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Struggles Continue Amid Coup Plotting in Venezuela - an Indymedia report

originally from IMC Belgium
On the night of December 6, snipers firing on a demonstration in Caracas opposing the Chavez presidency killed three and wounded more than twenty people. Venezuela is at fever pitch following a week of striking, demonstrations and rhetoric. Right-wing alliances and the private media are working 24/7 to motivate Venezuelans into a revolt, with or without cause. This follows months of tensions in the country after the failed April 11 coup attempt.

A "civic strike" was organized and held for days by the opposition, targetted particularly at PDVSA, the national oil company and one of the world's larget oil extractors. As this has progressed, tensions between the pro and anti government factions, concentrated in east and west Caracas, respectively, have been growing. Amid the tension, there have been rumors [ espanol ] of an impending coup attempt. By early morning on Tuesday, December 10, mass protests were held outside of the commercial television stations, and the coup threat subsided [ espanol ].

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