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The Racist Irony of Zionism

Zionists who accuse others--the opponents of the racist ideology of Zionism--of being anti-Semitic are truly being ironic.
Does anyone see the raw *IRONY* of *ZIONIST* Jews accusing others of being anti-Semitic!!!?

Zionism--a *racist* ideology that that pursues an *exclusively* (or *exclusionary*), politically defined state of legalized Jewish-supremacy. (Israeli 'Jim Crow' or Israeli apartheid.)

Zionism--an ideology that claims that European Zionist Jews have a *superior* right to the land in Palestine. This, in order to impose an unwanted racist state on the heads of the indigenous people. It therefore seeks to systematically remove, originally through Zionist terrorism, military force or carefully contrived laws, anyone who is not Jewish. Zionism oppresses an indigenous people who did European Zionists no wrong and who, unlike European Christians, practiced multicultural religious acceptance! (Certain Arab countries expelled some Jews only after Zionists started terrorizing and displacing Palestinian Arabs without Western objection. Zionist terrorists, themselves, often 'expelled' Jews from Arab countries by planting bombs, blamed on Arabs, in Jewish neighborhoods.)

There was no call for such a Jewish-supremacist state from the few indigenous Jews living in Palestine. In fact, the European Zionist Jews *hated*, as inferior, the few indigenous 'swarthy' Middle Eastern Jews in Palestine. By far, most Middle Eastern Jews peacefully lived in Iraq in the early 1900's: some quarter-million.

Zionism--a state where the non-Jewish indigenous people (Muslims, Christians, and others) were/are brutally reduced to worse than second-class citizens, forced into apartheid-style 'bantustans,' massacred, killed, or expelled. And using a 5,000-yr-old militant *Jewish religious fundamentalist* argument that "God" promised Palestine to the Jews, or an ancient Jewish presence 'justification' argument, that is literally worse than medieval!

Zionism--an ideology even rejected by numerous Jewish Holocaust survivors and Jewish Nazi resistance fighters or their surviving families, let alone many other Jews (who are often intimidated or silenced by the economic and physical threats of Zionist Jews).

Zionism--an ideology that even sends death threats to dissenting Jews (hey, is *that* anti-Semitic?) like those to Berkeley, California, Rabbi Michael Lerner—himself 'a liberal Zionist'. (A 'liberal Zionist' is like a 'liberal' pro-apartheid white Afrikaner who merely wants to reduce the worst, most barbaric or unseemly, aspects of oppression).

Zionism--whose many parallels with the practices of Nazism are intellectually and morally inescapable: "It would be my greatest sadness to see Jews do to [Palestinian] Arabs much of what Nazis did to Jews"--Albert Einstein.

How could a people--Jews--who have had their land and homes taken away from them, who have tragically been dispossessed and displaced so often in history, *ever* go take away the land and homes of, or dispossess and mass displace, another people? The irony and tragedy is Shakespearean.

To say that those who oppose the *RACIST* ideology of Zionism--and our country's *huge* funding of it--are anti-Semitic(!) is indeed *IRONIC*--and an old, standard, smear tactic: it's wearing thin.

As Gandhi said about the Zionist treatment of Arabs in Palestine: "What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct."
looking for suggestions 15.Dec.2002 12:59

to bring about change

there are many of us who see both the irony and the extreme dangers of zionism
the question is..how to stop it
our hands appeared to be tied by our government
who insists on aiding and abetting this form of racism
and terrorism
billions upon billions of taxpayer monies are heaped
into the israeli "genocide to palestinians" war chest
israeli owned companies and products should be identified
and boycotted..but our government probably has a law against that too with stiff penalties
many israelis themselves including some soldiers have been and continue to speak up against the atrocities
someone recently asked about the right/wrong of palestinian suicide attacks - and they said they could "understand" their "desparation" but.....
I myself am not giving my viewpoint regarding them, one way or another, however, I do not believe that any of us here in America can "understand" desparation. One may be able to sympathize with the desparation, but not understand it until they actually have to live it.
I'd love to hear some effective suggestions for what we can do here to end this.

There are many Jewish organisations for peace 15.Dec.2002 13:34

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

To help, visit the website below, which is a guide to over a hundred different organisations of Jews who are against the genocidal apartheid government in Israel. There are descriptions and links to Jewish political, religious, and peace groups. These groups all have different strategies for ending the ethnic cleansing of Arabs (which has led to real anti-Jewish sentiments/actions amongst Palestinians). Just reading the descriptions of each organisation will give you a variety of choices as to how to approach the problem.

The best thing to do is to hurt them where it hurts the most; the pocketbook. Boycott Israeli goods. It worked against S. African apartheid, so it stands a chance against Israeli apartheid too. Yes, with the new laws, boycotts are illegal, believe it or not, but as MLK Jr said, unjust laws must be broken openly and with love.

Do not support US politicians who endorse the government of Israel and aid it financially. $15 MILLION DAILY for the past 50 years is too much, especially when over 60 percent of it is spent on armaments with which to reduce the palestinians to corpses.