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2 more reasons we don't need oil

This month two groups announced products and breakthroughs in the hydrogen energy field.
Here is an energy generator that runs on hydrogen which is available now. Why burn fossil fuels or fight a war over them?  http://www.colemanpowermate.com/

This next website seems like science fiction, but is it? It claims to be a hydrogen energy generator too...  http://www.genesisworldenergy.org/technology.htm

It's possible to be clean and green now!
Maybe not so clean and green ... 11.Dec.2002 12:33


To be truly pollution-free, the hydrogen used in this generator or any other fuel cell must come from a renewable source, such as solar or wind power. Unfortunately, hydrogen from these renewable sources is not yet available commercially. Currently, hydrogen is created by passing a heavy electric current through water (electrolysis) or by stripping it out of fossil fuels, such as natural gas, methanol or gasoline.

The cleanest of the fossil fuel options is natural gas. Natural gas (85% methane) has the highest hydrogen-to-carbon ratio of any hydrocarbon. More of what you want (hydrogen) less of what you don't (carbon). In part because of this, the majority of commercial hydrogen used in the U.S. today is produced by reforming natural gas.

Well, just do this then... 11.Dec.2002 14:18


O.K., big deal, just do this. Get some Sharp 165 watt solar electric panels, some Trojan T-105 deep cycle batteries, an inverter, a small wind generator, a couple of nickel metal hydride hydrogen storage tanks, a Stuart Energy Systems hydrogen fuel pump station (good for up to 5 cars), a water supply, mix 'em all up in a bowl and voila' Ya clean and green...