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Iran/Contra Sucess Stories

These men were involved in a secret and covert military operation, whereby weapons were being sold to an enemy state, Iran, and the profits from those sales were going to illegally fund an army of rebels the CIA was building in Central America.
Documents were shredded, Congress was repeatedly lied to, and an untold number of human beings were killed with the weapons of destruction that were secretly being shipped by the US to different parts of the world.

Each of these men played a role in the scandal and the subsequent cover-up, but instead facing ruin and disgrace, their careers actually prospered. Today they are top government officials, billion dollar defense contractors, shapers of public policy, and leaders in the media:

that's how it works at the top. 18.Dec.2002 10:08

this thing here

you got the money, you got the right connections, you got the right allies, you run with the right people, and you can do anything in america and get away with it.

all these guys are smooth operators, professionals who know how to put on show, to say the right things at the right times to the right people.

plus, most importantly, it shows the hidden decadence and sly corruption that american power thrives on. these men were loyal soldiers, and like a gigantic gangster family, power in america rewards loyalty. no matter how evil, or how heinously the soldiers have behaved.

let me put it this way. when you're at the top in america, there is no right and wrong...