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Community support sought for 'Borg 4' forest activists

You support is needed to help the 'Borg 4' forest activists, who are political targets of the lumber-bought government. Tuesday, Sept. 17, these brave hard-working young people will be facing arraignments in Oregon City. Please lend your support!
From the open publishing newswire: Borg is one of nearly 60 timber sales targeting the Mt. Hood National Forest, and one of 7 sale targeting the mature and old growth forests in the Oak Grove Watershed. Logging this area has increased the risk of fire and degraded water quality. In an attempt to halt logging activists blockaded the access roads on several occasions. Four activists (the "Borg 4") were arrested at the Borg timber sale road blockades in the end of August. No charges were filed against these activists at that time. However, the District Attorney, had two years to file those charges and has now done so. Please attend the arraignments to support the Borg 4 and the non-violent civil disobedience used to protect the Oak Grove Watershed. Contact Cascadia Forest Alliance (CFA) to donate legal defense funds and if you plan to attend the arraignments.

The newly scheduled arraignments are on TUES DEC 17th, at 3pm at the Clackamas County Courthouse in Oregon City, Room 200. Carpools will meet up at the CFA office (1540 SE Clinton) as early as noon and leave for the courthouse at 1:45pm. We'll have Zines and tea for your enjoyment. This information is subject to change. Please keep in touch, we need your support. 503-241-4879
[ Read More... ] [ Downloadable flyer: "Support the Borg 4" [PDF] ] background:

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Who really cares... 16.Dec.2002 20:56


In another 2000 years there probably won't even be trees here so what difference do you think you can make with your little "zines" and tea? Why don't all you career protesters stop wasting your time and do something useful before you wake up one morning and your whole life is gone?

BTW every one of those "zines" better be printed with organic soy ink on hemp paper. No photocopies on paper made from wood you hypocrites...

Ignore Tripox 16.Dec.2002 23:53

ardent supporter of CFA

Ignore Trilox. It would seem that a person with such hatred for his/her fellow human beings who work for some sanity in the forest would eventually crawl back under a rock and disappear from the pages of this web site.

Sadly, that is not the case.

Dear CFA: Keep up the good work (and good works) that you are doing in the forests! We need your vocal support and activism if there is to be any positive change in the mindless practices being perpetuated by the US Forest Service on behalf of the corporate timber interests.

Best of luck with the sham charges in Clackamas County!!

A supporter.

Huh... 17.Dec.2002 12:54


I guess the truth hurts huh? The earth was doing fine before humans came along and it will do just fine after we are gone. Its all just the natural progression of things as the existence of the human race is nothing more than accident that will eventually get swallowed up and regurgitated by the earth anyway.

The Law of Conservation of Mass states that "matter is neither created nor destroyed" so in effect these trees you feel so strongly about will eventually be consumed and take on a new form so don't waste your life trying to change nature.

appreciate your stance 17.Dec.2002 21:16


i totally understand where you are coming from, Trilox, yet i feel it's a bit misguided. I'm not posting this to argue with the way you feel, but i felt it was my responsibility to respond on my position in regards to your post. I feel it's irrelevant whether or not our 'existence' is a mistake or isn't. What is relevant(in my opinion anyway)is what our place in the present world is. are we to begin trying to make the world a better place(since a lot of sentient life exists here beside humyn beings), or just let the whole "don't waste your life" arguement overcome and drown us? i feel folk who are working for a better world, whether or not their tactics are effective or not, should continue evolving, re-evaluating and struggling. This is about more than just trees....it's about the earth and ALL life that inhabits it.

Gotta love the CFA 18.Dec.2002 03:00

aredent supporter of cfa

I can also see the reason in Trilox's second comment above. It's the tone of the first comment that I was responding to the first time.

Telling enormously devoted and prescient people to screw off and quit their work is wrong and I will respond more often than not, if I feel I know something about the topic.

Sure humans are an 'accident', or whatever word you want to use to describe virtually all life on earth, and the earth will be here long after we are gone. But this does not disqualify the fact that a relatively small class of humans are waging a misguided campaign of consumption of the earth's natural resources, hastening man's journey into the abyss as a species, but also helping a large number of fellow humans into their own graves in the process.

It is not JUST the forests; it is the air, the water, the vast natural resources of the earth, and the people that live above or around them, all over the world.

It is also about free speech, which has worked pretty well for 200 years. Why is free speech seen as such a threat today? Why do you think they put that one FIRST!!??