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Urgent! - County Budget mtg tomorrow at 6pm - 501 SE Hawthorne

There is a county budget meeting tomorrow evening at 6pm! at 501 SE Hawthorne, in the boardroom. The county is discussing slashing at least $18 million from social services. Hundreds of thousands of people will be affected by these cuts, those who provide social services, those who use them, and those who will be indirectly affected by people not getting services they desperately need.
More information will be available at the budget hearing regarding proposed cuts. Public testimony is being taken. Show up! Tell your story or just express your outrage that your hard-earned tax money is being funneled into the profit-driven Bush war machine and other big-money, low-accountability scams.

County Budget Meeting
Wednesday, December 11 - 6pm
501 SE Hawthorne, boardroom
Uh, excuse me... 10.Dec.2002 22:15


Multnomah County would love to have some of that money going into the Bush war machine.

Unfortunately the funds come from different tax bases. I imagine MC gets some funds from federal sources, but they don't have any say as to how much or what percentage of your federal income tax they'll get.

If you go to this meeting complaining about the way federal funds are spent it will be a waste of valuable time.

Take that complaint to Ron Wyden, Gordon Smith, and your representative.

You use the word 'slashing' as if they have a choice in the matter. They don't. Less money is coming in because the economy tanked. Less property taxes coming in equals less money to pay for these services. Bev Stein did a good job of making the county more efficient, now Diane Linn has the unfortunate task of making an already efficient work force do more work (more people than ever need the services the county provides) with less money/less people. That's what it comes down to.

I think Diane Linn is doing a good job of involving the public in these matters, unlike the Bush War machine. As a library employee I've had people complain to ME as if somehow the county monies were connected to those federal monies. HA! Like somehow I have a direct connection to the federal government. I wish.

Simply Not True 11.Dec.2002 01:35

County Employee

As a Multnomah County employee, I want to add my 2 cents. I agree absolutely with "p=roximate" that as many citizens as possible should attend the County Budget Meeting tomorrow to bear witness and voice their opinions. But to say that budget cuts are "funneled into the profit-driven Bush war machine" is flat out false. And I can tell you that if that was the case you would have an army of Multnomah County employees yelling far louder than "p=roximate". Multnomah County, with Diane Lynn at the helm, is facing an unprecedented $18 million shortfall due to the current recession (and possibly more next fiscal year), as is almost every state and county in this nation. The equation is very simple: LESS BUSINESS INCOME TAX, PROPERTY TAX AND COLLECTED FEES = LESS REVENUE FOR MULTNOMAH COUNTY. The budget shortfall is a DIRECT result of Oregon having one of the worst economies in the nation. And unlike corporations or the federal government, Multnomah County can not just "borrow" its way out of the hole, the money is simply not there and the only option is to SPEND LESS. So, given that reality, the County must decide WHERE to make the cuts, which is an agonizing decision that affects every County employee and citizen from top to bottom. And as the previous post noted, the County is already a very lean organization due to previous cuts. Many employees stand to lose their jobs (myself included), and some programs will simply not be able to function without staff, and will thus cease to exist. Multnomah County employees have been passionately "doing more with less" for a long time now, pouring their heart and soul into serving those most in need in our community. And I honestly feel (as do most of my co-workers) that if losing my job means that some citizens can continue to receive healthcare, alcohol/drug treatment, school services, etc., then so be it.

If you want a say in what gets cut, then get your ass down to the Budget Meeting and give them a piece of your mind. But save your keyboard clicks about Multnomah County supporting the "Bush war machine", and focus on the real enemies.

Ciounty Budget 11.Dec.2002 04:34


This is totally ridiculous. I can't believe that you people still think like that. You know in other countries the Federal Government performs other duties... other than going to war every year.

If I remember correctly after September 11 Bush gave $20 billion to American Airlines and to United (which just went bankrupt a year later). He also enlarged the military budget by hundreds of billions. He also gave billions to foreign countries to support their war in Afghanistan, just increased Israel's budget by $4 billion I think and just gave Turkey a few more billion.

Why don't you PLEASE WAKE UP. I understand that you have been under the impression that there is a structure and law in this system, but there is not. Dozens of companies have been stealing money for years. The economy is not bad. The economy has been ROBBED by corporations.

In other countries the Federal Government helps counties and states with money so that people are able to have a dissent life. In America you have been brainwashed to think that is socialism. It is YOU who support a system that does not support your needs. If that is normal to you then fine. But I am going to bitch about the Federal Government spending billions and not helping out millions of workers whose benefits are running out in Christmas and allowing healthcare systems to get cut and libraries to close while they have billions to waist on wars and Corporate welfare. What did United Airlines do with the billions it got just a year ago? Burn them? Who is going to pay for those billions? Who is stopping Bush from giving a billion dollars to each state in the US? He has spent this much in the last year just to buy of support for one war. Now he is going to spend that much more to buy countries for another.

Think for your selves... ..

six of one, half dozen of 11.Dec.2002 06:16

the other.

Um, to the above poster....re-read the part about different tax bases. As you are evidently the product of the superior educational systems of Europe, it seems strange that elementary logic eludes you. As far as the brainwashing of Americans to think that what you describe, ie; the seizure of assets from high income earners by force of government and the redistribution of the stolen money amongst those who are unwilling to work, as "Socialism" goes...well reverse the logic. By that train of thought, the 120,000,000 people who were murdered and starved to death by governments who described themselves as "Communist" and "Socialist" were certianly lied to about what "Socialism" was in those countries, at least according to Marx, et. all's utopian pipe dreams, right ?

But back to the matter at hand. Where, exactly does Oregon's insanely high income tax revenue GO, anyway ? Mayor Katz's water bill ? An ice skating rink in Pioneer Square ? A Max expansion through North Portland, but not across the water to Vancouver, which offered to pay HALF the cost of the bill, as nearly all of the commuters who would use the train live there ?

FIRST CLASS AIRLINE TICKETS for State Lottery Board members ?

While Portland's schools have been slashed to the lowest hours in the United States ?

This is utter insanity. And a very interesting microcosm of why Socialism does not work.

Imagine the results if all personal and corporate income taxes were slashed, steep sales taxes were instituted, and State Government was completely streamlined to it's base necessities.

You wouldn't hear people bitch about unemployment, that's for sure.

But, that's only a dream...Oregonians are so conditioned to the idea of income coming FROM government, rather then the reverse, which is actually how it works, and cradle to grave care by that same loving, omnipresent, unaccountable government, that the mere IDEA of independence and self-reliance is heresy.

to other 11.Dec.2002 09:42


oh socialism does work, esp for the war machine, weapons manufacturers, big corporations...works very well thank you very much

Wow. County employees are touchy. 11.Dec.2002 10:38


I never intended to imply county employees have not gone above and beyond to serve the citizens of Multnomah County, nor that you personally nor the county you work for is responsible for this crisis. Your points about the county's tax base are interesting, but my point was, and is, that the resources of this country and the world at large are being looted by the Bush Family Circus (and that includes the opportunistic Democrats). That affects the economy, your county tax base.

Like Dimitrius, I believe it's relevant to bring up that there is federal money that should be used to bolster ailing local governments ... since that's mostly where federal money comes from anyway, one way or another: us. you and me. socialist or not. However, those pulling the strings are interested in power and profits (and they're willing to send your sons to war to get it ... on your dime), not accountability, low taxes or human services. All you rabid anti-socialists, not all your points are lost on me, but you're assailing the penny-ante "welfare" recipients and ignoring the ever-greedy corporations that feel entitled not only to our money but to our lives.

Working 11.Dec.2002 12:25

The Redcoat

Sorry I can't be there. It's a sad time for all.

not touchy 11.Dec.2002 23:20


just making a point.

that is, that diane linn and the other county commissioners have no more power than you or i in squeezing any of that money going for blood out of the federal funds, so why harangue them with it?

six of one... etc 11.Dec.2002 23:31


Hey Mr. "Socialism doesn't work",

Explain to me this.

Last year Bush gave $20 billion to United airlines. United went ahead and fired thousands of workers before and after that money went to them. What the hell did they do with that money?

Today United Air is bankrupt. Who will pay AGAIN for the $20 billion United does not have to pay back?

If you are so concerned about welfare, then look into the CORPORATE WELFARE SYSTEM of the US.

One more thing. September 10, 2001. Yeah, that was just one day before 9-11. The Pentagon was missing $2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS. What happened to that money? Why nobody talks about that? Would we have any budget problems today if that money were allocated to EVERYTHING else that is now been slashed?

Don't give me your rhetoric. You would not accept the truth if it hit you in the face. I hope you or any of your loved ones don't loose their job and have to get unemployment. You might end up being that person on welfare. I'd like to talk to you then.

I have seen millionaires loose everything in the sock market. I know someone who is now a used carŐs salesman. He was retired at 50 and now he lost EVERYTHING. Unless you are Dupont or something you are not immune either.

By the way, I don't care about political systems that have been labeled because they are used by some to exploit the rest. I want my government to do their job. Their job is not to go to war with the world. Their job is to serve ME and my family and the people of this country. If I need a school in my neighborhood because kids need to be educated, if some need to eat, drink clean water, create more jobs, create a better life for all. That is their job. T he rest is BS that some use because they are directly benefiting from the current system or they are brainwashed. Which is it for you?