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Progressive Secretary Needs Help!

Progressive Secretary is a great organization trying to level the playing field between corporate greedheads and regular people. Jim Harris, founder of Progressive Secretary, struggles to maintain this free service to empower people to fight against injustices by contacting politicians and powerbrokers to urge them to do what's right. They need our help!
Progressive Secretary Needs Help!
Progressive Secretary Needs Help!
Progressive Secretary Needs Help!
Progressive Secretary needs help!

In 1998, after I was disabled from leukemia and living on a very limited income, I began Progressive Secretary with my own funds, because I believed deeply that more letters from progressives are needed in the struggle for peace and justice.

I continue to finance it myself, aided by generous contributions sent in by people like you. In the beginning Progressive Secretary required only a home computer, software for letter writing and databases, and my limited computer programming skills.

But today, with more than 6,000 members and an annual output of more than 200 letters, a volunteer staff of over 150, our costs are esculating. We need several computers, multiple internet connections, software, space, and a variety of other expences including staff and office expences.

I've retained a computer programming firm to help us send letters to your congress person's web site. Their November bill is $3,400, and I'm behind in paying it.

Future Congress people will undoubtedly use sophisticated technology to detect computer generated letters, and I hope to raise enough funds to keep our technology up date, and to make Progressive Secretary even easier to use.

In order to grow, we must get the word out, and that too costs money.

Your contributions can keep Progressive Secretary technology up to date and help get the word out.

We welcome your help!

Checks should be sent to:
Jim Harris
9153 Rundelay Way
Sacramento CA 95826

Who are these people?

They are all unpaid volunteers who see Progressive Secretary (PS) as a way for citizens to speak out on issues that concern them

Jim Harris, founder and sole operator till mid-1999, describes himself as a sixties activist and a Quaker. After treatment for leukemia left him partially disabled, he decided to devote himself to progressive service, his long time calling, by using his computer skills and his knowledge of activism.

PS was financed initially by Jim alone, because he used his own limited funds to purchase the computer and software upon which PS's work is based. PS gladly accepts contributions to help pay for equipment and the constant upgrades we need as we grow. But PS is free, and contributions are not required of anyone.

Jim is a progressive who believes in the right of citizens in a democracy to speak their minds and to strive for the removal of injustice. He is deeply committed to economic justice, humane treatment of prisoners, preservation of the environment, peace, civil rights, and a sane and just world.

Jim maintains overall coordination of PS, but concentrates increasingly on technical operations since being joined by Pat Murphy.

Pat Murphy, who coordinates letters, is a long time activist, educator, and writer who has done volunteer work for the American Friends Service Committee, the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice, and many other causes. He is an experienced administrator and writer. He retired in 1991 as Five College Professor of African Studies, based at Smith College, Northampton, MA. Pat is also a Quaker, and an avid sailor until degenerative mobility problems forced him to spend most of his time at the computer. He enthusiastically shares Jim's progressive beliefs and values.

Pat evaluates letter proposals, puts them into the PS letter-writing program, works with Jim to find writers, editors, verifiers, and proofreaders, then puts each letter into final form for Jim to send out. When he has time, Pat writes or edits most PS letters as well.

Jim and Pat depend upon literally scores of volunteers to accomplish the work of PS. Volunteers proofread every letter that goes out, verify the facts letters are based on, sometimes draft and edit letters, help other participants with problems, undertake internet research. Many volunteers send in contributions, too, which help to defray the modest costs of running PS.

All volunteers are also PS participants, as are Jim and Pat, who came to PS because it is a good way to speak out for peace, justice, and a better life for all.

Current Letters...
America needs hate crime legislation
Ashcroft Out of libraries!
Bush ask Israel to withdraw from Palestine
Bush remove Kirsanow from Civil Rights Commission
Bush return WorldCom contribution
Congress don't Amend Disabilities Act
Congress help farmers help the environment
Congress liberate homebound care victims
Congress limit military aid to Indonesia
Congress oppose TIPS!
Congress protect public on energy!
Congress stop abuse of SOA prisoners
Congress stop Star Wars madness
Congress stop U.S. involvement in Colombia
Congress support immigrant student rights
Congress tax profits of offshore companies
Control nukes in Defense Authorization Bill
Do Not Glorify Cruel Iditarod Dog Race
Don't endanger women's health
Don't privatize water supplies!
Don't weaken Clean Air rules
Don't weaken Endangered Species Act
End The Stalemate Over The State Budget
EPA protect childrens' health
Establish National Museum of African-American History
Global warming: let's do something!
Governor Bush: No more executions!
Guatemala Protect Human Rights Group
Guatemalan death squads in USA
Hold Bush and Cheney accountable
International Intervention in Palestine Now!
Keep churches out of politics
Keep Federal Judiciary Impartial
Legal rights for immigrant children
Make Homeland Security accountable
Mike Savage program too provocative
More aid for Afghanistan
No "abayas" for U.S. servicewomen!
No Oil Exploration in Bridger-Teton
Oppose bankruptcy bill!
Opposing the death penalty for the mentally retarded
Powell stay out of Exxon-Mobil suit
President support Palestinian state
Prosecute Philadelphia Police for Beating
Protect Alaska's great forests
Provide Peltier medical attention
Reduce Florida classroom size
Report training of foreign militaries
Senate ease Cuban restrictions
Senate ratify CEDAW
Senate Support Refugee Protection Act
Stop conflict diamonds trade
Stop Cuba embargo!
Stop killing civilians in Afghanistan
Stop Retrograde Cuba Travel and Commerce Deal
Support Chemical Security Act
Support McCain-Feingold Ban On Soft Money
Support Modern Art Museum Staff
Support the Innocence Protection Act
Sustaining Access To Vital Emergency Services
Thank You For Supporting Gay Rights
Time magazine harsh on environmentalists
U.S. fund UN aid for Palestinians
USF retain Al-Arian
We Need a Federal Moratorium on Executions
White House save us from GE foods

Older Letters...
2002 Budget Priorities
ABC report criticism of U.S. human rights
Afghanistan fund women's ministry
Aid Afghani Women Refugees
Allow Africa To Import Affordable AIDS Drugs
Ashcroft Drop Case Against Palestinians
Ashcroft rescind eavesdropping regulation
Ashcroft respect Oregon death-with-dignity law
Ashcroft safeguard civil rights enforcement
Bad energy bill, bad corporate handouts
Ban nuclear weapons in space
Bond for Dr. Kevorkian
Brazil don't build Xingu dam
Bush "faith-based" initiative is wrong
Bush ask Peru to free Lori Berenson
Bush change "drug ad" policies
Bush come clean on Enron
Bush Cuba policy is wrong
Bush don't undermine International Court
Bush end landmine terror
Bush make polluters pay for cleanup
Bush save Clean Water Act
Bush support global tobacco treaty
California pay women equal wages
California promote good relations with Cuba
Clemency for Leonard Peltier
CNN present your war news honestly
Congress amend inadequate Ney-Hoyer bill
Congress Ban Burma "Forced Labor" Imports
Congress control military budget!
Congress deny Bush extra funds
Congress facilitate generic drug access
Congress fund RECA
Congress Must Recycle, Too!
Congress Pass Bipartisan Voting Bill
Congress pass CARE act
Congress pass clean elections law
Congress pass Cuba bridges act
Congress pass hate crimes bill now
Congress Pass Tibet Policy Act of 2001
Congress question Bush military tribunals
Congress Regulate Foreign Military Training
Congress respond with restraint
Congress set better budget priorities
Congress Support Department of Peace
Congress support family reunification act
Continue support for drug policy reform
Contraception for rape victims
Contraceptive Equity for Federal Employees
Cut Ties With Indonesian Military
DEA Don't Ban Hemp Products
Declare Moratorium on Federal Executions
Defeat the ADA Notification Act
Defeat Unfair "Rent-to-Own" Bill
Do Not Censor the Internet at Schools and Libraries
Don't Fund Yangtse Dam
Don't leave International Criminal Court
Don't Overdo Government Secrecy
Don't Renew Price-Anderson
Don't stop aid to Palestine
Don't withdraw from ABM Treaty
Enact Death Penalty Moratorium Act
End Global Family Planning Gag Rule
End Racial Profiling in California
Environmental incentives for farmers
EPA ban toxic Fenthion
EPA ban toxic waste in fertilizers
EPA Deny Starlink Corn as Human Food
EPA keep ombudsman office
EPA Keep Water Free of Arsenic
EPA Label CO2 A Toxic Pollutant
EPA protect us from Atrazine
EPA regulate polluting recreational vehicles
EPA strengthen recreational emission standards
Establish National Affordable Housing Trust Fund
Exxon wrong on global warming
Free Five Cuban Political Prisoners!
Freeze Jewish Defense League assets
Fund conservation in farm bill
Fund EPA Endocrine Disruptor Studies
Get U.S. out of Colombia's Civil War
Gov. Davis, Extend Health Care Insurance to Parents
Governor Davis sign HIV/AIDS bill
Help all victims of terrorist attack
Help Reform the Army Corps of Engineers
House pass "Clean Diamonds" bill
House Pass Shays-Meehan Campaign Finance Bill
House review Peltier case
House Support Campaign Finance Reform
IMF too harsh on Nicaragua
Impede terrorist gun acquisitions
Israel end Palestine occupation
Israel stop compartmentalizing Palestine
Israel stop demolishing Palestinian houses
Japan Don't Ship Nuclear Waste
Jeb Bush Don't Discourage Vote Investigation
Justice Prosecute Florida Election Officials
Keep Church and State Separate
Keep clean air act strong
Keep Manatees protected
Keep tuna dolphin-safe
Know the chemicals we are exposed to
Kraft stop using genetically modified foods
Leave local police out of immigration
Lift ban on Cuba travel now
Maintain international family planning
National Monuments Fairness Act of 2001 is not Fair
New energy policy is essential
No Bailout for California Energy Suppliers
No bonuses for Enron executives!
No church contributions to politicians
No Destructive Roads In Alaska Wilderness
No Human Rights Waiver for the Colombian Army
No military aid for Guatemala
No military aid for Indonesia
No more meddling in Colombia!
No nuclear waste in consumer goods
No nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain
NO Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
No Vouchers for Religious Schools
Now is The Time to Develop Alternative Energy Sources
NPR Disavow Linda Gradstein
NPR report facts on Israel-Palestine conflict
Oppose BOP Phone and Visitation Changes
Pacifica Board's Conflict of Interest
Paramount Please Drop Doctor Laura
Pass California Three Strikes Review
Pass Registered Nurses & Patients Protection Act
Pass the Family Opportunity Act
President Protect Animal Welfare Act
Prosecute East Timor Atrocities
Prosecute terrorist group "Army of God"
Protect Afghanistan prisoners
Protect rights of citizens and immigrants
Protect Stones River National Battlefield
Protect student eligibility for aid
Protect Yellowstone bison
Pundits restrain yourselves
Ratify Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Covenant
Reduce nuclear weapons!
Regulate antibiotics in animal feed
Reject Brame for NLRB Chair
Reject Calif. Utilities' Call for Rate Increase
Release family aid funds
Respect air conditioner standards
Respect civil rights principles
Restore Clean Air to Our National Parks
Restore the Everglades
Restrain Runaway Military Spending
Selective Service should not be funded with money from FEMA and EPA
Senate defeat "Economic Stimulus" bill
Senate defeat inhumane chick shipment bill
Senate Don't Allow Drilling in Arctic
Senate don't let Bush cancel ABM treaty
Senate oppose anti-choice nominees
Senate oppose Brooks judicial nomination
Senate oppose Laura Camp judgeship
Senate oppose promotion of D. Brooks Smith
Senate pass good energy bill
Senate protect National Park bison
Senate reject compromise faith-based bill
Senate reject nuclear funds
Senate reject Rebecca Watson
Senate resist Bush on Arctic Wildlife Refuge
Senate say "No" to Otto Reich
Senate Stop Kuhl Judicial Appointment
Senate support CEDAW
Senate terrorism bill goes too far
Shed Occidental Petroleum stock, protect U'wa
Sign the Land Mines Treaty Now
SOA: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?
Special ENRON prosecutor
Stop coal mine mountaintop pollution
Stop Deportation of U.S. Nurse
Stop Exploitation of Roadless Areas
Stop Israel Violence
Stop Japanese Whaling Now
Stop McReynolds appointment
Stop Navy's LFA Sonar
Stop Pesticide Spraying in Colombia!
Stop Price-Anderson reauthorization
Stop Star Wars 2001
Stop the draft bill!
Stop The Globalization of Tobacco
Stop U.S. Military Aid to Israel
Stop whaling now!
Support Easing of Cuba Restrictions in 2001
Support Election Reform Study Commission
Support emergency contraception bill
Support Japanese-American internment memorial
Support Jubilee Debt Reduction
Support Micro-lending bill
Support Permanent Partners Immigration
Support School Environment Protection Act
Support Stem Cell Research
Support the Clean Energy Act
Support the School Environment Protection Act
Support World Conference on Racism
Take Nuclear Weapons Off Hair-Trigger Alert
Tax breaks for the rich
Tell Bush No "usable" nuclear weapons!
Thanks, EPA, for your arsenic ruling
The Drug War Lost: We Need a New Approach
The Iraqi People Need Clean Water
Time to Close WHISC/SOA!
Trade Bills We Can Support !
U.S. demand peace in Mideast
U.S. sign land mine treaty
U.S. Stop Aiding Colombia Human Rights Violators
Urgent aid for Jenin victims
Use compassion in welfare reform
Use international diplomacy, not violence
Victims' rights don't need amendment
Washington Exercise Reason in Responding
We need the International Criminal Court
Yucca Mountain plan must stop!

Retired Letters...
(2/21/2000) - Support the Innocence Protection Act
A Threat To Canadian Democracy
Access to New Medical Treatments
Agriculture Department Settle With Black Farmers
Alaska Hunting Wolves from Aircraft
Allow Americans to Travel to Cuba!
Allow Buffalo to Graze on Horse Butte
America Must Promote Nuclear Peace!
Assembly Bill 212 California C.A.R.E.S.
Attempt to Nullify Oregon Right to Die Law
Bad prison health care costs taxpayers millions!
Ban Employment Discrimination
Ban Land Mines 2001
Be Honest About America's Energy Needs
Boise Cascade Stop Logging Old Growth Forests
Bombing Does Not Work
Bring the UN to Serbia
Bush Reject DeLay Fund Raising Scheme
Bush Tax Plan is Wrong
Bush Uphold Roadless Areas Regulations
Call A Moratorium On Death Penalty
Canada Act on Sudan and Talisman Oil Company
Canada Do Not Expropriate Nanoose Bay
Canada Embargo Indonesia
Canada: Work on Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Cancel the Ballistics Missile Defense System
Captive Elephant Protection: HR 2929
Care for the Homeless
Cease Bombing of Vieques
Cesar Chavez Holiday
Change Cuba Policies Now
Change Florida Death Penalty Policies
Change Foreign Operations Appropriation Bill
Change Latin American Drug Policy
Change Refugee Provisions
Change the U.S. Position on Global Warming
Children's Defense Fund
Clean Up the Hudson River
Clinton Ban Burma Imports
Clinton Free Leonard Peltier
Clinton Not Agree to Abortion Rider in UN Funds
Clinton Reverse Kyoto Position
Clinton Veto Unfair Bankruptcy Reform Act
Close Israel's Hostage Camp
Close School of the Americas in 2001
Close SOA this year!
Close the School of the Americas
Close the SOA in 2000
CNN and Military Intelligence Involvement
Co-Sponsor DeFazio Resolution on Mexico Observers
Code of Conduct for Arms Sales
Condolences to Baptist Church
Congress Amend Higher Education Act
Congress and FDA Act on Chemical Companies
Congress Continue Funding Family Planning
Congress DC Appropriations
Congress Defeat Mini-Nukes Bill
Congress Defeat Partisan Zimbabwe Bill
Congress Demand Peru Free Lori Berenson
Congress Don't Withhold RU-486
Congress Endorse the Worker Rights Consortium
Congress Investigate Carnivore/Echelon
Congress Investigate Teen Discipline Camps
Congress Oppose FTAA
Congress Pass Bridges to Cuban People Act
Congress Pass Conservation Security Act
Congress Pass Employment Non-Discrimination Act
Congress Pass Hunger Relief Act
Congress Pass Hunger Relief Tax Act
Congress Pass MediKids Health Insurance Act
Congress Pass Patients' Bill of Rights
Congress Pass Racial Profiling Law
Congress Pass Social Services Block Grant
Congress Please Fund Debt Forgiveness
Congress Please Pass "Carat" Act
Congress Please Stop FBI's "Carnivore"
Congress Prohibit Cruel "Veal Crates"
Congress Prohibit Genetic Discrimination
Congress Prohibit Logging National Forests
Congress Prohibit Secret Evidence
Congress Promote Corporate Responsibility
Congress Protect Religious Freedoms
Congress Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act
Congress stop Ocklawaha bill
Congress support strong election reform
CPD Apologize to Ralph Nader
Cruise Missile Humanitarians
Cut The Military Budget for 2000
De-alert Nuclear Missiles
De-alert nuclear warheads now
DEA Return Sioux Hemp Material
Debt Relief for the Poorest Countries
Defeat Bob Jones Protection Act
Defeat Bush "Charitable Choice" Provision
Defeat Guestworker Bills in Congress
Defeat Yucca Mountain Nuclear Disposal Plan
Defend the Rights of People with Disabilities
Demand Nike pay living wage
Democratic Rights for workers at Han in Mexico
Democrats, Filibuster to Block Ashcroft Nomination
Denial Of Financial Aid Is Racial Discrimination
Designate New National Monuments
Dialog with North Korea
Do Not Build an Everglades National Park Airport
Do Not Build Chad-Cameroon Pipeline
Do Not Burn or Transport MOX fuel
Do Not Forcibly Evict Peaceful Vieques Protesters
Do NOT increase the military budget.
Do Not Move American Embassy to Jerusalem
Do Not Send Pinochet Back to Chile
Don't Blame Only the Palestinians for the Violence
Don't Cut Childrens' Health Insurance Program
Don't cut HUD
Don't Cut TANF Funds
Don't Demolish Palestinian Homes
Don't Dispossess Colombia's U'wa People
Don't Endanger Mojave Desert Areas
Don't Expand the Death Penalty
Don't Hide the Insurance Scandal
Don't Let Religious Right Seize Public Radio
Don't Militarize Colombia in U.S. War on Drugs
Don't Pollute Joshua Tree National Park
Don't Renew Ocala Bombing Range
Don't waive human rights conditions in Colombia
Don't Weaken Clean Water Act
Don't Weaken Dietary Supplement Protections
Driving and the Draft are Separate
East Timor Assistance
East Timor Self-Determination Act
El Salvador Sweatshops
Eliminate Persistent Organic Pollutants
End Dog Torture at Peruvian Military Training Camps!
End Iraq Sanctions 2001
End Paramilitary Violence in Chiapas
End Public Radio Staff Lockout
End Sexual Harassment in Colleges
End Suffering, End Sanctions Against Iraq
End the Cuban Embargo
EPA Ban Diazanon
EPA Change Pesticide Container Labels
EPA Don't Approve Bacillus thuringiensis Crops
EPA Hold Firm on Starlink Corn
EPA Make GE Clean Up Hudson River
EPA Protect Kids From Toxic Pesticides
EPA Reduce Mercury Emissions
Establish St. Augustine Sister City Ties
Establish Tortugas Ecological Reserve
Expand Earned Income Tax Credit
Expedite Clemency for Leonard Peltier
Export-Import Loan to Africa is Immoral
Exxon leave Robert Watson alone!
Exxon-Mobil Don't Drill Candamo Valley
Farmers and Ranchers Fair Competition Act
FDA Don't Use "Fresh" on Irradiated Foods
FDA Regulate Use of Antibiotics in Farm Animals
FDA Require Genetically Engineered Food Labeling
Federal Elections Commission Has Failed
Flag Desecration Amendment Unnecessary
Florida Manatees Need Help
Florida Order New Vote in Palm Beach County
Foreign Assistance Appropriations Must Go Up
Free Lori Berenson
Free Lori Berenson Now
Free Puerto Rican Political Prsoners
Free the District of Columbia!
Freedom of Choice in Dying
Fuel Efficient Cars Now!
Fund and Implement the Indian Tribal Justice Act
Fund Child Development Block Grant
Fund Debt Relief for Poorest Nations
Funds for Census Sampling
FY 2000 Supplemental Appropriations
Glickman Stop Inhumane Animal Slaughtering
Gore Don't Concede!
Gore Prevent U'Wa Tragedy
Gov. Davis, Sign Inmate Phone Call Bill
Government Prohibit Public Aid to Boy Scouts
Governor Bush Spare Gary Graham's Life
Governor Keating Stop Oklahoma Executions
Governors Improve Annex 2001
Granny D's Pledge for Campaign Reform
Grant an Evidentiary Hearing for Mumia
Grant Clemency to Antonio Richardson
Guanajuato Keep Pressure On Congeladora
Guatemala Protect Roca Mendoza Family
Guestworker Legislation Hurts Farmworkers
Halt U.S. "Manifest Destiny" in Space
Hate Crime Legislation
Hayden New Bill for Inmate Phone Calls
Health Care for Immigrant Women and Children
Helms's United Nations Speech Was Wrong
Help Farmers Help the Environment
Hold Ashcroft Responsible for Ethics Violation
House Pass Hate Crimes Legislation
Iditarod Races Are Cruel for Dogs
Implement Guatemalan Peace Accord
Include Nader and Buchanan in the Presidential Debates
Insure Children with Severe Mental Illnesses
International Trafficking Bills
Invest in Child Care and Early Education
Investigate FBI Handling of Peltier Case
Investigate Rosemary Nelson's Murder
Irradiated Beef in Schools is Dangerous
Israel Cease Harsh Retaliations
Israeli Bypass Roads Threaten Peace
Issue Regulations on Genetically Engineered Foods
It is time to come clean about Kosovo
Jeb Bush Reduce Telephone Rates for Prisoners
Justice Investigate Bush and Gore
Juvenile Crime Bill
Keep Cassini Rocket Away from Earth
Keep the Public in Public Broadcasting
Keep Your Promise About Global Warming
Label Genetically Engineered Foods
Law Enforcement Trust and Integrity Act
Leave Hard Rock Mining Rules in Place
Let Disabled People Have Home Care!
Letter to President to Lift Iraq Sanctions
Liberalize Hemp Policies
Lift Sanctions Against Yugoslavia
Limit Arms Sales
Limit Three Strikes to Violent or Serious Crimes
Lose Your License For Non-Driving Substance Abuse
Make Power Plants Cleaner
Make Prescription Drugs Affordable
Managed Care Insurance
Media Investigate Florida Votes
Men's Health Magazine, End Sexist Distortions
Mexican workers at Congeladora
Mexico Free Convicted Environmentalists
Military Aid To Colombia
Mississippi Reduce Prison Collect Calls
Modify California's "Three Strikes" Law.
Moratorium on Executions
More Harm than Good
Mumia Abu Jamal Needs Medical Attention
Mumia is a Great Choice for Speaker
Murder of Amadou Diallo
National and Theater Missile Defense
National Health Program in 2001!
National Missile Defense Test Fails: Now Stop
Navy LFAS Program Harms Whales and Dolphins
New Call to de-alert nuclear missiles
New Hampshire, Abolish the Death Penalty
New Legislation to close the School of the Americas
No "Fast Track" Power for Bush
No Airport at Homestead, Florida
No Fast Track Tricks
No Funds for Star Wars
No Government in Our Bank Accounts!
No More Nuclear Power
No Nuclear Power for Space Missions
No Oil Drilling in Offshore Arctic
No Snowmobiles in Yellowstone
No Star Wars!
No To Flag Desecration Amendment
No to Internet Censorship
No to Violent Juvenile Offender Act
Normalize Trade Relations with China
Norton Protect Civil Rights of Staff
Norton Safeguard National Monuments
Norton Sign Tortugas Management Plan
Olympic Games Require Clean Air
Open Debates to Third Party Candidates!
Oppose "Armageddon Nominee" Bolton
Oppose "Charitable Choice" Amendment
Oppose "Public Expression of Religion" Act
Oppose Anti-Palestine Bill
Oppose Bracero Program
Oppose Bush Medicare Plan
Oppose Cheney Energy Plan
Oppose Child Custody Protection Act
Oppose Death Penalty for Youth
Oppose Donald Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary
Oppose Expansion of WTO
Oppose Federal Pay Raises
Oppose Flag Desecration Amendment
Oppose Funding the F-22 Fighter
Oppose Gale Norton Interior Appointment
Oppose H.R. 2987 Because It Authorizes Secret Searches
Oppose Hatch/Feinstein Amendment
Oppose Impeachment
Oppose Istook Amendment, HJ Res 66
Oppose Juvenile Justice Bill
Oppose Liberalization at WTO Seattle Meeting
Oppose Spencer Abraham Energy Appointment
Oppose Supplemental Military Spending Requests
Oppose the Anti-amphetamine Act
Oppose the Death Penalty, Spare Mumia Abu-Jamal
Oppose The Nomination Of John Negroponte
Oppose the Yazoo Pump Project
Oppose Unborn Victims of Violence Act
Oppose Unborn Victims of Violence Act 2001
Oppose Wade Horn Nomination
Otto Reich is Wrong for Appointment
Pacifica Management is Unfair to Staff
Pacifica Radio, Don't Harass Program Staff
Pain Relief Promotion Act is a Pain
Pakistan Women Honor Killings
Pardon the 15 Puerto Rican Political Prisoners
Pass African-American Reparations Study Bill
Pass Clinic Violence-Perpetrators Amendment
Pass Florida Keys Water Quality Improvement Act
Pass Hate Crimes Legislation Now!
Pass Managed Care Improvement Act HR2723
Pass Minimum Wage Bill
Pass New Peace Tax Fund Bill
Pass Nutritional Assistance Act (S. 583)
Pass Peace Tax Fund Bill
Pass Permanent Partner Immigration Act
Pass Vermont Civil Union Bill
Patients Bill of Rights
Patients' Rights
Pay the United Nations Dues
Pay US Arrears to UN Now
PBS Is Becoming Too Commercial
PBS Unfair to Candidates
Persecution of Women in Afghanistan
Phase Out Snowmobiles In National Parks!
Please Free Leonard Peltier
Please Fund Human Needs
Please Stop Supporting Sweatshops!
Pork-Barrel Projects In The Military
Postpone Death Warrant for Mumia
Preserve Language of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Act
President Clinton, Act to Free Lori Berenson
President Clinton, Protect All Roadless Areas
President Clinton: Commute Howard Mechanic's sentence
President Commute Federal Death Sentences
President Curb McCaffery
President Designate Arctic Wildlife Refuge
President Designate New National Monuments
President Don't Resume Federal Executions
President listen to WTO protests
President Order Medical Care to Rape Victims
President Order Moratorium on Federal Executions
President Pardon Howard Mechanic
President Please Heed Jubilee Clemency Appeal
President Please Release Peltier
President Please Veto Yucca Mountain Bill
President Prevent Expansion of Whale Killing
President Provide Nuclear Leadership
President Support Diesel Toxins Rule
President Veto Unfair Financial Modernization Act
Prison Phone Scam
Promote Campaign Finance Reform
Promote Peace in Chechnya
Promote Sound Forests Protection at Kyoto
Protect Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Protect Arctic Wildlife Refuge
Protect Canada's National Medical System
Protect Children from Pesticides in Schools
Protect Executive Clemency Power
Protect Freedom of Expression at World Economic Forum
Protect Genetic Privacy
Protect Golden Trout Wilderness
Protect Low-Power Radio
Protect Medical Record's Privacy
Protect National Forest Roadless Areas
Protect Our Children
Protect Our Water from Monsanto
Protect Patients' Privacy
Protect Public Lands from Development
Protect Public Radio
Protect the Right to Vote
Protect Undersea Atlantic Coastal Lands
Protect Wild Forests
Protect Workers' Rights
Protest USAID Chief's Racist Statements
Ratify Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Reduce Diesel Exhausts!
Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Reduce Military Spending!
Regulatory 'Improvement' Puts People and the Environment at Risk
Reject AOL-Time Warner Merger
Reject Barton Electric Bill
Relieve Civilian Suffering in Iraq
Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill
Renew and reform TANF
Renew California's Auto Emissions Program
Reno Grant Asylum to Battered Immigrants
Reno Investigate Florida Vote Charges
Reno Protect Colombian Refugees
Repatriate Elian Gonzalez
Repeal Mandatory Drug Sentences
Repeal Secret Evidence
Republicans, Respect the Census!
Rescind Endangered Species Moratorium
Respect Women's Right to Choose
Restore Funds for UN Development Program
Review Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Right to Organize
Right to Vote
Rome Statute Can Protect Afghanistan Women
Save Old-growth Trees in National Forests
Save Our Wild Forests!
Save Pacifica Free Speech Radio
Save the Arts
Save the Humanities
Save the Northwest Salmon
Scrap Ballistic Missile Defense
Seattle Ensure Peaceful Demonstrations Nov. 30
Seattle Release WTO Detainees And Apologize
Senate Change Pain Relief Act
Senate Confirm Judicial Nominees
Senate Defeat Clean Air Gag Rule
Senate Don't Block Online Free Speech
Senate Lift Cuban Restrictions
Senate Oppose Military Recruitment in Schools
Senate pass "No Fear" bill
Senate Pass Forfeiture Reform
Senate Pass Prison Deaths Bill
Senate Pass Property Forfeiture Reform
Senate Reject Ashcroft Nomination
Senate Reject Flag Desecration Amendment
Senate Support Genetically Engineered Food Bill
Senator Gregg's Bill Threatens Privacy
Send Elian Home and Veto Citizenship Bill
Send Elian Home Now
Showdown on Campaign Finance Reform
Sign Child Soldiers Convention
Sign the Land Mine Ban Treaty Now
Sign Womens Convention
Simon and Schuster Cancel "Panty Raiders"
Sister Helen Prejean for Nobel Prize
Slow Down on Food Irradiation!
Spare Mumia's Life
Speak Out for Mexico-Chiapas Settlement
Sri Lanka Rape and Murder
Starbucks Ban Genetically Modified Foods
Stop Bombing Iraq
Stop Bombing Ocala National Forest
Stop Bombing Vieques
Stop Bombing Vieques!
Stop Cockfighting!
Stop Developing New Land Mines!
Stop Eviction of Dine'h at Black Mesa
Stop Forcing Money on the Military
Stop Helicopter Sales to Israel
Stop Herbicide Use in Colombia's "War on Drugs"
Stop IRS Restrictions on Non-Profits' Lobbying
Stop Japanese Whaling
Stop Navy Bombing at Salinan Territory
Stop Nuclear Power: Defeat Price-Anderson
Stop Oil Drilling in Pakistan Parks
Stop Prison Abuse
Stop Racially Motivated Traffic Stops
Stop the Arms Race in Space
Stop the Bombing
Stop the Bombing of Iraq
Stop The Buffalo Slaughter
Stop the Legal Torture of American Prisoners
Stop the Violence in East Timor Now
Stop Trafficking in Women and Children
Stop Unilever Dumping Mercury in India
Strengthen Wilderness Policies
Support AB 1856, Oppose Sexual Harassment
Support Agricultural Exemptions to Embargoes
Support Bankruptcy Bill Amendments
Support Block Grants for Child Care
Support Campaign Finance Reform 2001
Support Campaign Finance Reform in 2001
Support Child Care Funding
Support Child Soldier Convention
Support Child Tax Credit Refundability
Support Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act
Support Fair Pay Act
Support Feingold Bill to Abolish Federal Death Penalty
Support Fort Liggett Hunter Park
Support H.R. 453: Pet Safety and Protection Act
Support Hate Crimes Prevention Act
Support Hope for Africa, not NAFTA
Support Human Rights Information Act
Support Income Equity Act
Support Innocence Protection Act of 2001
Support Jesse Jackson, Jr. Debates Bill
Support Massachusetts Burma Law
Support Mexican Nike Workers
Support Mexican Workers
Support New Voting Reform
Support Paycheck Fairness Act
Support Renewable Wind Energy
Support Secret Evidence Repeal Act of 2001
Support Tax Break for Supplements
Support the Food Stamp Program
Support the International Criminal Court
Support the National Forest Protection and Restoration Act
Sustain Cuts in SOA Funds
Taliban Stop Degradation of Afghani Women
Terminator Seed Will Harm Farmers
Thank You for Vetoing the DC Appropriations Bill.
Thank you Governor Ryan
Thank you, Frito-Lay
Thank You, Governor, For No Death Penalty
Thank You, Janet Reno
Thank you, Lt. Gov. Townsend!
Thank you, Senator Boxer for S 2080
Thank you, Vermont!
Thanks for the Ocklawaha Decision
Thanks to Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Nancy Pelosi
The Media Does NOT Confer Legitimacy
The Skyy Vodka Ad is Degrading to Women
Time to Ban Land Mines
Today Show and Iditarod Sled Dogs
Two Congressional Resolutions on Serbia
U.S. Needs To Import Lower Cost Medicines
UN Send Protection Force for Palestinians
Universal Health Care
Unwise Tax Cut
USDA Regulate Genetically Engineered Foods
Vermont Protect Rights of Same-Sex Relationships
Veto DC Legislation
VETO the tax refund
Wal-Mart Do Not Sell Irradiated Food
We Condemn Colombian Army Massacres
We Need High-Speed Rail Development
We Need Strong Organic Food Standards
We Want Gun Control Now!
Winn-Dixie Unfair to Cross-Dresser
Withdraw "Death Row Marv" Dolls
Work With the UN in Serbia

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A PayPal account is set up for credit card payments. It is a secure site, and, although they ask you to "join," I have not had reports of problems.