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Changing Lives Around the World

debunking the AIDS myth
As a counter to all the gloom and doom promoted on World AIDS Day, here are
just a few of the many, many messages we receive each day that affirm our
efforts and inspire our continued commitment to the cause.

From Sarah C:

I am so thankful to Alive and Well for helping me end a life lived in fear
and begin a new life filled with nothing but hope and a deep desire to see
the end of AIDS as we know it.

After 13 years of HIV positive diagnosis and normal health, and six years of
HIV meds and near death conditions, I continue to recover, not from AIDS but
from the effects of these medicines. With the help of daily juicing, good
nutrition, and avoiding toxins, I have not been sick a day since I quit more
than a year ago.

I started my own business which keeps me working seven days a week 16 hours
a day
Finding Alive and Well gave me the courage to believe in my recovery in the
face of many who did not. I am delighted to say that they were wrong.

Please keep up the good work!

From A in Italy:

I don't know how to thank you, only our Lord can do it.

I was diagnosed HIV positive in 1990. In 1996, I read an interview with
Peter Duesberg in an Italian newspaper and I decided to stop taking drugs.

Since then Iıve had no problems of health, but every time I see my doctor he
insists I take drugs. It has not been easy for me to face the situation. I
feel alone.

Thank you for helping me make contact with other HIV positive people in
Italy who are not taking the drugs. Now I am not alone.

From Amanda in China:

I have never been tested HIV positive, but as what I practice in other parts
of life, I challenge popular thinking. Through my fair share of reading on
the topic prior to your book, I was not convinced that HIV causes AIDS. I
was delighted when introduced to your book recently by a friend who worked
for an AIDS Clinic in San Francisco. I was half way through the book and
knew what my calling is in life.

I am composing this email to you to implore that I translate your book in
Chinese to present to the magnitude of HIV positive patients in China as an
alternative to conventional view. I am hopeful that your book will soon be a
dinner topic and be a life-saver in every part of China.

If nothing else, I salute your courage and wisdom.


From a clinic in Hong Kong:

We would like to order 30 more copies of the book What If Everything You
Thought You Knew about AIDS Was Wrong? to be sent as soon as possible.

Dr. Yuan gave a talk to 100 people on AIDS last Saturday. He based his talk
on this book and we sold them out immediately. It gave them a new idea what
is AIDS. It is a very successful talk and we expect more people will look
for this book.


From J in Denmark:

I was diagnosed positive three months ago having supposedly been so for four
years. I've been trying to accept the fact that this diagnosis would
probably be my death sentence.

By coincidence I came across your website and it's been a revelation. I'm
having trouble sleeping from feeling so elated and optimistic.

What I find truly scary is that no one I've been in contact with in the
medical system in Denmark has given me any information to suggest that there
are any alternatives to HIV medication. They downplay the side effects and
make them sound like a necessary evil.

I'm intent on reading as much as possible and becoming as informed as
possible so that I can fight the doctors when they start demanding I take
HIV cocktails.

Can I somehow start up a subsidiary organization here? I want to somehow
repay you guys, and most importantly, get the message out to all the people
I know with HIV and AIDS in Denmark.

Nothing can really describe how it feels to first think you're on the verge
of dying and then be given a new start.

Thanks times a million times! You guys rock!

From Monte in Texas in October:

A few years ago, I found and read Peter Deusbergıs writings. Something
finally made sense. After careful study, I told my doctor I prefer not being
on antiviral anything, and asked if he would just treat symptoms. I dropped
$8,000 worth of meds a month--a low estimate. I had a pill for every side

I have been doing public education since early on with our local AIDS
organization, so it took considerable bravery to be the only one agreeing
with Duesberg. People thought I was crazy, buying into conspiracy

I avoided doctors until I ended up in the emergency room with herniated
disks. Because surgery was warranted, a case manager at an AIDS organization
suggested they bring in an infectious disease specialist. Of course, it came
up that Iım not on meds, and I was told to take the meds again. Even though
I refused, the doctor still prescribed it. To everyoneıs dismay, I asked for
a second opinion. In between those two dates, I found your website.

While in the emergency room, I was accused of being suicidal by a doctor who
says not being on meds is a mental illness and that I am choosing to die. It
is currently 4:41 in the morning and I canıt sleep. I am scheduled for a
second opinion at 9:00 a.m. I am the only HIV patient I know that asks for
second opinions.

Iım not sure where to go from here. I was refused spine surgery for being
HIV positive and unmedicated. I have had back pain now for well over seven
months. Now they are re-routing me through pain management, a kind of
dumpster for folks they donıt want to operate on.

I wish you could help suggest what I can do. When I tell my new doctor this
morning at 9:00 a.m. that NO meds are my current treatment option, I will
again be labeled suicidal. My concern that they could somehow bully me into
taking the meds is growing, especially in light of public opinion where the
phrase "chronic but manageable" is tossed around like a balloon at a party.

Are there any therapies that are not toxic? After being practically
destroyed by HIV meds, I want my voice to be heard and my frustrations to be

From Monte last week:

Just an update to let you know Iım alive and well. I have read, I have
learned, and I have found a naturopath to care for my health.

Someone once said, "Keep telling the truth, but do it sooner next time."
With that in mind, I have a story to tell.

On World AIDS Day, I was invited to do a talk. I have done this many times
before, but never quite like this.

The event was held at a major Catholic shrine in our area. I was scared
witless at the content of my speech that although gentle, was like
announcing that God had died. The night before, I decided to make a
statement: I posed your infamous question What If Everything You Thought You
Knew About AIDS Was Wrong? on the front of a white T shirt and put some web
sites on the back. I did the same on business cards I printed on my

The organizer of the event introduced me as having "an alternative view on

To my surprise, my gentle but firm comments were met with supportive
applause. There were also some bewildered looks and some people just tuned
me out. The important thing is, the seed was planted.

More surprisingly, I have since been invited to speak more, and our local
AIDS coalition is dragging me everywhere to talk.

My health is improving, and I am working with my naturopath to heal the
damage done by two years of dangerous therapies that hit hard, hit early
caused, as well as changing my habits that were causing dis-ease.

You inspire me, and I thank you

From Monteıs ³gentle message² for World AIDS Day:

This has been, undoubtedly, the most catastrophic two decades in American
history. I give my heart to anyone who has experienced the loss of loved
ones. I too have lost many irreplaceable spirits that live on in my heart,
and in my daily thoughts. But I would do disservice to those I miss by
pretending that I am at ease with the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, so riddled with
unanswered questions.

I was accused of harboring the retrovirus named HIV on December 30, 1997 and
my life was changed. Caught up in the dogma and in sheer panic, I crusaded
for AIDS. Not once did I ask for proof of anything, I just believed.

My knowledge began to mount as I investigated the science that is the
building blocks for the HIV and AIDS hypothesis. I believe I am alive
because of that quest for knowledge. In order to make informed decisions on
any subject, one must understand opposing opinions. In the beginning I was
unaware that there was disagreement.

Today I am taking a stand, that if I am to dedicate my life to a fight, I
first must recognize the enemy.

I believe that somewhere between two opposing sides, there is truth. Our
world has carried a one sided view of AIDS for way too long.

Today we gather in memory of the ones who have died, and we fight for the
ones still living against the stigma and discrimination of AIDS. Yet to
question this hypothesis brings on more discrimination and stigma. I am now
discriminated against by many people I perceived as friends.

It isn't wrong to question, as a matter of fact, it may prove to save your
life. If there are questions that riddle you, don't be afraid to ask them.

In closing I would like to leave you with a quote from Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle: "Circumstantial evidence is a very tricky thing," answered Holmes,
thoughtfully. "It may seem to point very straight to one thing, but if you
shift your point of view a little, you may find it pointing in an equally
uncompromising manner to something entirely different...There is nothing
more deceptive than an obvious fact.²

AIDS is not over. I leave you with a question that began my road to
enlightenment: What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS, Was

Its time for enlightened answers.

From L in the UK:

Never before have I considered the possibility that HIV doesn't cause AIDS.
I have generally embraced mainstream reporting as factual; however, the
information I have read via Alive & Well has drastically changed my outlook.
Interestingly, your research is better substantiated than anything I have
read in regards to HIV causing AIDS.

I can't wait to read your book. I still have so many questions that need

Thank you for your tenacity in gathering information on this subject, as
well as the strength of your convictions.

From Ana in Portugal:

I feel I must congratulate you on your courage and on the effort to make us
all wonder, question and ultimately use our own minds and make our own

I am at the early stages of investigation on what testing HIV positive
really means and do not understand why MD's insist on preventing a so-called
immune-suppressing virus with immune-suppressing drugs.

Not being a doctor or a scientist makes matters a bit more difficult for me.
However, I feel that only I can decide what is best for me and my family,
and that I can only decide these matters fully if Iım presented with

I would be extremely grateful if you could provide us with a contact in
Portugal, since I feel we are being given such limited information and
almost prevented from questioning the on-going views.

From M in Colorado:

Unfortunately, I took the so-called anti-HIV drugs for almost seven years. I
quit about six weeks ago. The transition was not easy but I am starting to
feel better.

I am very grateful to have found Alive & Well. Your book was such an eye


From T in Miami:

First, a big thanks!

I just found your site from the publication World Without AIDS. I ordered
your book yesterday and am truly excited about reading it.

You have an incredible web site that offers hope and inspiration. I imagine
I am just as shocked as everyone who finds this information for the first

Could you refer me to an MD who is open to my decision to suspend the
cocktail? My meds met their overdue demise in the garbage disposal three
nights ago! I know I could never discuss this with my current, or shall I
say previous doctor.

I would be extremely grateful for your response, as for now, I have no one
to discuss this with.

From a student in Virginia:

I'm a Visual Communications student at Gibbs College and Iım doing a project
on your organization for a class. I really want to make a difference with
this project inside our school.

The reason why I picked your organization is because you inspire. My
favorite uncle in this world has AIDS. You give me a lot of inspiration and
I'm glad that you are Alive & Well.

From students in New York:

We are enrolled in a course called Communication, Ethics and Social Action
at the State University of New York at Bingham. Our professor showed a video
of your meeting with San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. It was the first time
we had ever been exposed to alternative views on HIV and AIDS. The video
made us curious to find out more.

For our final project we decided to promote awareness of these alternative
views through an informational pamphlet. Your help would be greatly

From the University of South Florida:

I am contacting you from the Health Sciences Bookstore to order 90 copies of
What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong? An instructor
here has decided to use the book as part of her course on AIDS.

From a Mom in the Midwest:

I donıt know if you remember me, I havenıt talked to you in a few years. I
found out I was positive just days before my baby was due and was totally
pressured into taking AZT and having a hospital birth. I was also told I
would kill my baby if I chose to breastfeed. You sent me a last minute
packet of information that undoubtedly saved my and my childıs life.

I never took the AZT and I breastfed my son who is almost four now, totally
gorgeous and healthy. Count me as another HIV mama who is living proof that
doctorıs advice isnıt gospel!

All I can say is THANK YOU.

From Greg:

Four months ago I took a routine physical for insurance purposes and agreed
to an HIV test. I thought nothing of it until it came back positive.

I'm 47 and I've never been ill in my adult life. I have been in a steady
relationship for ten years. My partner tests HIV negative.

My doctor and I do not agree on drug therapy. I have no intentions of taking
anything since I feel fine. Everyone I knew that tested positive and started
taking doctor prescribed drugs took a turn for the worse and eventually
died. I've been suspicious of the connection with HIV and AIDS ever since
reading Deadly Deception years ago.

It's early in the game for me now, but I will read websites like this one to
keep my perspective on this issue.


From a False Positive Man:

I was notified by a local clinic that I was HIV positive in early July.
Three weeks later, more extensive tests confirmed I was negative. I felt
ecstatic, yet confused and depressed all at once.

I was unable to work during those weeks. I split up with my partner and
experienced a lot of stress. Had I not been a stable, optimistic person with
a good support network, I cannot imagine how I would have dealt with this,
and am concerned for others in this situation.

I did educate myself during that period and discovered how controversial the
HIV testing procedures really are.

Your site is incredible and absolutely the most useful resource I have come

And a False Positive Woman:

My girlfriend who had tested positive for HIV is now testing negative. Once
again, science and social stigma has wreaked havoc on a person, tormenting
them with thoughts of lifelong isolation and the contemplation of suicide,
only to later learn that the test was wrong. She is now testing completely
negative on all scales despite two strong positives on the ELISA.

Good news for her, but I think the better news is this: she has had the
opportunity to become educated about an area so rife with misinformation so
as to be able to talk to other people about what is really going on.

I'm downright angry about what the government and scientific mainstream have
done! However, I consider myself fortunate to have had my life touched in
the way it has been on this issue and to have learned all that I have.

I have become extremely vocal on the issue since we were first in contact,
and I take every opportunity to begin to educate those around me about the
HIV/AIDS issue. Your book and the video tapes are fascinating.

Thanks again for all your effort and tireless contribution to this cause.
I'll continue to do my small part out.... my single point of light, to coin
an aging term!

From Russia (with love):

I donıt know if you remember me. Iım the person who found out my lover
tested HIV positive during an exam to bring her here from the Ukraine. She
was not permitted to come after testing positive and this turned my world
upside down. I couldnıt be with the woman I love and I didnıt know about our
future, or even if we had one. This is when I found your website and others.

I started to understand more and learned there is hope. For this, I will
always be indebted to you. Thank you so much.

I went back to the Ukraine about three months ago and me and my fiancé were
married there. It was a beautiful wedding. I will never forget it. It was
the best day of my wifeıs life and it made me feel so wonderful that I was
able to give this to her.

Hopefully in about a year, they will let my wife come to live with me. The
more things that prevent us from being together only make our love stronger.

You helped so much to help me view things in a new light. Thank you.


From Jaime in Chile:

Until I read your book, I lived in fear of the day I would be told I needed
to take the AIDS drugs. Thanks to your book, I understand I can choose not
to take the drugs and can live without fear.

In Latin American countries, there is much misinformation, but thanks to
God, this book fell into my hands.

A big hug from Santiago, Chile from your friend for always.


From Richard in Israel:

I just read Christine's book and felt very gratified to have information to
fill in the blanks about what my instincts had been telling me since the
early 1980's. My boyfriend was one of the first people in Israel to be
labeled HIV positive. They number them here and he was #16.

He is healthy and not on any medications but he often makes reference to his
"condition" which is disturbing to me.

Has Christine's book been translated into Hebrew? I'd be interested in any
information in Hebrew regarding an alternative view to HIV and AIDS.

Thank you for having the courage to write your book.


From Vi in Argentina:

I've been HIV positive for the last 15 years. I have not taken any drugs of
any kind and, thanks God, I feel strong and healthy.

When I was first diagnosed back in 1988, I was lucky enough to have a doctor
who didn't ask me to take any drugs as my system was OK, despite the
"presence of the virus.²

In 1998, I underwent a stressful period and I began to feel a little weak.
So I went to the doctor, just in case. My T-cells were low, everything was
wrong. The doctor wanted to prescribe drugs immediately, but I didnıt want
that, so I asked him to give me a couple of months. He did.

I went to the sea, went on a healthy diet (I realized that my diet had been
awful) and began counseling as I was very sad and shocked about the test
results. I came back new and I had my tests again. They were worse.

Now, the doctor definitely wanted me on the drugs. I felt so well that I
could not understand what was going on. I asked my doctor how it could be
possible that my T cell count was so bad while my viral load was only 100!
It had even decreased. Doesn't that mean that my defenses are higher?

I didn't understand. Neither did he. At least, he was frank enough to tell
me that nobody knows anything for sure about AIDS, and that he, as a human
being, understood me and agree with me, but, as a doctor, had the obligation
to prescribe the drugs. I told him that I understood, but it was my life.
And I was sure I was healthy despite the tests.

I never had a test since then. I decided it is psychologically harmful to
me. Four years have passed since then, and I feel just great. Nothing worse
than a cold.


From Indonesia:

I work for a not for profit organization for drug and alcohol recovery and
HIV and AIDS in Bali. We received copies of your book and information
through a visitor to the island.

Your book turned my head around. I am a recovering addict with over 14 years
clean. I was wondering how to give the many addicts here hope diagnosed HIV
and then your book arrived.

I plan to try to find the funding to translate some of the material into
Indonesian. However at the moment we are post the bombing crisis here and
are still picking up the pieces from that. Your book however has given me so
much hope for the future of the many bright and beautiful young recovering
Indonesians here.

From Maya in Spain:

In 1995, I was diagnosed HIV positive. I was devastated when I found out
about the news. Right away I started with HAART. I kept my virus
undetectable and my T cells at 800. My doctor said I was an example to
follow. I never had any problem with the medicines and am a very healthy

After I discover your site, a lot of questions came up to my mind. I
remember when I had that terrible muscle painSand what about when I lost my
visionSand the rashes on my skin?

I am no longer on treatment and only now I realize that I wasn't dyng at
all. My husband and I want to have a baby. I went to see a doctor and she
wants to start with the AZT therapy and I don't.

I just got your amazing book this morning and I read it already. Thank you
very much for sending it to me. I'm so happy to be able to have this

I have no doubts about pregnancy and that is thanks to you and to people
like you. Thank you for everything.


My Exchange with J, a (Formerly) Angry Guy in Canada:

Round One from J:

Misleading whatever unfortunate number of people who stumble upon your
smarmy site undermines years of solid proven progress in HIV effective
diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

While I have no objection to anyone encouraging people to have a healthy
skepticism of publicly available information, you are in no way offering
balance in articles and statements. Your site serves only to undermine
confidence in currently accepted practices.

People love conspiracy theories. But label this crap "for entertainment
purposes only" or practice what you preach. This is how tabloids make their

Unbiased?? Balanced?? Present all sides of a given story rather then just
asking controversial and titillating questions.

Christineıs Reply to Round One:

Dear J,

There are millions of web sites providing views biased to the establishment
assumptions and beliefs about of AIDS that do not mention many important
facts including

- HIV tests are not FDA approved for diagnostic use (I would imagine someone
as intelligent as yourself knows the difference between diagnostic and
prognostic tests)

-Viral Load tests are contraindicated for use in determining the presence of

- The highly touted dug therapies have not been shown in studies published
in the scientific literature to prevent diseases associated with AIDS,
prolong life, or improved clinical health.

If you would like to provide data showing that any HIV test can be used to
actually diagnose HIV infection, or send us published studies from the
scientific literature that show actual clinical benefit from AIDS drug
therapies (be sure the abstract does not present a conclusion not supported
by the data), I will shut down our "smarmy web site."

Round Two, J Replies to Christine:

My objection is not to your bias, to which you are entitled, but rather to
the misrepresentation of your site as balanced and informative.

Encouraging people to question and satisfy themselves that they have looked
at an issue, particularly relating to their health, from all angles is a
laudatory endeavor.

Placing a host of established theories and practices in question without
evidence while leaving them with unfound doubt only places people at risk.

These statements remind me of my mother, after her heart attack, still
insisting that they have still not proven categorically proven that smoking
contributed to the problem.

All I ask is that you do not mislead people with a site disguised as
wellness advice where there is a clear political agenda twisting information
to fit your philosophy.

Christineıs Reply to Round Two:

Dear J,

I sincerely feel that I am providing people with an opportunity that they
deserve to be offered. I am convinced that I am alive and well today because
I was able to make informed choices on how to respond to my own positive
diagnosis. I think everyone has a right to exam all sides of the issue.
Since the other sides are so well represented everywhere you turn, we offer
one place people seeking to understand more can turn for other perspectives,
which by the way, are based on scientific, medical and epidemiological data
culled from respected sources.

If you have specific complaints about content, let me know and I will look
into them. Have you actually read at our site, or did you dismiss us based
on what you think we're about?

Our purpose here is to help people who want to make informed decisions about
their lives and health.

Take care,


Round Three (The Harder They Come, They Harder They Fall):

Dear Ms. Maggiore,

I truly appreciate the time you've taken to reply to my not nearly so
eloquently expressed comments. I did look through your site, but perhaps not
fully enough.

Your comments have prompted me to think about why I reacted as I did to your
site. In fairness, what I did see may have borne the brunt of my growing
frustration at a paucity of probing information offered by any media

I must acknowledge how much work you have put into building and maintaining
the site, and I promise to spend more time, and more open-mindedly view the
content. I apologize if I am in fact guilty of my own accusation.
link to the website 15.Dec.2002 17:54

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

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AIDS: The Good News Is HIV Doesn't Cause It
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Health Action Press

Black Lies, White Lies
Tony Brown
William Morrow and Company

Deadly Deception: the Proof That Sex and Hiv Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS
Robert Willner, MD
Peltec Publishing Company

Infectious AIDS: Have We Been Misled?
Peter Duesberg
North Atlantic Books

Inventing the AIDS Virus
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