 am AT THE LATEST, please (I will be there at 11 am to answer any questions about the event)
It will last approximately 2 hours and end around 1:30 pm
Where: Lloyd Center Mall
***We will be meeting at the Lloyd Center Safeway at 1100 NE Broadway in the far West end of the West parking lot at or before 11:30 am. Last minute details about strategy will be discussed before heading to the Lloyd Center Mall.

In Defense of Animals
Matt Rossell
IDA Northwest Outreach Coordinator
503 249 9996
NW IDA Office
5428 NE 30th St.
Portland, OR 97211

homepage: homepage: http://www.idausa.org