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Base Watching Tips

BE AWARE!!! As Andy Lichterman of Western States Legal Foundation has stressed that, "militarization is literally all around us in the form of bases, small and large corporations."

1) first look under google or some other search. I like google. Search under
the particular base and use words like weapons systems, toxics, hazard,
corporations, etc. I also check Federal Register notices, for instance
"Federal Register Vandenberg AFB 2002".

2) look on the bases' web page. Often you can find revealing information in
their base news. Looking up Space and Missile Times, VAFB's newsletter, I
found a newsnote on a problem with live grenades being thrown in base trash
receptacles. I also check their stories of launches, and other info.

3) aersopace or other military corporations reveal alot. Lockheed Martin has
an operation in Vandenberg. I also check www.californiaspaceauthority.org to
see what mischief the milcorps are up to.

4) Universities-Cal Poly and UC Santa Barbara are the two closest
universities to VAFB, and so have programs that connect to the base. Fresno
State has an Edwards AFB engineering program. This is typical.

5) For missile defense always search www.space4peace.org and spend some time
deep searching. Bruce has treasures sometimes a bit hidden in his webpage
because of the sheer volume of info.

6) Also for missile defense and space weaponization, check out

Oregon Military Contractors [that i am aware of]:
International Charter Incorporated (ICI) of Salem Oregon -- ICI of Oregon: Aviation, Logistics, Security -- has a permanent staff of just five employees (they contract additional employees as needed), reported annual sales for 2001 of $8.8 million. The company was incorporated in 1994 by Brian Boquist, a Special Forces lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve who is making his second run for a seat in the U.S. Congress. Boquist is also a former executive of a subsidiary of Evergreen International Aviation.

Evergreen Aviation
Evergreen is a private air freight company based in Oregon that has taken on sensitive missions for the U.S. government.
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hey, maybe pprc or somebody could put some heat on these places

Thanks 15.Dec.2002 17:13

Sean Henderson lohan1@msn.com

Kim, thanks for the excellent article, being aware is the first step.

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