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Site segregation

an idea for mending IMC's functionality
It seems to me what the IMCs are dealing with can be looked at in many ways as a blessing: too much being posted. That a lot of the stuff is damaging and hurtful should not go unnoticed. So it would seem to me that the site should create two specific areas... one for "news postings" which would have certain criteria for submission (possibly including that it shouldn't be an op-ed piece, need have some relevance to some recent event, have sources where necessary, not exceed a certain length... tailored to make it an effective news source, not sure about what criteria it would have anyhow) and a second area which would function as typical bulletin boards do, for venting, for giving your opinion on whatever, and people can post all their anti-people mierda without having it anywhere close to being in the guise of "news".

Please, argue with this.

Also, this isn't a new problem. Fascist groups took advantage of free publishing policies in magazines in the 60's. I'm definitely against ideological alignment, but am not against discounting articles which promote certain institutionalized hurtful biases (racism, anti-semitism, you can create a relatively short list of these).