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Who is Opposing Chavez, and Why?

The white collar uprising continues in Venezuela. Mainstream media continues efforts to smear Chavez.
Could you imagine Bill Gates banging away on pots and pans, and railing against his government's leaders in the streets of Seattle? The recent situation in Venezuela, faced by democratically elected President Hugo Chavez, seems almost as absurd. The situation prior to the U.S. backed April 12 coup d'etat, as astutely predicted by Gregory Wilpert on April 10, 2002, appeared to be that state run oil monopoly executives comprised the primary opposition to Chavez, because they did not approve of Chavez's selections for the directors of the oil monopoly. These executives are literally in the streets, and have joined forces with union leaders, mutinous military officers, and an openly biased media, in another attempt to overthrow the elected government of the world's fifth largest oil producing country. The middle class of Venezuela now appears to have joined the opposition, assisted by police repression and provocation. The Venezuelan press have candidly admitted their intentional 'skewing' of the news coverage, in order to further discredit and destabilize the Chavez administration. The international media seems to be eager to assist in the right wing disinformation campaign. One A.P. article celebrates "plunging" oil prices, immediately following the failed overthrow attempt of the 3rd largest oil supplier to the U.S., which has been recently issuing travel warnings for Venezuela. There is plenty of speculation about why the opposition is in such a hurry to oust Chavez. His opponents are upset about his economic policies, which have resulted in currency devaluation and capital flight, while at the same time Chavez has imposed a first time ever income tax on the wealthiest citizens of Venezuela, who are also the ones hardest hit by devaluation and inflation. Meanwhile, Chavez still retains strong support from the overwhelming majority of poor people in Venezuela. Chavez has favored the impoverished masses with policies such as universal health care, and land ownership reform.