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Update on Civil Liberties/USA PATRIOT Act Resolution

Status update as of 12/17/02.
We have close to 1,500 individual signatories to the proposed resolution, as well as thirteen organizational endorsements. Inquiries from the public, the press, and potential organizers in other cities are all on a recent increase -- mostly due to the passage of Eugene's resolution, and the recent pair of local articles about our campaign.

This week we've had meetings with staffers from two more City Council offices, meaning we have thus far met with three out of the five offices. These meetings have been very productive, and have provided a solid foundation for the necessary conversations between the PDX BoRDC and the Portland City Council.

This initial round of meetings is a crucial step towards the next phase of the campaign, which in many ways is one which will seek to educate and persuade both the City Council and concerned Portland residents alike -- both about the relevant civil liberties issues, and the relevant processes involved when taking something of this sort to the Council.

It is important that all concerned keep in mind that this is best kept, if at all possible, as a conversation and not a confrontation. We believe that Portland can adopt a civil liberties resolution, but the people of Portland and the members of the City Council need to work together to make it happen.

As always, check back here for further updates.

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