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Beneath Our Bombs posters

I executed this series of four posters out of concern for the children of Iraq. The series features children from the cities of Basra, Baghdad, Mosul, and Arbil. (article 1)
Beneath Our Bombs posters
Beneath Our Bombs posters
Beneath Our Bombs posters
Beneath Our Bombs posters
Beneath Our Bombs posters
Beneath Our Bombs posters
Beneath Our Bombs posters
Beneath Our Bombs posters
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Sadly, many Americans know little about the situation in Iraq. According to the United Nations, many hundreds of thousands of Iraq's children have died due to a decade of harsh sanctions. Many deaths are caused by diseases transmitted through polluted drinking water and other unsanitary conditions. Such illnesses could be easily cured. Yet individuals who send food or medicine to these children without state approval are slapped with $10,000 fines.

Meanwhile, efforts to tie Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussein to the destruction of the World Trade Center have not been persuasive. What seems more likely is that the pending war against Iraq is being orchestrated at the behest of multinational oil interests.

Information on the situation in Iraq, and on efforts of dedicated individuals to effect change, may be found at this link:


Please forward these posters to friends, family, and associates who may be interested in this important issue.

Thanks to William Thomson for his wonderful photos.

best wishes,

richard myers


homepage: homepage: http://www.ccmep.org

Yep, Saddam has a lot on his conscience now 11.Dec.2002 23:05


Yeah, Saddam should take a look at these pictures and reconsider his decision to plunge his country into war over his chemical weapons / nukes.

Blood for oil 12.Dec.2002 06:07


As any non-brainwashed kid on the block knows, this is one of a coming string of war-for-oil. In the case of irak, we're talking of 112 Gb of oil folks, more than 4 years of WORLD oil consumption.


Scrap your SUV's.

"You're either part of the solution, or you're part of the problem" as a famous Moron would (almost) say.

idiot asdf 12.Dec.2002 13:22


we're the biggest bully on the planet. our so-called leadership is a criminal dicktater. we have the most weapons of mass destruction, and we've said we'll use them however the idiot in charge feels like using them. if anyone deserves to be bombed to fuck it's the good ol' Fourth Reich of the US of A. hopefully your stupid ass is the second to go, after the goons in Whitey House.

-- The Third Reich didn't lose the Second World War. It just changed venues. (and guess where they went! ... hint: they don't wanna be mixin' with no "darkies")

any psychology experts here? 12.Dec.2002 15:58


which disorder does the symptom of blaming others for one's own actions belong to? is it psychopathy or sociopathy? (or something else?) because these idiot armchair warriors sure have a raging case of it.