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Bush accused of RAPE in TX county court

Fort Bend County, TX. Case #22127. Margie Schoedinger v. George W. Bush. Filed 12/3/02. I spoke with the civil court clerk a few minutes ago. It's there.
Bush accused of RAPE in TX county court
Bush accused of RAPE in TX county court
A Texas woman named Margie Schoedinger sued George W. Bush in Fort Bend
County Court on December 3, alleging that Bush and Schoedinger had a
sexual relationship, and also that Bush discussed killing Schoedinger.
Deputy County Clerk Becky Kasper issued a routine subpoena to Bush on
December 4.

homepage: homepage: http://www.democraticunderground.com/duforum/DCForumID60/22045.html

Ah, but WHICH "George W Bush"? 11.Dec.2002 10:42

Mike stepbystepfarm@shaysnet.com

Even our small town phone book has a listing for a George Bush and I bet almost any fair sized city has at least one George W Bush.

Isn't it fun how you can present "faked" news without actually lying. Notice how NOTHING in that piece claimed it was PRESIDENT George W Bush.

Uhmmm... 11.Dec.2002 11:12

read the document

Mike, oh Mike. The complaint specifically says former Texas governor George Bush and current President George Bush. If you would have read it instead of blindly defending your leader, you would've known that. You would have also realized that the complaint is rather suspect in what she is acusing, but the facts are something for the legal system to work out.

moron? 11.Dec.2002 16:47

he may be evil, but he ain't dumb

followed a link to a supposed Yale University transcripts for one George Walker Bush. those marks don't look that bad. he passed.

and "Skull & boneheads" is included in the "Yale Activities Record"--i thought that was a *secret* society. anybody with "good" information on skull & bones?

Class Action 11.Dec.2002 18:18

I Prefer to Stand

Bush and his goons have been f##king billions of people, on a daily basis, for nearly two years; most without consent, many are children.

bush's grades 13.Dec.2002 19:47

dj tubesteak

his father was head of the CIA. I suspect you don't exactly grade a student like that with an excessively stringent set of criteria.

I suspect that the reality of the skull and bones, much like the famous bohemian club, lies somewhere between what they're willing to tell the public and what the somewhat more um, interesting theories would suggest. Considering that alumni of groups like this tend to include a large percentage of the people who make the more significant decisions in this country, my guess is that it's exactly that--a club for rich, connected assholes to have the kind of discussions about American politics that they'd prefer the general public not hear about.