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Now you accuse Bush of murdering Wellstone?
At least offer some hard evidence instead of innuendo and rumors.
From: bobkatz


Now you accuse Bush of murdering Wellstone?
At least offer some hard evidence instead of innuendo and rumors.

Rush Limbaugh is right. Guys like you are nuts and dangerous.

Your voice should be stilled by the public as a very stupid and lying fraud.
I look forward to seeing you laughed off the internet as an insane bozohead.

Keep talking Bubba, you sound more insane with every sentence.

Bob Katz

Whoa, back the truck up.

First, YOU are the ones who screamed "Mena Airport" for ten years.
First, YOU are the ones who screamed "Clinton Death List" for ten years.
First, YOU are the ones who screamed "Vince Foster" for ten years.
First, YOU are the ones who screamed "White Water" for ten years.
First, YOU are the ones who screamed "Serial rapist" for ten years.
First, YOU are the ones who screamed "KGB agent" for ten years.
First, YOU are the ones who screamed "His cock points to the left" for ten years.

...and all that was proven to be totally-fabricated talk radio bullshit,
so don't act like the left is where the crazy talk originates.

Second, I never said I was sure the B.F.E.E. murdered Wellstone.
I said questions should be asked, since the CIA has the capability to down planes.


Clinton never had a hundred million dollar budget to finance his secret black ops
He was the governor of a small state making what, $30K a year with free housing and meals?
Clinton didn't run the CIA, in full or in part, for the last 28 years
Clinton didn't fix the 1980 election by making a secret, illegal deal to arm terrorists
Clinton actually won his elections by getting the most votes
Clinton didn't control 51 percent of the world's gold supply and he never had the power
to control the flow of oil to the western hemisphere the way the B.F.E.E. does.
Clinton doesn't run the Carlyle Group which makes their fortune by arming crackpots
then makes another fortune by taking them down.
Clinton never had any designs on world domination. He never tried to take the Middle East by force,
and he damn sure didn't get to 90 percent approval by taking month-long vacations when he knew
his old family friend Osama (who was created by Bush 41) was about to attack us by air.
Clinton wasn't the goofy clown for an evil crime cartel. All he wanted was to be a great president,
and by all measurable numbers, he was the greatest CEO this country ever had. Unlike the B.F.E.E.
Clinton is happy with his $10M or whatever he's got coming in. Hell, Cheney with his five heart attacks
was making 400 times his VP salary at Halliburton - you think he gave that up to help America?
Fuck no - he gave up that $20M a year because it was peanuts compared to what Poppy
and he are stealing from the US treasury right now.
Do you even know that $5 trillion is missing from the Treasury?
Have you seen your 401K since Clinton left?

Go ahead, praise that idiot who was illegally installed instead of legally elected.
Then write to me in a year and we'll see how many brave Americans have died a sandy death,
and tell me what's left of your life savings when Bush is in year three of his dirty little oil war.

You don't even have the brains to be greedy about your own money.
Are you sure you're a Republican?

Remember, to get control of the entire world, all Bush needed was a majority in the senate.

THAT'S why Wellstone's death should be investigated, but the Democrats are too afraid.


The first pictures are in from Jenna's birthday


homepage: homepage: http://www.bartcop.com/

Sickening Excuses 11.Dec.2002 09:12

Jack Straw

Bush is sickening, but this is one long sickening excuse for Clinton. Clinton initiated several bombing raid cycles of Iraq, including a big one in Dec '98. One of these bmbing raids killed Iraq's leading poets, a woman. And over a million Iraqis died during his administration as a result of the sanctions, his Sec of State Madame Albright said the price of half a million dead Iraqi kids was "worth it". Clinton ordered a mass bombing of Yugoslavia, one result of which was massive ecological damage due to the bombing of toxic waste sites (see wsws.org on Dec 10, 2002). Clinton, a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, pushed hard for globalization measures such as NAFTA and GATT, was indeed a "CEO" of this country (ie working for corporate interests). During his regime, the gap between top executive pay and worker pay grew from 120 to 1 to 400+ to 1. He pushed the destruction of welfare, the destruction of civil rights ("anti-terrorism act of '96"),deregulation of the media and telecommunications. He also signed Directive 62 which commits the US to preemptive strikes against "terrorists", and began going in the direction of using nukes against countries not possessing them (as a policy, though not actually put to use). He is one sick ruling class SOB. This post is so illustrative of jerk Democrats who are willing to dump on Bush but ultimately defend the system he represents. I prefer the honest fascist to the slimey liberal any day.

The same harness, different mule. 11.Dec.2002 11:12


All this proves is, no matter what cloak they wear, the puppets chosen for us to sit as the spokes person of elite capital and corporate socialism have only one thing in common.
To service the needs of a very few beneficiaries at the rest of our expense; not for the common defense and general welfare of the people to whom the consent, government is supposed to derive its mandate from. It's been a very long time since a president has not been guilty of crimes against its people and and the people of the world. Comparing the club to the flail disregards the smashed bones and blood of the victims.

MY VOTE FOR SHEEPDOG 11.Dec.2002 13:14


If you are satisfied you must be dead. On your honor, do what's best, take what's given and steal the rest. The bigger the lie, the bigger the prize. Maggot101
Will don't tell clinton was easy to listen to and he was cool. If his wife got ok with outsourcing that service more power to them both. President Clinton made MONEY for all of us willing to work. And was a golden maggot that bit the hand of tobacco and gave fast food the task of "retiring" tax payers before they collect. He bought 100 thousand fighters with money from youth centers. Wrecked infrastructures in 2 countries harming mostly civilians. Allowed spraying of the defoliant Agent Orange on thousands of square miles to "win the war on drugs". Ruby Ridge, Waco and Ron Brown, Murrah Federal Building, TWA800, don't matter either really. mr bill was our choice. twice , he was coool.
The grip on total power is the prize, any lie for that.