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In Defense of Animals - News and Action Alerts

Pit bulls attack animal rights activist ... Neglected Bend horses rescued COK's latest open liberation saves hens ... Teenagers kill couple?s cat Canadian petition for anti-animal cruelty law ... People's Food Co-op vote against meat
In Defense of Animals - News and Action Alerts
In Defense of Animals - News and Action Alerts
In Defense of Animals - Action Alerts


Pit bulls attack animal rights activist
Neglected Bend horses rescued
COK's latest open liberation saves hens

Teenagers kill couple's cat
Canadian petition for anti-animal cruelty law
People's Food Co-op vote against meat


Pit bulls attack animal rights activist

To err is canine, to forgive, divine
Steve Duin, Oregonian 12/12/02

The pit bulls came in low and hard, raptorlike in their malicious choreography. The brown female struck first, hitting Matt Rossell below the knee. As he shouted frantic, useless commands, her partner tore into his calf, knocking him onto his back at the edge of Northeast Martin Luther King Boulevard. One pit bull was locked onto his skates, the other ripping into his ankles and knees. Unable to shake the dogs off, Rossell crawled into the evening traffic, screaming for the cars to stop. He heard the brakes lock, he felt his fists pounding against the fenders, but no one would open their door, not until Leslie Gail Spector, driving home with her 3-year-old in the back seat, pulled over on Going Street and got out of her car.

For the rest of the story, go to:

Yes, I was attacked by pit bulls a week and a half ago in my neighborhood. I am doing fine and healing well.
Unfortunately, the dogs, Alizay and Shaka, are in the clink at the Multnomah County Animal Control as evidence in a criminal case. I visited them tonight and Kelley Day covered the story which aired tonight at 10PM on FOX 12 UPN 49. Tomorrow night Kelley Day FOX 12 will present the rest of the story. Tune in at 10 PM.

I was shocked to find out today that the DA has not yet pressed charges because he's not convinced he has enough evidence.
Please call the Multnomah County's DA office and tell them you saw this on the news last night and you want to see Paul West prosecuted.
Call 503-988-3162

I was pleased that this story presents the dogs as the victims in this attack. Please contact Steve Duin at the Oregonian to thank him for this sensitive glimpse into the horrible underworld of dog fighting and encourage him to write again about this tragic problem hidden in the alleys and basements of North and Northeast Portland. Following the trail of these dog fighting rings often lead to other criminal activity including illegal gambling and drug dealing. Dogs with mortal injuries from being fought are often dumped in the street to die or get picked up, locked away in shelters and eventually killed for lack of adequate homes for these special dogs. And anyone who has ever had the privilege to befriend a pit bull, you know exactly how special these dogs can be.

Steve Duin: 503-221-8597
or 1320 S.W. Broadway, Portland, OR 97201

In Defense of Animals is going to have these two pit bulls' temperament evaluated professionally to determine if they can be rehabilitated and then do everything in our power to make sure they are not returned to the previous owner and have them placed in the special homes they will need. If anyone out there has leads or suggestions, please advise.

Neglected Bend horses rescued

Deschutes County, OR - December 3, the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant for 1st Degree Animal Abuse to a Bend resident located on Moffit Road. The Sheriff's Office found 114 horses in various stages of neglect including some so crippled that they should be put down.. Two veterinarians were on scene to evaluate the animals' condition and give any medical treatment required.

As the investigation continues, the horses will be housed at various locations mostly private residences. "We never anticipated a case of this magnitude when we budgeted last year," said Sheriff Les Stiles of the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office. "Our primary focus as the investigation continues is to provide care for the animals while we seek a long-term resolution. This case will be catastrophic to our budget." It takes $60 a week to care for one healthy horse.

It appears at this point that approximately 80 percent of the horses can be saved if food, water, and worming treatment are provided to them. Some of the horses' hooves were 12 inches long. The Oregon Humane Society is providing technical assistance specific to processing a case of this size.

Donations to cover the cost of the electricity, food, supplies, and care of the horses can be made to the Bank of the Cascades 1100 N.W. Wall Street Bend, Oregon 97701 Attn: Save the Horses Fund.

Below is the link to KOIN TV's story on the horses found in Bend.

The following story came from TV Channel 8 KGW

COK's latest open liberation saves hens

Compassion Over Killing, a Washington based grassroots organization, has done it again with their third open liberation at a battery hen factory farm. For details on COK's latest investigation/open rescue and to view the photo gallery, please visit: http://www.cok.net
COK gave the New York Times an exclusive and then the story went global on the AP wire.
This story is from CNN.com
Group alleges egg farms are cruel
Wednesday, December 4, 2002 Posted: 9:56 PM EST (0256 GMT)
ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (AP) -- An animal rights group alleged Wednesday that its investigation of a Baltimore-area egg farm found chickens living in "unimaginably cruel conditions" with up to 11 hens stuffed into wire cages so tightly they couldn't stretch their wings.

Miyun Park, the president of Washington-based Compassion Over Killing, and a colleague sneaked into Red Bird Egg Farms in Millington, 40 miles east of Baltimore, six times from August to November, discovering the hens in cages the size of a filing cabinet drawer. The chickens sometimes lived in the same cages with the decomposing carcasses of dead hens, the group reported. Others were clearly sick or injured -- many with their feathers rubbed off by the wires or other chickens. Still more were found foundering below the long lines of stacked cages in a pit designed to catch manure.

"If the abuse egg-laying hens endure was forced upon dogs or cats, it would be illegal," Park said. "It's time we take a stand against such cruelty and stop buying eggs."

for the rest of the story, go to:


Teenagers kill couple's cat

By Donald J. Ward
Assistant editor The Leavenworth Echo

It was a senseless and cruel act, senseless because it was done simply for the thrill of killing a defenseless animal, a chance for three teenagers to brag about killing a cat. The cruelty extends not only to the pain inflicted on the cat, but to its owners as well. Brad Miller lives in Leavenworth with his fianc??, Tiffany Haynes. His cat, Zen, turned up missing after Halloween. The two looked for him for a week, putting up signs and asking neighbors if they had seen the white longhaired cat that Millers grandmother gave to him as a kitten.
After a week of waiting and putting up posters, he found out why.

Two juveniles, aged 14 and 17, found Zen near Osborn Elementary. According to police statements, the younger of the pair grabbed the cat by its hind legs and smashed him against a rock. Afterwards, the older teenager pried a rock from the ground, smashing Zen over the head with it. It wasnt the killing itself that has upset Miller the most, but rather what happened afterwards. The two teens found a friend who was driving his mothers truck on Highway 2. The trio retrieved the dead cat and went on a joy ride. "They took his lifeless body and tied it with speaker wire to the truck and dragged him up Mountain Home and East Leavenworth Rd. and through downtown Leavenworth," Miller said, choking up.

Miller said that he has been having problems sleeping at night. He keeps having visions of what happened to Zen. The two individuals who killed the cat have been charged with a Class C felony, first degree animal cruelty. Miller said the driver of the vehicle was released. While grieving over the loss of their pet, the couple are worried that similar actions, if gone unpunished, will lead to worse crimes. "The most dangerous thing that society can do is allow kids who do this kind of thing to get away with it," Haynes said. Most serial killers, Haynes said, start out abusing animals for the thrill of it.

These offenders hearings are already underway and dates continue through Dec. 23.
Please write and call asap to voice your concern that these offenders be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Date of event - October 31, 2002

Three Juvenile offenders
(1) Robert (Robbie) Allen - case number 02-8-00523-0
(2) Nick P. Smith - case number 02-08-00524-8
(3) Henry William Gobel - case number 02-8-00525-6

According to the Chelan County Clerk these cases are usually heard by Commissioner Bart Vandegrift and the prosecutor is usually Mr. Ed Stevenson.
Correspondence may be addressed to the prosecutor at P.O. Box 2596, Wenatchee, WA 98807-2596.

If you request that your letter be considered at sentencing, the prosecutor will provide a copy to the attorney for the minor and will present the letter for consideration at sentencing.

This information was provided by:
Siri A. Woods, Chelan County Clerk
P.O. Box 3025
Wenatchee, WA 98807-3025


Canadian Petition for anti-animal cruelty law

(forwarded from International Fund for Animal Welfare)

http://www.ifaw.org/page.asp?id=1598 <http://www.ifaw.org/page.asp?id=1598 >

We are lobbying really hard to get a new law passed in Canada with regards to animal cruelty. The new law will impose harsher penalties for those who are convicted of animal cruelty. Right now, the laws are so lax that police officers often charge perpetrators with mischief because the penalties are stiffer!! Remember the case of the three guys who tortured and skinned a live cat for the sake of "art"? They got off with little more than a slap on the wrist (volunteer work and 'time served'). And remember the six-week-old kitten who was doused in gasoline, lit on fire, and thrown from a moving car? She died a day later, but her killers will get only a small fine and possibly six months in jail (that's the maximum!). Puppy mills are rife in Canada because they know that even if they're caught, they just have to pay a wee fine and then are free to set up a new one (sort of like a licencing fee)! Under the current laws, these people cannot even be prevented from owning animals in the future.

The new law will prevent convicted animal abusers from owning animals, will impose a maximum fine of $10,000 and a maximum jail sentence of five years. This law has been in the works for three years. Politics keeps getting in the way. There are some who feel this law will make it illegal to brand cattle or use live bait for fishing. This is absolutely not the case. The law is written with prudence to allow legitimate animal-use industries to continue. It is designed to catch the cat skinners and the dog draggers - not farmers or fishermen.

We've been waiting long enough. Please help speed things up by signing our petition. We're trying to get 50,000 signatures before the Senate closes for Christmas in two weeks. So please also forward this e-mail to everyone you know.

Thank you!

Katy Heath-Eves
Press Officer
International Fund for Animal Welfare
Office: (613) 241-8996
Fax: (613) 241-0641
www.ifaw.org <http://www.ifaw.org/>


People's Food Co-op vote against meat

(Forwarded by Brent, a People's Food Co-op Member)

As you know, People's Food Co-op hosts a farmer's market on its property every Wednesday for most of the year. Like the store itself, the People's Farmer's Market has long been vegetarian. Last year, one of the farmers inquired whether he might sell bird and fish meat. This was put to a vote last winter. So far, so wonderful? We are pro-democracy after all. Or are we? Out of approximately 1,200 members, only 17% voted. 17%! Of a progressive co-op. About 37% of the nation voted in the recent critical mid-term election. 17% is appalling (as is 37%, of course) to many of us, but we're told by those who know these things that such is actually a high turnout by national co-op standards. Pretty depressing.
What's more, the pro-meat measure passed by only 22 votes. With such a paltry turnout and insignificant margin, many of us are still wondering ? What is the will of the co-op?

We can do better than 17% turnout. We're a progressive co-op, not a pretentious price club. In any case, meat is now allowed at the People's Farmer's Market. But as luck would have it no farmer was prepared to sell meat this year, so the Farmer's Market has remained vegetarian in practice. We now have a second chance to keep the Farmer's Market vegetarian. In light of last winter's 17% turnout and mere 22-vote difference, and the fact that many of us joined a vegetarian co-op with a vegetarian farmer's market and see great value in maintaining this core compassionate and ecologically sound identity as we grow and diversify, some People's members exercised their right to a referendum by petitioning to offer an initiative that is essentially a re-vote along with the current board of directors election.

If you are a People's Food Co-op Member please vote!
The ballots are due to the co-op in their envelopes by Thursday DECEMBER 19th 6:00 p.m.
If you want to be removed from the list
e-mail primates@aracnet.com
with "remove from list" as the subject

Matt Rossell
IDA Northwest Outreach Coordinator
503 249 9996
NW IDA Office
5428 NE 30th St.
Portland, OR 97211

homepage: homepage: http://www.idausa.org/index.shtml

Typical: &quot;no answer&quot; 16.Dec.2002 12:17


The DA's office has been saying they can't give out any information unless you have something to do with the case. The woman I spoke with gave me the number for "criminal records/public information" 503-988-3235. After about 50 rings, there is absolutely no answer. Called the DA again and asked who I was speaking with. She refused to give even her first name. When I said I needed some sort of reference to assure minimal accountability for the info given, she still refused. I pressed, saying she is an employee of a public institution. She says the DA is a private office. I say our tax dollars pay the DA office, which she seemed to deny. I was going to try to verify the number she gave me, when she put me on hold and transferred me to the general information desk at city hall, where a somewhat more cooperative man (W____) told me the county is experiencing a complete phone blackout, aside from their budget-crunched limited hours of phone availability: 8:30-11 and 1-3:30.

So, no information for the average joe. It was bad before, but at least you could put a call into a DA's office to get information and express your opinion on the work they're doing. Ah the joys of being robbed and held at gunpoint by the guns you helped buy.

I would suggest calling the DA's office and asking them about the case anyway, as well as what kind of public money they get: 503-988-3162. Or are we just *officially* being robbed now? Is nothing public?

Vote for the People's Diet 28.Dec.2002 14:40

the burningman

I am a member of a food co-op in Brooklyn that has thousands of members. It's great. Anyway, after much struggle, meat was finally brought in because many of us eat that. The moralistic ravings of the Vegetarian Elite notwithstanding, most people eat meat and support the right to purchase it.

Don't let the Green Shirts muscle you! Demand your flesh and fowl and fish!

On a side note, I love the tactic of losing a vote and then just calling another vote until you get the results you like. No one is making you eat anything, so stop trying to control the rest of us.

We should have the right to fresh, healthy vegetables and fresh, healthy meat. What else is a food market for? According to some, it's a lifestyle issue. Whatever.

Vote Meat!