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Home and office demos against HLS

After the November 30th protests against HLS at the Trenton, NJ site of the torture/extermination camp, people broke up into groups to proceed to 4 to 5 home demos.
Home and office demos against HLS
Home and office demos against HLS
Injunctions had been passed against home demos in New Jersey, in anticipation of the anti-HLS protests. Since the injunctions prohibited gatherings of more than 15 people and set end-times at 6pm, SHAC organizers got permits for approximately 20 residences, mostly of senior "scientists" at HLS such as Fiona Fraser-Smith. Each animal torturer had its own set of cops with their cars blocking the street in front of the houses, demarking the 100-foot rule. Every set of protestors also got their own unmarked SUV following them. The cops said they didn't know who they were even though they talked to the drivers of the SUV's. One group of protestors reported being followed around the loop at the park everyone met at. The SUV driver wouldn't engage with them but talked to the cops. The SUV then followed all the way back into town until the group stopped and went to get something to eat. He must have been bored.

Another group got 3 or 4 unmarked cars, and the driver of one of those followers threatened the driver of one of the activists' cars with arrest if he got in between him and the car he was following; the purveyor of that threat would not identify himself other than to say it was his job to follow them.

The next day, Monday Dec. 1, were the office demos in NYC. Protestors went to the apartment of Andrew Baker, CEO of Huntingdon Life Sciences and to the office of Marsh Insurance. The protestors made an afternoon of drawing attention to people who buy their apartments and run their businesses on blood money. During the actions, 3 Marsh thugs videotaped the protestors. One of them was identified as the person who had shown up at an activist's residence and threatened his mother, as in "You better call your Mom and see if she's all right." When he called his mom, she reported a man sitting in an SUV across the street. These thugs are excellent illustrations of what Huntingdon Life Sciences and Marsh Insurance are: criminals. Completely without morals and as myopically interested in their money and small-dick power games as the mafiosos from whose ranks they're culled.

If you'd like to contact HLS and Marsh and tell them what you think of that, be my guest.


Andrew Baker is technically employed by Focused Healthcare Partners, LLC. HLS pays FHP to employ him and his "expertise" to act as HLS CEO and Chairman; Baker then takes his salary from FHP. FHP is the vehicle he uses to support HLS...that is, until we dismantle it.

Focused Healthcare Partners, LLC (FHP)
401 Hackensack Ave., 9th floor
Hackensack, NJ 07602

Baker's direct line: 201 525 1330
FHP Main line: 201-525-1020
Fax #: 201-487-1116

One Park Place
SYR NY 13202
1-315-425-4000 1-315-425-3952
Office Manager: Robert J Connor

665 Main Street
BUF NY 14202
1-716-843-4500 1-716-843-4560
Office Manager: Robert J Connor

E.A.B. Plaza
UND NY 11556
1-516-542-1350 1-516-542-1297

300 Broadhollow Road
MLE NY 11747
1-631-425-3200 1-631-425-3201
Office Manager: Andrew F Catapano

114 West 47th Street
NYC NY 10036
1-212-345-2000 1-212-345-2727

52 Corporate Circle
ALB NY 12203
1-518-456-0178 1-518-456-0350
Office Manager: Robert J Connor

1166 Avenue of the Americas
NYC NY 10036-2774
1-212-345-6000 1-212-345-4808
Office Manager: Roger E Egan

5 Hanover Square
NYC NY 10004-2968

500 Linden Oaks
RCH NY 14625
1-585-389-8700 1-585-389-8721
Office Manager: Robert J Connor

1133 Avenue of the Americas
NYC NY 10036-2774
1-212-403-7600 1-212-3454-808
Office Manager: Roger E Egan

homepage: homepage: http://www.shacamerica.net

BE careful what you wish for 13.Dec.2002 11:03

Kommander Crumb

How do you know the black SUV and unmarked car drivers weren't anti-Luddite protesters using their freely protected right assembly and use of symbolic speech to protest the fanatical actions of a few well-heeled "activists"?? Personally I think that surrounding the Luddites' car was a great non-violent direct action and I think the veiled mother threat was beautiful example of street theater.

In all seriousness protesting someone at their residence is pretty controversial, and a great violation of that individual's privacy and liberty. Protesting at a job site makes sense, as it is where the alleged "crimes" or "injustices" are being perpetrated. What point are you trying to make by protesting at a workers home? You make think that you are shaming them in front of their neighbors and peers, but in reality a majority of their neighbors probably support the use of animals in research so your charges are falling on mostly deaf ears. What you are doing in reality is the same as what right wing Christian groups do those who have the audacity to provide options in reproductive medicine. You are in fact engaged in acts of intimidation with the expressed purpose of frightening your target into submission. It takes just one off-kilter true believer to take things a little too far before you have a disaster on your hands.

Did you also realize that every time you publish and distribute the names and address of HLS workers, you could be found guilty of incitement to murder? Again, one deranged protester and your flyer could equal a fairly long time for reflection. May courts have found that an individuals right to life and liberty supercede another individual's right of free speech, and as such you shouldn't be surprised that when you are engaged in acts of intimidation the local or federal law enforcement agencies may think it's best to keep a few tabs on your activity. I think that the animal rights groups have been fairy lucky so far as only property has been damaged, but remember that once the first body falls a much larger slice of the RICO pie will be available for everyone in the movement to enjoy.