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Chechen Website Up and Running Again !

The important Chechen website Kavkaz Center was shut down for some three weeks after the Moscow hostage crisis, as many european countries shut it down. The Georgian Times  http://www.geotimes.ge/ had offered their site. I believe it was simple pressure from human rights and press rights groups that got the site back up again. Below is a passionate commentary from one of their staff writers.
Kavkaz Center News
Guns in mountains of Caucasus fire at Russia

The events of October 23-26 in downtown Moscow and the ongoing shooting down of combat helicopters one after another all across Chechnya show the beginning of the new phase of military confrontation in Caucasus. A full-scale and bloody war is going on, the war of extermination, the war without any drawn borders or rules, the war for independence and for stopping the endless genocide. The war with the chances of peaceful settlement being apparently equal to zero. Especially now, when the new generation of Chechen fighters, the children of war, has advanced to the frontline, to the line of fire. Young men and young girls, deprived of their childhood, who grew up this way and gained strength from the deaths of their loved ones, and who are imbued with hatred towards anything Russian.

You can brutally suppress the demands of Chechens over and over again at the price of terrifying «victories», but they will be put forward over and over again as well. The Kremlin is incapable of winning a victory in this war; you can't eliminate the people's faith, self-consciousness or the idea of freedom by military force, for these problems affect the entire Chechen nation. And it is very hard to exterminate an entire nation in the modern world.

It is necessary to understand that for Russia Chechnya is lost for the simple fact that Russia will no longer be able to make Chechens (as well as anybody else) love Russia. Russia will be able to rob, destroy and kill for some period of time, that's true, but not love. You can't step over 200 thousand dead bodies, nor can you forget burned cities and villages, whatever referendums or presidential elections are organized and conducted.

Actually, there is a peaceful solution for the «Chechen problem» and it lies on the surface. There are two options of that solution. The first one is to exterminate all Chechens as a nation by using weapons of mass destruction on a mass scale. To fire a salvo, to give a broadside with all 24 missiles from one of the strategic submarines or from a missile base. And then Putin with a gas mask on and without any bodyguards may prance across the «pacified» Chechnya on a white mare. Although, tens of thousands of refugees will remain in Ingushetia and Dagestan, but it is unlikely that they will be living normal lives, along with Ingushetians or Dagestanis because of the exposure to radiation and diseases. If there is the nation, there are problems, no nation - no problems.

The second option is to build a normal statehood in Russia, based on the principles of real democracy, and as a consequence - to acknowledge the right of the Chechen people to take care of their own destiny. But looking at the hasty step of Putin's Russia towards «fasciization» or «fuehrerism», it is hard to imagine the possibility of realization of such a scheme. Putin ascended to the throne on the bones and blood of the Chechen and Russian people. And he is ruling while continuing to shed that blood. «The blood is implied by recipes of political medicine», - these are the words of Napoleon performed by Putin.

The blood intoxicates you. Especially if you can get away shedding it. Now this blood is not enough for him. The other day during a session with the members of his government Putin issued an order about changes in «the plans of using Armed Forces of Russian Federation». The army became the police and Kvashnin became the police chief. They are planning to spread the Chechnya experience all across the entire Russia. The Chechen experience of uncontrolled army of robbers and rapists will be the determining key factor in the further use of armed forces. They will be «icing» all of those who disagree everywhere, in all «outhouses».

But that's not enough either. While imitating Bush, Putin promised «to pursue terrorists all around the world» and he declared another war, this time against so-called «international terrorism». He thus dragged Russia into the war, which will have no predictable outcome. Because of his narrow-minded considerations while wishing to gain support from the West, he put the lives of many Russians on the line.

«The force certainly has its own rights, but in order for it to become creative, it must be sensible. Bare violence is a parody of force and a result of powerlessness and weakness disguised as power». - Mussolini, 1921.

All statements made by Putin about the revival of the bygone glory and might of Russia and its army are being built on shedding Chechen and Russian blood. The dictatorship in the country is getting stronger and stronger; «the cult of personality» is developing, however ludicrous it may be. The Chechens however have nowhere to retreat, they have specific goals, and they have moral superiority. The real, sensible and creative force was born and is consolidating up there in the mountains, the force that showed itself in October in downtown Moscow.

Here is another option of peaceful solution to the «Chechen problem», which in my view is the most real, - it is the collapse of Russia. This is the option that the present government is leading the country to, along with the lulling statements about the revival, growth and unification and strengthening of all sorts of vertical lines of power. And Chechen bloodletting of the Russian people is yet another explosive in Russia's foundation. The future is being solved in Chechnya today; guns in the mountains of Caucasus are firing right at Russia.

Instead of the conclusion: the words of Russian Minister of Defense Ivanov: «The group of troops in Chechnya has launched a mass, brutal, but residential operation against militants».

Indeed, if God decides to punish a person, He deprives him of his mind.

Sergei Alekseev,
for Kavkaz-Center

homepage: homepage: http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/article.php?id=645