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Take Your McWeapons of Mass Destruction and...

People are loosing their appetite for McGarbage. Glasgow proposes teaching McDonalds a McLesson, just as they are on the McRopes.
Take Your McWeapons of Mass Destruction and...
Take Your McWeapons of Mass Destruction and...
McDonald's Serve Up First-Ever Loss


Investors chewed on a profit warning from McDonald's Corp. then spit out its stock Tuesday, dragging shares of the world's largest restaurant operator down as much as 8 per cent.

Oak Brook, Ill.-based McDonald's sideswiped the Street before the opening bell by saying weak same-store sales would force it to take a pre-tax restructuring charge of $435-million (U.S.) in the fourth quarter and post its first-ever quarterly loss.

How Can I Help?

The International 'McGo-slow As Fuck', December 21, called by Glasgow McDonalds Workers Resistance

Glasgow MWR has proposed a day of working slowly on December 21st in support of the popular rebellion in Argentina. "We also think it's really important we do some thing for the anti-McDonalds political prisoners in Mexico. OK, they're not McD's workers, but you can't help feeling that there struggle is also ours."
Stickers and leaflets available (to McDonalds Workers only unfortunately because of limited resources) very soon. Start spreading the idea around your store.

For more information, see:


*Note- photo not necessarily related, but seemingly appropriate.
Its there choice I guess... 17.Dec.2002 21:39


If people want to eat sawdust burgers I say let them. Personally, I ate there a few times in the mid 80's and got one of those sharp stomach aches that just doubles you over and I never went back. At this point I wouldn't even really classify anything they sell as actual food. Except maybe the soft drinks... heh heh.

Needless to say, all these fast food joints will eventually go out of business because they have less customers every year. I think it was more of a fad than anything and it will go away some day because enough people will get the runs at the border from their super sized colon buster...

True Meat 18.Dec.2002 02:48


You are absolutely right. That food is disgusting.

I remember being a vegetartian for a number of years as a youngster. It was purely Reactionary, as you could probably guess.

But I also recall one time as a kid when my White Trash relatives killed a turkey in the yard, dressed it, and we all sat down to a holiday dinner. Say what you will about my ethnic background, Indymedia Elitist Creeps, but that food tasted really good. Why on Earth someone would eat that horrible soy-product flavored with poisonous beef blood crap that Mickey D sells is beyond me.

Give me fresh, chemical free meat or fish. The Best. Or at least some meat that you can see the cut of, at the store, and you cook thoroughly, to kill the bacteria.

Otherwise, it's just Soilent Green, and all of you supposed "Conservatives" that eat that diet are literally full of shit.

to 'omnivore'--elitist creeps ??!!?? 18.Dec.2002 23:11

huh ??

one of the main reasons i took a first step toward vegetarianism--i.e. stopped eating red meat--

was because I COULDN'T AFFORD TO PURCHASE IT anymore.

there are *multiple and varied* reasons why one could, or should, switch to a vegetable-based diet.

and just because you're a vegetarian doesn't mean you *have* to eat gardenburgers. I'm pretty bored of them myself, and they'll never taste as 'good' as a red-meat hamburger . . . same goes for "not-dogs" . . .

these *processed* vegetarian foods also do tend to be more expensive than raw vegetables or other veggie-fruit products

but there's a whole universe of OTHER delicious vegetable and fruit foods for humans to consume--

and they are much more economical (YES, as in the bargain-grocery-store price) than eating any kind of meat products, or processed *anything* from a McRestaurant.

Vegetarians Taste Better!