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This article ought to scare the hell out of you

If you are a fan of the late, great Phil Dick, check out this link to a great article about his "Black Iron Prison" and how it realtes to today's police state.
here's da link:

ought to scare the hell out of you 17.Dec.2002 23:55

some ontological anarchist

and indeed it does.

from here on out it only gets stranger.

kiss your old reality tunnels goodbye.

from some idea beyond left and 18.Dec.2002 02:37

right that has not been named yet

When I re-read the works of people such as Bob Wilson, who claimed to understand Phil Dick more than some, one thing shines through loud and clear: a hopelessly muddled mix of liberal humanism, Crowley's misunderstood elitism, and a naive faith in technological progress as envisoned by Marx's idological descendants as a process of freeing the poor, ignorant, unevolved masses from their misery.

Have you taken a good look around lately ?

Everything is upside down. Thought police are everywhere, calling themselves "Conservatives" or "Liberals" or whatever...control, control, control. The very definitions
of the ideological constructs our children are taught are so stretched wide by this smiley-faced Totalitarianism that runs the world, that words like "Democracy", "Freedom",
"Equality", "Republic", "Socialism" and "Conspiracy" have lost all meaning.

It's like the Jesuits used to say..."Give us a child of 5 years old, and we have a Believer for Life."

I wonder how many people who frequent this hotbed of faux-"Liberal" elitism have the courage to question their own cherished value systems. All I can say is that I cherish that feeling when I discover that something I really once stood for turns out to be yet another straw man set up for me by the Bankers...

It might be bitter, or bittersweet even, but at least it is honest.