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Oscar Doesn't Like Palestinians

"The Academy is clearly underestimating the extent to which such discriminatory action damages its image on a global level. In sharp contrast .."
Oscar Doesn't Like Palestinians

Monday, December 09 2002 @ 08:01 PM GMT

The Academy Foundation of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences represents, to many people, an important symbol of one of their most valued forms of entertainment, namely the film industry. Not only in America, but on a world-wide level, do the heroes of Hollywood's white screen reach international celebrity status, revered by many, and looked upon as examples of achievement.

For this reason, the Academy's world-famous award, the Oscar, is generally considered to be one of the highest decorations in the world of arts, and its glamorous award ceremony is followed by many, and the decisions of its jury anxiously awaited.

It appears, however, that the Academy has decided to exclude some of its admirers from the possibility of having one of their own artists contending for this prize, for the mere reason that it does not recognize their national identity, namely the Palestinians.

Recently, Palestinian filmmaker and actor Elia Suleiman's film 'Divine Intervention' was denied entry in the race for Oscar nominations in the category of "Best Foreign Film", on the grounds that "Palestine is not a nation". In sharp contrast, the same movie won the Jury Award at the famous film festival of Cannes, in France, only weeks ago.

If Elia Suleiman wanted to enter his movie, what should he call himself, if not a Palestinian?

With the exception of a handful of states, the whole world recognizes Palestine as a nation, as is exemplified by the overwhelming vote in the UN General Assembly of July 7, 1998, when Palestine's status in the UN was elevated to that of non-voting member, with a majority of 124-4. Therefore, even if official statehood has not yet been achieved, the world community has clearly voiced its recognition of the fact that Palestine is at the least a nation, if not yet a state, due to the complications caused by the continuing occupation of the Palestinian homeland.

Therefore, to exclude Elia Suleiman's movie on the grounds that Palestine is not a nation, is a clear political statement, which serves to illustrate the Academy's rigid anti-Palestinian position. It is impossible for the Academy to hide behind the "technical" excuse of saying that only official states are allowed entry for nomination, especially in times when the whole world has been waiting for the implementation of a vast number of UN resolutions, treaties and accords all pointing in the direction of the establishment of a Palestinian state.

By denying the existence of Palestine as a nation, the Academy implicitly states that there is no reason to ever establish this Palestinian state, which, in the spectrum of existing opinions concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is a stance that is otherwise adopted only by Zionist right-wing extremists. Even the current Bush administration has clearly stated that it envisages a Palestinian state as an end goal in the resolution of the conflict.

The Academy is clearly underestimating the extent to which such discriminatory action damages its image on a global level. In sharp contrast, the organizers of the Cannes film festival will have gained credit among a significant part of the world population, even enhanced by the Academy's provocative move of excluding a winning film from nomination.

Has the Academy ever before made such a clear and blunt political statement, abusing the responsibility it bears towards the world community, which is connected to the unique position it occupies in the film industry on an international level?

Even if this tragic display of primitive tribalism should turn out to be their only error of judgment, one thing becomes as clear as glass: the Academy Foundation is incapable of upholding the internationally accepted standards of decency and justice, and does not deserve to be revered. In fact, an artist being awarded an Oscar may have to wonder, what the real value of this decoration is. After all, the Academy may be applying the same level of wisdom in its distinctions between art and kitsch, as it applies to distinguishing right from wrong.

It obviously appears, that Oscar, our dear and beloved friend, just doesn't like Palestinians.

The author is a Palestinian-Dutch surgeon. He is also a regular columnist and an editor for the PalestineChronicle.com

-Palestine Chronicle (palestinechronicle.com). Redistributed via Press International News Agency (PINA).

homepage: homepage: http://palestinechronicle.com

Who gives a fuck? 10.Dec.2002 11:09

Another amazing indy story

Wow! The academy awards won't let in a palestinian movie???? I give a fuck

I give a fuck 10.Dec.2002 14:28

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Hollywood is the biggest branch of the US propaganda machine. The fact that most US Jews identify with the Zionist murderers that run Israel's apartheid regime is disgusting to me. The fact that the Hollywood establishment, as represented by the Academy, doesn't even consider Palestine legitimate is also ugly to me. Zionism has little to do with Judaism, but many US Jews are not aware of this, sadly. They see Israel's problems as a problem facing Judaism, rather than seeing it as a problem facing a repressive genocidal fascist government engaging in ethnic cleansing. Not just any movie gets the Jury Award at Cannes. It has to be a good film. But the Academy not even nominating it, with a bogus political rationalisation, smack of disinformation. Either Hollywood wants to reward good film-making or they want to allow Israel to continue its ethnic cleansing of Arabs; which is it?

pure antisemitism 10.Dec.2002 18:06


this behavior of the academy shows he purest antisemitism directed at palestinians, who are due to become a non-people.

Better late then never 10.Dec.2002 19:17


"this behavior of the academy shows he purest antisemitism directed at palestinians, who are due to become a non-people."
They've only been a "people" since 1967. Before that they were just so many adjacent JEW HATERS occupied by Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The six day war was the best thing that ever happened to them. None of you anti Israel folks would give a rat's ass about the poor "palestinians" if they were still under the control of another "people of color" especially a islamic people of color. The ONLY time you care about anybodies pain is if you can try and blame the "rich white man" for it, and you know that.

Censor bans movie 10.Dec.2002 21:30


Censor bans movie on Jenin offensive
The censorship board has banned a movie produced by an Israeli Arab about events in the West Bank town of Jenin during Operation Defensive Shield in April, a board official said yesterday.

Sonya David-Elmalea, the board spokeswoman, said the movie "Jenin, Jenin" was banned because it falsely depicted fictional events as truth. The movie is "propaganda that represents a biased view of the group with whom Israel finds itself at war," she said.

She said the movie upholds Palestinian claims that IDF soldiers carried out atrocities during the battle in Jenin. The Israeli public would find the movie extremely offensive and "may mistakenly think Israeli soldiers are intentionally, systematically carrying out war crimes."

Mohammed Bakri, a well known Israeli Arab actor who produced "Jenin, Jenin," said he would appeal the decision. "I am going to court against the censor, and I hope that democracy will win this test," Bakri said.

An initial screening of the movie in Tel Aviv last month drew dozens of Israelis protesters. A spokesman for Israel's Culture Ministry said movie censorship was extremely rare in Israel. A committee appointed by former Culture Minister Matan Vilnai is investigating whether to disband the censorship board, said spokesman Moshe Fogel.

By The Associated Press

Jewish Groups Seek to Ban Book 10.Dec.2002 21:54


Tue December 10, 2002 11:39 AM ET
By Joelle Diderich
PARIS (Reuters) - Jewish organizations have called for a ban on a novel by a teenage girl about the Middle East conflict which they say glorifies Palestinian suicide bombers and fuels racial hatred.

French publisher Flammarion said Tuesday it had been deluged by protests since publishing last month a translation of "Sognando Palestina" ("Dream of Palestine") by 15-year-old Randa Ghazi as part of a series of books aimed at adolescents.

The book was originally published in Italian in March. Ghazi, born in Italy of Egyptian parents, depicts teenagers caught up in the Palestinian uprising for independence. One of the characters blows himself up, killing five Israeli soldiers.

Anti-racist group LICRA called on the government Tuesday to ban the book under publishing laws destined to protect young readers, but said it did not plan to fight the novel in court.

The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center and France's CRIF umbrella group of Jewish organizations urged Flammarion and its Italian parent company, Rizzoli Corriere della Sera, to withdraw the book.

They called on French Web Sites and the French and German arms of Internet retailer Amazon.com to stop selling the novel.

"It is beyond comprehension that a book targeting young French readers at Christmas time would have as its central character a teen-ager who becomes a suicide bomber," said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

The debate comes amid growing sensitivity to radical Islam in France, home to Europe's largest Muslim community, and government efforts to promote moderate Islam against radical ideas spreading among youths.

French courts recently threw out a bid to ban a book by Italian author Oriana Fallaci criticizing Islamic fundamentalism and acquitted French writer Michel Houellebecq of inciting racial hatred after he called Islam "the stupidest religion."

An official at Flammarion, which is also Houellebecq's publisher, said Ghazi's book portrayed both extremists and moderates and therefore did not constitute an incitement to hatred and violence.

"The publisher would like to point out, in a spirit of appeasement, that this is a work of fiction which should not be interpreted in ideological terms," said the official, who asked not to be named.

No sales figures were available for the book, which was ranked number 193 at midday Tuesday on the Web Site Amazon.fr.

"It is clearly not among our top sellers," said Elisa O'Neill, spokeswoman for the French division of Amazon.com.

She said the company had received letters of protest but had no plans to withdraw the book, since it was not banned.

"This decision does not in any way stem from a prejudice against one religion or another," added O'Neill.

French retailer FNAC said several customers had protested to store managers but it too planned to continue selling the novel.

"Our job is not to be censors. Having said that, we are not giving it particular prominence either," said a spokesman.

hey, 'freshoil' 10.Dec.2002 22:50

fuck you

"They've only been a "people" since 1967. Before that they were just so many adjacent JEW HATERS occupied by Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The six day war was the best thing that ever happened to them. None of you anti Israel folks would give a rat's ass about the poor "palestinians" if they were still under the control of another "people of color" especially a islamic people of color. The ONLY time you care about anybodies pain is if you can try and blame the "rich white man" for it, and you know that."

--besides the fact that you are a lying, hate-spewing, troll-baiting, SACK OF SHIT, i thought i'd comment a little on where you might be coming from with this post, "freshoil".

have you ever actually LIVED in another country?

well guess what--I DID!

know what country, "freshoil"?

nope. not Israel. not the freaky anomaly of a nation, a hybrid colony/empire in a post colonial/imperial age, entirely supported by--and dependent upon--$3 billion per annum of US gifts, the nuclear superpower nation for a bronze-age minded tribe, the country with unlimited ambition but without any natural resources, and completely surrounded by a hostile world.

no, "freshoil", i lived in Lebanon. city of Beirut, to be more specific.

This was the 1972-1975 period, right before the civil war completely tore the country apart (and several years later was followed by Syrian and Israeli invasions). I was of grade school age then.

and you know who we used to see every day, "freshoil"? on our way to school, or just playing with them out in the street? lots of poor Palestinian refugee families and children, living all over the city in small shantytown villages and tin-roof shacks--the largest concentration of which was located near Beirut airport in the southern part of the city (about 1.5 miles from my own family's apartment building).

On a periodic basis during the early 1970s, Israeli jets would bomb the camps in response to various political initiatives, or as reprisals for terrorist incidents, and air-raid sirens would go off around the city. Everyone knew who was getting the hot end of the iron, and one could see the sickening results of a recent raid when driving to the airport.

but not you, "freshoil". you were never submitted to the "indignity" of actually LIVING in any other country besides your own wealthy, isolated US of A. and all of your "ideas" about politics and your fellow human beings are based upon regurgitated garbage that has been crammed into your brainwashed mind and soul by corporate media, your social class, and family since the day you dropped out of your mom.

you've no idea what another 'country' even is, or what another 'culture' means (except, of course that Egypt, Jordan, and Syria are entirely populated by "JEW HATERS" [sic - capitalized]).

in fact, if you're like most Americans who've somehow emerged from our so-called school system, i'd be surprised if you could even **find** Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria or ANY OTHER COUNTRY on a world map or globe . . .

and your bile- and hate-filled mode of expressing opinion is entirely framed within a cartoonish blend of Rush Limbaugh and the O'Reilly Factor.

YOU are the one who's writhing in 'pain', "freshoil".

we all pity sad-assed, pathetic humans such as yourself, utterly incapable of even a shred of decency, awareness, or evolution.

So what 11.Dec.2002 06:30


So what's your point "fuck you"? So you lived in Lebanon for some amount of time and you saw alot of suffering so that means what? That history has somehow rewritten itself? Here's what you do "fuck you". Settle down, dry your eyes and try to empty your narrow mind of at least a little of the slogans you've got jammed in there. Now, read a fucking book. Try to learn SOMETHING about the history of the area you so fondly called home. Then again, no amount of knowledge could possibly penetrate the outright hate you have for Israel. Your capacity "of even a shred of decency, awareness, or evolution" extends only to one side evidently.
And for the record, I'm actually quite adept at geography.

FRESH OIL, FRESH HISTORY 11.Dec.2002 06:55


romans named the area palestine after exterminating the local terrorists of the time. Seems to me it was before 1967.

BO-RING! 11.Dec.2002 10:30


Dear Blind Zionist Trolls -

You are silly. Here's a book for you to read: "Righteous Victims" by Benny Morris. Surprise, he's a jew. Surpirse, he talks about the history of two peoples both claiming victim status. Read it and get back to us. Until then, leave us along until you are ready to turn your brains back on. Thanks.

language skills 11.Dec.2002 11:15


The dialogue here is sadly marred by the inability of commenters to rise above petty name calling and "shock" value insults. There's enough to debate and discuss here without being distracted by sophomoric "nasty words" and other extraneous rudeness.

I have no issue with using words that are considered to be "inappropriate" by many -- I can say fuck, bitch, shit too. The problem arises when these words are used as a substitute for thinking. Here they seem to be used to shock and insult each other. This isn't nearly as cool, cute, or entertaining as you may think when you write this. Really it just makes your message look like trash.

Delighted to Know You Do Read..... 11.Dec.2002 12:38


Dear Leftist Bitch,

Yes, I know full-well about that Benny Morris article, hence the reason for offering his book as a suggestion. He is a moderate aligned with the Shimon Peres/Yitzhak Rabin wing of the Labor Party. He attempted, fairly succesfully considering the books reception by people on both sides of the issue, to offer as non-biased a book as possible about a conflict which can only be defined as "blindly partisan."

The point is this, though: condemning Palestinian terrorism does not necessarily entail denying that they exist as a people. His book opens with a history of the Palestinian people before Jews arrived in the holy land, then a history of Zionism as a political movement, and then he moves into the conflict between the two, as exacerbated by the heavy-handed approach of the British. However, he never denies that people lived in what is now Israel, and that Israeli policies pushed out the Palestinians from their land. He doesn't deny things like Dir Yassin. Nor does he ignore the Israeli lives lost defending the nation against petty Arab dictators and Palestinian terrorists.

Morris condemns Palestinian terrorism and believes in an Israeli state - but he still believes that Palestinians have the right to a homeland as well. The two beliefs are not mutually exclusive - simple minded bigots like yourself are apparently unable to make such a cognitive leap.

yo, 'freshoil'--coffee is for *closers*, only 11.Dec.2002 13:56

f u c k y o u

"Now, read a fucking book."
--i WRITE AND EDIT "fucking" [sic] books for a *living*. many other activists at this site can run RINGS around you, your buddy "Leftist Bitch" and your COINTELPRO bosses on any "geopolitical" issue you choose to spin.

"Your capacity "of even a shred of decency, awareness, or evolution" extends only to one side evidently."
--mine certainly DOESN'T extend to inept, hack, pathetic, overpaid-by-line-typed Disinformationalists appearing on Portland Indymedia, whose sole intent is to disrupt and distract the activist newswire.

you and your geography pal "Leftist Bitch" can keep your lying, goldbrickin' COINTELPRO asses OFF of Indymedia.

oh and BTW--in case you (or "language skills cw") were wondering why my moniker is f u c k y o u, thought i'd bring it back around to something all of us English-speaking Earthlings share:

a fondness for Hollywood movies.

one of my favorites from the past decade is based on the David Mamet play "Glengarry Glen Ross". f u c k y o u is the name of Alec Baldwin's character (as told by him to Ed Harris' character) in the film.

yeah "freshoil"--PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN. coffee is for closers, only.

if you've got something to sell, WE'RE NOT BUYING. go ploy your wares someplace else. your COINTELBoss needs to fire your ineffective ass. you won't win the Cadillac, and you don't even have a snowball's chance in hell at second prize--set of steak knives.

third prize is--YOU'RE FIRED.

yo, 'freshoil'--coffee is for *closers*, only
yo, 'freshoil'--coffee is for *closers*, only

We're just talkin' 11.Dec.2002 19:07

freshoil (the chink)

First of all refer to me as "the chink" from here on out.
Secondly, don't flatter yourself by thinking that any "spook" or COINTELPRO agent would give a damn about the inane ramblings that pass for leftist thought here. I hate to tell you that your "radicalism" is safe and sound.
So, WILL you go to lunch?
Will you GO to lunch? WILL YOU GO TO lunch?

Ah, I see 12.Dec.2002 11:44

Free Pali

Freshoil, Leftist Bitch-

Excellent job refuting the intelligent statements on the board! Oh, but they are just "inane ramblings." Excellent proof that you rightwing trolls can't refute shit without name calling and accusations of lies.

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues? 12.Dec.2002 19:35


that's Noriyuki "Pat" Morita's character in the flick "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues", right "freshoil"? right??