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feedback invited on pdx indymedia website redesign (under development)

your feedback is invited!
At Saturday's meeting of folks who volunteer for editorial tasks (like uploading features, hiding duplicate posts, composting, etc.), the main topic of discussion was "TOPICS" for the new pdx indy website, which is currently under development. The new site will be running on fresh code tht gives users the ability to sort posts by "TOPIC". When people post an article to the open publishing newswire, they'll be able to choose what topic(s) apply best to their story/photos/etc.

Each of these topics will have its own page on the website, where those posts are automatically collected into a topic-specific newswire. The center column on these pages will have all the features that relate to that topic. (Currently, the special feature pages on the website are created manually, which is why they fall out-of-date so rapidly. That will no longer be an issue.) People will also be able to choose multiple topics (limited to three, perhaps) if the event/issue they're covering relates to more than one topic. Content will be much easier to find on the site with this new set-up. The front page of the site will contain every feature and posts from every topics, sorted only by the order they are posted, as is currently the case.

At Saturday's meeting, the assembled volunteers came up with the following list of topics for consideration. Some reflect the great number of posts that already appear on the site related to that topic (i.e., forest issues, 9.11 investigation) and others are included in the hopes that they will encourage more posts (i.e., youth, indigenous issues). In paranthesis are some of the issues that would fall into these topics

  • forest defense
  • economic justice (housing, gentrification, class issues)
  • animal rights, or, animal liberation
  • labor, or, workers
  • 9.11 investigation
  • peace/anti-war
  • electoral politics, or, government/politics (elections, ballot initiatives, legislative lobbying)
  • environment, or, ecology (other enviro issues besides the trees)
  • arts/culture (original poetry, art, fiction)
  • education (free skool, funding)
  • history/legacy (covered-up radical history, activist lives)
  • nuclear issues (Hanford, Yucca Mountain)
  • interfaith/spirituality
  • police state/militarism (prisons, prisoner support, police brutality, militarization of police, harrassment of activists, loss of civil liberties)
  • social services (state services being cut: health, unemployment benefits, etc.)
  • youth
  • indigenous issues
  • anti-racism
  • community building, or, community cooperation (co-ops, collectives, D.I.Y., anarchist knitting, cooking and quilt-making)
  • corporate dominance (corporate globalization, privatization)
  • bicycles (critical mass, other bike news), or, transportation (bicycles, plus public transit, biodiesel, anti-car rants, etc.)
  • homelessness (Dignity Village, street roots, personal accounts)
  • gender/sexuality (patriarchy, emma goldwoman, gay/lesbian/bi/trans)
  • political theory/philosophy (discussions/screeds on anarchism, particular political schools, etc.)
  • health (health care, alternative care, vaccinations)
  • human/civil rights
  • media criticism (Oregonian Watch)
  • sustainability (how to)
This list is a draft, and the community is invited to give feedback on it. Should there be more topics? Less? Anything vital left out here? Any other suggestions for better names for things?

Articles posted to the site previous to this change will be retroactively categorized into these topics by volunteers.

Additionally, each post can have a regional designation, and each region will have its own page. the volunteers at saturday's meeting came up with these:
* portland metro
* central oregon (eugene, corvallis, salem, etc.)
* southern oregon
* eastern oregon
* coast
* cascadia? (to catch olympia and northern california)
* u.s.
* global

If you'd like to see how topics/categories work, check out some of the other IMCs that use them:
[ idaho | san francisco bay area | north carolina | vancouver | victoria | los angeles | germany | bolivia | ecuador | netherlands | euskalherria | peru ]

Please post your thoughts here, or write to imc-portland-editorial@indymedia.org.

general suggestions 17.Dec.2002 23:32

pdx indymedia volunteer

also, continue to make general suggestions here:

Call to pdx indymedia readers: What improvements do you want for this site?
8:16am Fri Dec 13 '02

Oregon nomenclature 18.Dec.2002 04:48


Sounds Good.

As for regions: Central Oregon is Bend/Redmond and not Eugene...

and Salem is right next to Portland--geographically speaking--about the distance between Ashland and Grants Pass...

Hmmmm... oil? 18.Dec.2002 04:52


Hey there folks and keep up the good PHP coding.

Question: where would I put an hypothetical essay on the coming oil shortages? You might want to make "Sustainability" less narrow (remove the "how-to" limitation) or add a "building the upcoming world" section or something..

Or are the section system you're working on, somewhat lose? Or indeed moderated? Thanks.

Minor points anyway. PDX is my fave IMC!

don't change the bloody colors! 18.Dec.2002 05:27



from one of your Aussie fans.

topics 18.Dec.2002 11:02


I'm not sure i understand -- r u saying that the postings would go on the main page and then also on the pages for the different topics? Because that would be cool. But it would not be cool to just put articles in separate "ghettos" where they would be less accessible to those who might not think they're interested in all the topic areas.

Please make sure to keep the main page and post everything there, then have separate pages. If possible. Please.

some replies 18.Dec.2002 12:52

a pdx indy editorial volunteer

reply to ".", above, who wrote the comment, "topics":
all stories would appear on the front page, and *also* on the specific topic pages. no ghettos.

reply to "RGB":
the color scheme will be changed, but only slightly. check out http://portland.indymedia.org/a22 (the bush protest page). the greens there are the new ones. the bright orange bars will be dropped entirely.

reply to "posix":
i would post a story about the coming oil shortages under "sustainability" and perhaps "transportation". "sustainability" doesn't have to be as narrow as "how to" -- that was just an example of somthing that could fall into that topic. as the topics are used by people, they will evolve, and perhaps be split into two or combined with others as makes sense. it depends on what people post. the content provided by the community will be the driving force.

reply to "geographer":
you bring up some good points. how would you suggest breaking up the region? folks outside of portland (on the coast, in eugene, and in ashland, for example) have been requesting that people be able to sort by location, and it would be cool to set it up that way. do you have an issue with the areas that are broken out above, or just with their names?

please keep adding comments! this site is for the activist community to use, and the more specific people get, the better it will work.

A more appropriate name.... 18.Dec.2002 17:05


...for the Eugene, Corvallis, Salem area would be Willamette Valley, or just The Valley. Central Oregon is too confusing.