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U.S. to Begin Mandatory Smallpox Vaccinations

The United States will soon begin smallpox immunizations...and if you refuse the vaccine, you'll be arrested!
Heath districts all over the nation are mobilizing to mass vaccinate entire populations within their service areas against smallpox. The Idaho Observer and Vaccination Liberation are mobilizing to counter a mass vaccination campaign that could result in the worst public health disaster in human history.
The IO, in cooperation with VacLib will publish an eight-page edition called, "The Smallpox Alert" that will contain a full history of smallpox, smallpox vaccination and details of the mass vaccination plan. The edition will also include the packet insert for the Dryvax smallpox vaccine and reviews of studies published in medical journals. "We intend to orchestrate eight pages of science and common sense to derail the Bush administration plans to vaccinate America against smallpox. We will also publish some basic, inexpensive health and nutrition protocols that promote health and disease resistance," said VacLib President Ingri Cassel.

This story is developing very fast. It will be a race to reach enough Americans with accurate smallpox information before the CDC announces the one case that will put the national mass vaccination machinery into motion.

Voluntary or involuntary?

Early last November Panhandle Health District (PHD) Director Jeanne Bock told Cassel that the smallpox vaccine would "always be voluntary." We have since been getting reports which indicate Bock lied. A captain of the Grants Pass, OR. Police Department told Paul Walter editor of www.NewsWithViews.com at a special City Council meeting December 2, 2002 that he will get the shot or, "...be arrested as a health risk to others."

A nurse in Spokane described the intense organizational activity going on at this time. She also said that people who refuse the shot, even those who are contraindicated with skin disorders or immune dysfunction, will be arrested.

Bonner County Sheriff Phil Jarvis reportedly explained that they are expecting mobs of people fighting to be first in line to get their shots. He told several witnesses that he has the authority to declare martial law if things get out of hand and that he wouldn't hesitate to do it. A shot with every American's name on it

In October, 2001, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act which, if adopted, would allow states to declare medical martial law. October, 2001 was also the month Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson announced that his agency was arranging to secure 300 million doses of smallpox vaccine—one dose for every American.

Secretary Thompson believes that terrorists are planning to attack Americans with smallpox and that mass vaccination will protect them. Since The IO became aware of the federal government's plan to vaccinate every American against smallpox it has published several articles that prove Thompson's plans are scientifically flawed. Both science and field experience indicate that the plan is likely to precipitate a public health disaster of unprecedented proportions.

Thompson's plan comes together

Last September 22, the CDC released a 49-page report to the nation's public health community that details how to vaccinate millions of people within days. The report also instructed local health districts to forward a copy of their mass vaccination plan to the CDC by November 22, 2002. Bock sent a letter dated Nov. 13, 2002, to community leaders and elected officials, doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, firemen, school administrators and staff asking them to volunteer to help mass vaccinate their communities. "Panhandle Health is requesting your help in responding to an urgent directive from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop a plan for mass immunization against smallpox. The requirement would provide for 'post-event' mass immunization—vaccinating 180,000 residents [the entire population of the five northern counties of Idaho comprising the Panhandle Health District]."

As of Nov. 4, 2002, PHD has enlisted the support of over 1,050 volunteers. Mass vaccination clinics will be set up in area high schools, hospitals and clinics.

Bock is apparently counting on total cooperation from north Idaho citizens who boast the lowest vaccination rate in the nation. In an email message dated Dec. 1, 2002, Cassel reiterated several points of concern with regard to mass vaccination against smallpox, particularly with regard to the experimental nature of the Dryvax smallpox vaccine. Cassel indicated her concern that the mass vaccination will likely be followed by epidemics of secondary and systemic infections. Cassel's concerns are justified as published science and vaccine packet inserts provide a long list of people whose health conditions drastically increase the risk of medical complications that include death.

According to a handout PHD recently presented at a meeting of retired police and firemen in Sandpoint, its "vision" during the administration of the mass smallpox vaccination campaign is, "To safeguard the public against acts of bioterrorism, other infectious disease outbreaks and other public health emergencies.

PHD's "vision" appears to be purely Orwellian. The nation's most influential medical associations have publicly stated their opposition to mass vaccination against smallpox. Citing the likelihood that such a campaign will spread, rather than prevent the disease and will cause significant numbers of people to suffer permanent injuries and death, the American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Association of Family Physicians all oppose mass vaccination against smallpox.

The plan

Once the CDC sounds the alarm that one case of smallpox has been diagnosed, health districts all over the nation will be prompted to spring their mass vaccination plans into action. The trigger will be based on the claim that, because vaccination wiped out smallpox, just one reported case will indicate that we are under attack.

According to the CDC, smallpox is clinically indistinguishable from cowpox and monkeypox, diseases that occur regularly in third world countries where people are subjected to poor nutrition and unsanitary conditions.

Therefore, the claim that one case of smallpox will indicate we are under attack is based on fraud.

Once the mass vaccinations begin, potential recipients will be subjected to traige and instructed to fill out forms. Triage will categorize people by visible physical condition; the forms will require the disclosure of personal medical information and will relieve the staff, the medical facility and PHD of all liability for sickness and death that may result from the vaccine.

Recipients will then be given an orientations and will see a video on smallpox produced by the CDC. There will then be a review, after which people will either go right in to be given the shot or given a physical evaluation to determine if the evaluee is at risk for complications from the shot.

Shot worse than disease

For the October, 2002 edition of The IO we frontpaged photos of children who contracted smallpox from the vaccine. In its natural state, ordinary quarantine procedures and sanitation are sufficient to stop the spread of smallpox. The vaccine, however, produces a pustule at the site of injection that is extremely contagious and spreads on contact. Eyes, ears and noses "secondarily inoculated" with fluid from the pustule that erupts at the injection site become hideously disfigured

There is no credible science that justifies the planned smallpox vaccination campaign. Previous editions of The IO (May, June, July, August, Sept., Oct., 2002), available at  http://www.idaho-observer.com have covered the high points of the science that indicates mass vaccination will spread an extremely virulent form of the disease. Copies of The Smallpox Alert will be available by December 18, 2002—just in time for Christmas—for ten cents apiece for 100 copies. If you wish to help us defeat this potentially devastating campaign by circulating the facts, or receive pervious editions of The IO that contain smallpox info, contact The IO at (208) 255-2307.
© 2002 Don Harkins - All Rights Reserved

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Don Harkins is the editor of The Idaho Observer, a monthly, 24-page, tabloid sized newspaper dedicated to truth in journalism. The Idaho Observer, in its seventh year of reporting the news critical to freedom. Web site:  http://www.idaho-observer.com (208) 255-2307
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what if? 10.Dec.2002 18:32

the road to hell is paved with intentions

to inoculate on a "hunch" or *potential* "threat"--what, some "terrorist" called and stated that such methods would be used? or is the next phase in the war to instill terror?

what if they were/are intending to infect a particular segment of the population (hmm, who could that be?..) with something? didn't such supposedly happen to Native Americans in the case of smallpox being "put in their blankets"?

just speculating.

So Interesting 11.Dec.2002 00:56


I co-own a private medical clinic and we have received NO WORD of any sugggestion or requirement to stock or give smallpox vaccine. This is another media attemot to incite fear and confusion. Don't buy it.

it's for real, sue 11.Dec.2002 01:24

won't get stuck with a needle

check this page of news stories, courtesy google: http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&q=smallpox+vaccination

Here's the first few stories:

Florida Submits Smallpox Vaccination Plans To Feds
WESH-TV,FL-10 hours ago
... plan to make smallpox vaccine available to Florida's citizens prior to the identification
of a first smallpox case (a pre-event smallpox vaccination plan); and ...

State Smallpox Vaccination Plans Vary Widely
WESH-TV,FL-14 hours ago
WASHINGTON -- States are getting ready to start offering the smallpox vaccine
to emergency medical workers, once President George W. Bush gives the OK. ...

US gets state smallpox vaccination plans
Democrat and Chronicle,NY-21 hours ago
Dr. Nancy Bennett says county urges smallpox shots for 1000 health care workers,
part of New York?s plan submitted Monday to cope with possible bioterrorism. ...

State submits smallpox vaccination plan
Tucson citizen,AZ-8 hours ago
... terrorists might have access to the virus from stockpiles believed to exist in Iraq,
North Korea and Russia have lead to development of smallpox vaccination ...

Tri-state Creates Smallpox Vaccination Plans
WCPO,OH-8 hours ago
President Bush wants every state to be ready to vaccinate healthcare workers against
smallpox, meaning the state of Ohio could be responsible for vaccinating ...

Welcom to the new America 11.Dec.2002 05:01


In case you missed it, it was passed by the US Senate as a bandle along with many other things. They called it the "Homeland Security Act"

There is a report that just got out where they tested this new vaccine on 200 college students in the US and the scientists could not believe the reactions they had to it. It is said the vaccine has mercury in it. It was even on CNN I don't know how you could have missed it.

Anyway... good luck. This new vaccine is coming from one company and they cannot be held liable for any reaction you may have to it or death from it. Anyone who refuses to get the vaccine, according to the Homeland Security Act, will be "contained."

Anyway... more good luck.

Grounds to refuse? 11.Dec.2002 13:59


My gut reaction to this vaccination issue is the same as it is to all the Department of Homeland Security's recommendations -- to refuse because it's mandatory.

But I wonder, how does refusing this mandatory vaccination differ ideologically from the innoculations we received as children? Unvaccinated kids are denied admission to most schools. While these kids aren't "contained," nonadmittance to school is quite enough to force most parents to make the doctor appointment and get the stupid little shot, and then get their kids' education rolling along -- no big deal.

So, aside from the health hazards here, there is already a precedent for compliance.

Somebody help to put this into perspective?

don't buy any of this 11.Dec.2002 14:17


just to make sure. Smallpox has officially been declared as extict. It has been one of modern medicine's more succesful endeavours to eradicate this disease. It has also been successful.
In my view, the whole hype about nationwide vaccination is little more than another project of corporate welfare, which enables pharmaceutical corps to sell (at taxpayer's expense) vacc doses without having to prove any usefulness.
From a 'potential terrorist' standpoint, using smallpox is just silly, simply because up to 1976, everybody in the west has been inoculated, the disease is far from spectacular and contagiousness is only moderate.

Not to mention 11.Dec.2002 15:28


Uh, I read all the linked articles, none of which say anything about those who refuse will be contained or arrested. The only mention of this is in the original inflammatory post, of which none is backed up with any hard evidence. This is irresponsible and alarmist by the author and the fact that a few of you have bought it with the absence of any confirmation is laughable. Viva la chemtrails.

Why Refuse? 11.Dec.2002 19:58

health rebel girl

Refuse the samllpox vaccine - and all vaccines - because they are dangerous toxins they compromise the immune system, and may lead to serious immune dysfunction.

Refuse the vaccine because if is a form of biological warfare against americans, those who are gullible enough to submit to it (remember the Gulf War soldiers who were vaccinated and the deletrious side effects and even death that some suffered?)

Refuse to put more $$ into the pockets of the corporate pharmaceutical companies who stand to make maga bucks from this vaccine campaign.

Although the public school system will tell unwitting parents that their children must be vaccinated in order to go to school, vaccination is NOT compulsory. It's just more control of the masses.

To avoid it there is a "religious waiver" which protects your child from receiving the vaccination. And your belief system is your religion. Never did I encounter flack from the school system, because of my determined and educated stance.

I say educated because having an intuitive feeling (which is very valid) is not compelling enough to defend your choice, it the need arises. But I was never asked about my choice. I simply asked for the waiver, signed it and handed it back to them. In fact, it was generally the person that I handed the form back to that seemed uncomfortable, almost as if perhaps they should be thinking twice about vaccines, given my level of confident and intelligent handling of the matter. Basically - Informed Choice.

And you should be informed, because then you can understand your reasons for refusing (beyond pure rebellion against the system) and help to educate others. Vaccines are a dangerous, sometimes deadly poison. Vaccinate my newborn child with a concoction that the government has told me is mandatory? I don't think so.

As for the smallpox being "mandatory", the word is that it is currently "voluntary", per this report:

Bush Backs Voluntary Smallpox Shots - Reuters 12.11.02

"I think it ought to be a voluntary plan. ... I don't think people ought to be compelled to make the decision which they think is best for their family," Bush said in an interview with ABC television's Barbara Walters, a portion of which was broadcast on Wednesday.



However, I have read reports that this vaccine will be mandatory and those refusing will be fined 10,000 dollars. Right now they are banking on americans stepping up to the needle, pulling up their sleeve and blindly following the government's orders.


Most in US OK with Smallpox Shot, but Unease Grows - 12.11.02

WASHINGTON (Reuters Health) - A new national poll shows that a majority of American adults are willing to get vaccinated against smallpox, despite the risk of side effects associated with the vaccine.



Refuse, question authority, and think for ourselves. Get informed - the web is full of reputable literature on reasons why you should never submit to vaccines. Barbara Loe Fischer is one of the best researchers in the field.

1/2 granted 11.Dec.2002 20:35

skeptic 2: psy0ptic boogaloo!

i was talking to a person today about this "smallpox" thang and it came up in the conversation how they had never gotten a flu shot and never once suffered from the flu...until they finally got a flu and became sick with "flu-like symptoms" for one week.

another one of my acquaintances mentioned the fact that they had never taken a flu shot and they have never had the flu.

i've never had a flu shot and i haven't had a "flu" since i was in early middle school.

i haven't heard if flu shots were going to become mandatory (right now the news media--most notably the TV news drones--are telling *us* to get our seasonal flu shots. i noticed this trend started at least 2 years ago, but i cannot recall precisely when it started) but i will not take one willingly.

would you take a mandatory vaccination "skeptic"?

reply to skeptic 11.Dec.2002 23:10

keep that needle away from me!

one of the ways that the smallpox vaccinations could become mandatory, with punishments for those who refuse, is if you live in a state that has passed the Emergency Health Powers Act, which has been introduced in nearly all 50 states. this piece of model legislation was unveiled in october, 2001, shortly after the world trade center/pentagon attacks. it was prepared for the Center of Disease Control (CDC) by the "Center for Law and the Public's Health" at John Hopkins and Georgetown University. the legislation provides for, among other things, "penalties, trial courts for appeal of quarantine, for refusal of vaccinations".

this legislation can be amended or watered down by individual states that choose to pass it, but i haven't seen a trend lately toward *removing* language from laws when it comes to the creation of new criminal penalties.

this is definitely a story to watch, and the left hasn't really been keeping a close eye on it. libertarians have been on top of it since the beginning, and deserve credit for that. however, we should join them in the efforts to spread the word about the issue and activate against it.

previous feature on this topic at pdx indy 11.Dec.2002 23:11


Smallpox, vaccinations, and the Emergency Health Powers Act

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have announced a series of public forums to be held from June 6-11 to share information and solicit comments about a proposed change in smallpox vaccination policy. Currently, the CDC does not recommend that people recieve smallpox vaccinations unless they are engaged in scientific research that brings them into proximity with the disease. But in the wake of 9.11, with bioterrorism on people's minds, the CDC is considering reversing this recommendation, and has announced that it will have 286 million vaccination doses ready by 2003 -- one for every U.S. citizen.

Support for vaccines is not universal, however. A growing body of research implicates vaccinations with sudden infant death syndrome, immuno-deficiency dysfunction, and other health problems. Some research suggests that they have been ineffective in disease prevention, and that the decline of communicable disease has been due to improved hygeine, i.e., plumbing, sewage disposal, water treatment. Other people are opposed to vaccinations on religious grounds.

But the freedom to say "no" to vaccinations if one wishes could be taken away by the Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA), which is currently being introduced to state legislatures everywhere. MEHPA was released after 9.11 and, like the USA PATRIOT Act, curtails basic constitutional rights. The American Civil Liberties Union describes it thus: "The Act lets a governor declare a state of emergency unilaterally and without judicial oversight, fails to provide modern due process procedures for quarantine and other emergency powers, it lacks adequate compensation for seizure of assets, and contains no checks on the power to order forced treatment and vaccination."

What does all this add up to? Some are fearing a new form of social control. [ Full story ]

Report from CDC Hearing on Smallpox Vaccination Policy in SF
From the open publishing newswire: "Alerted by a post at the Portland Indymedia site, I hurried to San Francisco, to make observations and add my two cents during the time allotted for public comments... There were so few people representing the "public" that the organizer invited me to speak first in the afternoon session (since I had to leave at 1:30 pm to take care of my children after school). I expressed my concern over the Emergency Health Powers Act which the Health and Human Services Department is trying to push through legislatures nationwide, and would grant virtually dictatorial powers to governers, including the power to force vaccinations, quarantine or isolation upon the public." [ Read more ]

Replying to you 12.Dec.2002 18:04


First of all on the question of whether or not I would take a Mandatory vaccine, this is not a simple yes or no question. To say that just because its mandatory I wont take it is irresponsible. If my best friend is dying from smallpox and there is a good chance Im next, fuck yes, give me the needle.

So, whats your vision? The cops go house to house with huge paddy wagons rounding up those people who refuse to take a shot and lock em all up? There isnt enough room for criminals in jail let alone citizens who wont take a shot. Do you think our counties and such are organized enough to come up with a system of proof that you have had a shot? Will it be part of being pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt or something like that? Can you imagine the conversation, "Ah, excuse me Ma'am. The reason I pulled you over is I noticed you werent wearing a seatbelt.....can I please see your license, registration and your smallpox vaccination confirmation card?"

Give me a fucking break.

okay 12.Dec.2002 20:11

skeptic2: psy0ptic boogaloo!

the answer is you *would* take a mandatory vaccination..or else :)

sorry for that loaded question. i do get where you're coming from though.

but if you're best friend were presumably dying from "smallpox" (cuz the news would probably be the first to tell us that smallpox--or something (there was an NPR story on how some were suggesting that it might serve kids well to be given 1 shot plus a booster shot for chicken pox) was in fact here..i'm almost sure of this), how could you be sure it wasn't the vaccination itself which, for all your friend knew, could have been the infectious agent itself?

you bring up a good point which i was thinking about before i even read your most recent comments--how would such a plan be implimented. in short, think "marshal law" scenario. tell me you don't believe that marshal law can't be instituted in the US...(what does it mean that the police are riding around town, flashing the spotlight on people and randomly checking IDs and spouting out ominous threats to citizens and others? what's the difference between a "formal" police state and a state where marshal law has been declared? shit, all the legislation is in place now)

so now, why are so many police departments around the country (in $eattle they're running hiring ads on certain squad vehicles) and there is increased recruitment for the armed forces in this post that-day-in-september-of-2001 world? hm, i wonder...

i'm sure the CDC and US govt can come up with some method of verification for such things as vaccinations. what's that black strip for on the back of my news state license? (or maybe in the near future, my "State" ID card)

as for my vision, i really have none. i choose never to believe anything--but i'm *smart* enough never to doubt anything.

as a "skeptic", you can't necessarily doubt me because you *think* you 'know' what *seems* to be the only possible, or a more plausible, solution. you can't say something is an impossibility simply because of flawed reasoning or an overall lack of knowledge and understanding.

i hope this is the break you were asking for.