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Oppose the BULL RUN regionalization plan!

The Tualatin Valley Water District will be holding their monthly meeting this Wednesday December 18th at 7 pm. They will be discussing the regionalization of the area water districts.
The Tualatin Valley water district will be holding it's monthly meeting and one of the agenda items will be to discuss the BULL Run regionalization plan.

It is vitally important that those who are concerned about the privatization of our water be there to express their concerns.
BUll RUN is one of the most "purest" water sources on the planet and is one of Oregon's crown jewels. We should all be concerned about outside private entities attempt to take control of our water and remove the publics voice from the decision making process as it pertains to the future of our water.

The corporations would love nothing better than to add Bull Run to the list of water sources that they now control. The growing global trend to privatize water is gaining strength everyday.

The proponents of this plan claim they have no interest in privatization whatsoever and that this plan is only designed to provide Bull run water to our ever increasing population while insuring that future needs are met.

The problem?
If privatization was not the motivation for this plan, why didn't the plan exclude that possibility? Concerns about privatization would have been eliminated with just a couple of paragraphs added to this proposal.

The truth is that "privatization" was not excluded because it is on the table.

Water is a human need. Water should not be treated as a commodity to be used by the Enron's of the world for purposes of profit. The people of Portland must stand together to oppose attempts to wrestle away public control of the future of our water.

Come to the Tualatin Valley Water district meeting this Wednesday night at 7 pm and let the board know that you oppose this regionalization plan void of protections against privatization.

1850 SW 170th Ave.
Beaverton, OR 97075
(503) 642-1511