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AUDIO FILE: War in Iraq: Why Now and at What Cost?

Saturday, December 7, 2002, a Teach-In Conference was held at Shattuck Hall at the PSU campus in Portland Oregon. The event, called "War in Iraq: Why Now and at What Cost?" was sponsored by the PSU Middle East Studies Center, the Peace and Justice Works-Iraq Affinity Group and PSU's Catholic, Lutheran and Episcopal and Covenant 5 Campus Ministries.
This was an all day affair, beginning with a panel discussion in the early afternoon, followed by a series of break out sessions through the day. An incredible amount of information and education was presented, about the past and the present of Iraq, as well as the possible future of the Iraqi people if the United States escalates the war it has been waging since January of 1991.
This report will be composed of at least three audio files from the presentations at both the panel discussion and the later break out sessions. The first audio file features the moderator, John Mandaville, PSU Middle East Studies Center, who, after brief comments, introduces the panel and the specific topics they will be addressing. The first panelist is John Damis, from PSU's Political Science Department, who speaks to the Middle East Context-how war will affect the region. Second, and last in this file, is Jan Abu-Shakrah, from PCC Sylvania, whose topic is the United Nations-how it fits in. File is about 30 minutes in length.
The second file begins with a librarian and activist, Aseel Dyck. She speaks from an Iraqi-American Perspective-how war will affect the people of Iraq. And finally, finishing off the second file, is Cataherine Thomasson of Physicians for Social Responsibility, who presents a slide show of the Environmental/Health Effects of War In Iraq- the consequences of Desert Storm. Also about 30 minues in length.
The third file is taken from the break out session entitled, "Civil Liberties in Wartime." It begins with about a 10 minute talk by Laurie Mercier, of Washington State University, Vancouver, Washington, followed by about 25 minutes from Barbara Dudley, Portland State University professor.

The link provided takes you to a page where these three and other audio files are located.

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