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BD, Man of Lawlessness by B. Meade

Bush Daddy,Man of Lawlessness: The power of the stupid lawless one grows. Lots of interference here yesterday as I was blocked from posting twice.
Alternate Title: "Bush Daddy Crime Report"(221527).

My Daddy said that there's no point in writing about Bush Daddy Village(219952) if you don't get the Crime Report. Let me count the ways that Bush Daddy Tribe could murder you, spare time. At no extra cost! Up on the hill we have Big Red bloody institution from way back. A lot of the older houses in this county have cupolas, which probably served, more or less as gun turrets. In the 1800s word would probably travel fast that some supreme sucker was coming to proud John Dryden's illegitimate Kingdom; thus the emptyheaded thugs would clear the streets and plug and plant the sucker supreme like clockwork. In the illegitimate proud John Dryden Kingdom of today, we have Bush Daddy's lawless Israelite-wannabes, waylaying anyone who has asked too many questions about the lawlessness that prevails. They behave like sweet lobotomized zombies when they spring the trap that they have set for their victim.

Via the communication glitches of Bush Daddy Tribe (190292), targetted victims are actually sent to their deaths via formal communications. They are put in contact with their murderers. They might be told to park their car where it is illegal. Their car might be disabled. They might be denied access to a telephone. They might be denied access to a bus and be apprehended when they object to anything. The ambulance will pick them up because they don't want anyone else doing anything illegal with dead bodies. They will sell you an empty casket as proof that this victim is dead; but the bodies go to the mass graves of America(24603 & 24988), courtesy of the Gad-damnned Gar Gan Tribe of Tompkins County. If you mention that the casket feels light, they will tell you some inane thing like this victim had a sudden onset of Diabetes, and they had to cut the legs off. No one questions the stupidity of Bush Daddy Tribe. It has come to the point where people are being killed for trying to locate missing people or find out what happened to them. Of course you wouldn't want to do anything to tarnish the image of the Big Red bloody institution on the hill, and missing person bodies usually go someplace west of here, unless BDT is missing a supreme poophead, then the missing poophead supreme goes Front Page. If you try to escape or walk away from the smiling militants of BDT(197071), they will set up ambush for you some place other than the ambulance. They might force you or throw you into the gorge. Wherever you go, Bush Daddy Dummkopfs(208762) will pop-up; "Yeah! We can help you!". The Pits and Snares of BDT(199656) are designed so that BDT can kill you while they are smiling at you. Once BDT springs their death trap(Jer. 5:26), and the victim is dead; BDT immediately screens the area for anyone who might have detected anything suspicious in order to quell suspicions with BDT's heretofore uncontested version of what really happened, whether or not there was a dead body, etc. Unless the targetted victim knows enough "to go to Day Hall and start yelling"(180797), or something like that, BDT will probably "rub them out" sooner or later(Is. 8:14; 24:17; & 28:13). The reach of the Serpent(132033); i.e. Bush Daddy Village is long, and many of the targetted victims are "committing suicide"(182222) by traveling to Bush Daddy Village via a known itinerary. If Bush Daddy's lover boy, "Nicky"; i.e. "Messiah Exarchou"(62371) were exposed, BDT would do something stupid, "Quick!"(62855), like knock down Twin Towers(64528), start bogus war on terrorism(66464), and bring Bush Daddy Branch(203337) and all Bush Daddy Detachments(205811) of Bush Daddy's Third Reich(174299) throughout Bush Daddy Country(200807) to put blind unwavering trust in the power of their stupidity to sustain the "revolt of Jacob"(Mic. 1:5; 102423) as it carries BDT to Bush Daddy Finale(198448). Meanwhile Bush Daddy also reports that his buffoons(176670) are getting beaten for their stupidity and acting like it doesn't affect them to get beaten(Is. 3:9). So if some defective goosestepper with a bruised and battered face tells you some bald-faced lie, you will probably be asking yourself; "What the heck? Am I supposed to beat this guy too?" Would that look good on your police report or your resume? Vague incomprehensible conclusions, delivered in short gruff bursts by dummkopf Nazi thugs are about the only report that you will get about the criminal activities of BDT before BDT starts smiling at you and setting "Snares"(189161) for your life. The November 16, 2002 Decree, "Ready and go!" from Bush Daddy as the King of Israel gives all of BDT, yet another reason to silence Bush Daddy for the duration of his reign as the Great Dead King of Israel(Hosea 10:3,15; 93509). All conditions are "Go" for the trap that Bush Daddy has set for his own life (Prov. 1:18). This concludes this report on crime in Bush Daddy Village as God's words are fulfilled(Is. 45:23).

PS: Sun worship(Ez. 8:16) should soon arise in Watchman Norm's Hooterville(Hosea 9:8), for not only did Norm make clear that the dummkopf Nazis of BDT were the "stupidest people on earth"; but also that Norm's belief was "not in the Son but the Sun!" I guess Norm understood that "Sun Worship" had to be manifested if he really wanted to see his Lord.

PPS: 12/9/02 - As for the Housing discrimination complaint that I mentioned in "Bush Daddy Looks Under His Skirt", which became "A Decree from Israel?"(218261), it has apparently become an attempt to revive the fabricated "paranoid schizophrenic" diagnosis of 1998; that is, Bush Daddy and the illiterate Doctor Exarchou probably believe that by force of numbers they can make that diagnosis a reality. This is also why so many of the comments on my articles mention medication, etc. On the other hand, all of BDT believes that they have a God-given right to prove that their stupidity is invincible; thus their undiagnosed delusional disorder will never be an issue as they pursue the prophecy that they have embraced in Hooterville or abroad.

Referenced (numbers) are for articles on www.indymedia.org.; i.e. Global IMC Open Newswire. To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the addresss bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger
qfasf 10.Dec.2002 16:32

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Tell it like it is, Bobby! 11.Dec.2002 11:41


hey: do you have a comment on what appears to be your own imc at congo.indymedia?

What can I say? I'm big in Congo 11.Dec.2002 16:10


I've always been a great friend of the Congoleans...er, the Congolish people (200807). The Congoids, love me and understand my message (189458).