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ANALYSIS: Indy Seems To Be Under Attack Right Now

Gee, anyone suspicious about the timing of all this??
If you ask my opinion, I'd say the various indymedia (most
especially the ones in the Untied States) are being targetted
by a determined team of propagandists for attack.
Here's some examples:


This also comes at the same time when someone calling his
or herself proffr suddenly reappears hot and heavy after
being rather quiet for a few months. Hmmm...

I don't think I'll say much more about this, besides that most
people are able to tell what's a real news story and what's
something nefarious. I worry about the people who can't tell
the difference, but there's really not much we can do about
it except perhaps keep asking them to engage their own minds
and don't jump to conclusions too quickly.

I'll end with a couple quoted comments about this recent
activity. No attribution for safety purposes.

"this is a VERY tense time for activists right now...
and Indymedia doesn't need this"

"what we're discussing here is IMC newswire moderation"

"the problem is that this article is being passed
around to the general activist community people who
(as a rule) are not hip to the internal dynamics of
IMC politics"


This is only part of it. 10.Dec.2002 14:15

No-Doz Bukowski

I know I keep saying this everywhere, but I want people to think about the general direction of the War On Terrorism toward Indymedia and its ideological fellows.

The whole incident in Red Bluff, with the mystery army veteran shooting a cop and then posting his confession on Indymedia with loads of anti-corporate jargon is part of it.

The recent raids on Indymedia offices, the attempted confiscation of their computers (and therefore server logs) is part of it. I haven't heard any resolution to these stories, so I don't know whether any Indymedia offices have already been compromised. Even if not, Carnivore boxes already have us pinned to the wall; but I'd like to know if Indymedia succeeded in keeping them from seizing their physical assets.

The bombing in Italy was part of it. The mysterious new terrorist group with anti-corporate politics claimed to be exacting revenge for a man who died during the G-8 protest in Genoa.

The arrest of Earnest Ujaama was part of it - they're saying that he supported terrorism, when what he really did was run a website (stopamerica.org) that was basically an independent news site about U.S. imperialism and interventionism. He's been indicted for providing material support to a terrorist organization, based on the idea that he founded an Al Qaeda training camp in Bly, Oregon, shortly after the WTO protests in Seattle 99. He was, indeed, involved in organizing those protests and that community in general; but the whole terrorist training camp thing is crazy talk that has nonetheless avoided much public scrutiny.

The many, many references in the popular media over the past month or so to the dangerous free exchange of information on the Internet is part of it.

The Information Awareness Office is part of it.

The aforementioned Carnivore boxes were part of it.

The "dot-com bubble" that got private investors to spend enormous amounts of money to build the backbone of the Internet, then bankrupted the companies that owned the cable, was part of it.

This will soon be followed by a post from someone who says I should buy an aluminum foil hat, or that I should stop watching the X-Files, or that we all have delusions of grandeur if we think the government cares about our stupid website.

Make no mistake - the government cares. The free exchange of information on the Internet is preventing them from making their lies stick, and they're actually at risk of being exposed in public for crimes that will send them all to prison for life. They would do anything to stop that - who wouldn't?

Indymedia is being targetted.

5000. - N.

Parents of cop-killing suspect say they tippe 10.Dec.2002 15:30

Jim Zamora jzamora@sfchronicle.com

Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, December 4, 2002

The parents of a man accused of killing a Red Bluff police officer said Tuesday that they contacted authorities after their son bragged to them about the killing in a phone call.

The Nov. 25 tip allowed Red Bluff police and the FBI to find and arrest Andrew Hampton McCrae, 23, the next morning in a Holiday Inn in Concord, N.H.

"That was a big break for us," said Red Bluff Police Chief Robert Petitt. "It was a very honorable thing for them to do."

The parents said Tuesday that they had mixed emotions about contacting police.

"I pray that we did the right thing," McCrae's father, Stan Mickel, said in a telephone interview from his home in Ohio. "It's a troubling situation for us."

Mickel and his wife, Karen, called authorities several days after the killing of Red Bluff Police Officer David Mobilio on Nov. 19.

"We love our son but absolutely denounce his recent actions," said Stan Mickel, a professor of Asian studies at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. "We did what we felt was the right thing to do."

Neither Mickel nor police would say exactly what McCrae told his parents or what they passed on to investigators. Petitt confirmed to local reporters that the Mickels had tipped off police about their son but would not discuss details.

Mobilio was killed in an ambush-style attack as he refueled his patrol car. He was shot twice in the left side before being shot at close range in the back of the head, according to a Red Bluff police affidavit.

Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen has prepared a warrant to extradite McCrae, who is being held without bail in New Hampshire. Gov. Gray Davis plans to sign the warrant as early as next week, his office said Tuesday.

That could mean McCrae would return to California in the next three months.

McCrae was arrested after he allegedly posted confessions online claiming he killed Mobilio to make a statement about police brutality and corporate irresponsibility. Some of the e-mails, which were sent out from Nov. 22 to 25, contained apologies for the killing.

McCrae, who spent three years in the Army, enrolled at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., last year. Authorities say he flew to New Hampshire on Nov. 24; his parents said they don't know why he adopted the surname McCrae several months ago.

Oh, No-Doz 10.Dec.2002 21:48


Oh, No-Doz, you really should get an aluminum foil hat.
You should make yourself, for best fit.
It will help stop IAO from reading your thoughts.

I have wanted for a long time to say something like that.
I think, next time, I shall stick "sympomatic relief"
in there, somewhere.

Levity aside, I wish more people give thought to the forces of repression. COINTELPRO and all that. Even just reading what is said by whom. There is sometimes such a thin line between paranoia and sensible restraint. It is possible disseminate and discuss without giving away sensitive information or enabling prosecution.

Crazy + Crazy = Homicidal 11.Dec.2002 12:42

A dose of reality

I thinks it's interesting that a former Army recruit would choose to go to Evergreen as a University

Sounds like some idoit kid tying a lot of things to find his place in the world, he may have just as easily chose Nazism as an outlet for his narcicissm

BTW Mixing a desensitized trained killer with far left ideology is never a healthy mix

or maybe 11.Dec.2002 17:28

dj tubesteak

Having several friends who have (not without efforts on my part to convince them otherwise) recently decided to join the military and are in early stages of training, I've gotten a hint of what kind of psychological conditioning American military personnel undergo. People who I've known for years have come back barely recognizable. The intensity of efforts to break down a personality that completely has to be considerable. In this Mickel/McCrae individual's case, you have the effects of this conditioning amplified by the experience of combat, (in fact, wasn't he in one of the more specialized elite combat units?) which has put an enormous amount of stress on a person's psychological and emotional faculties. Perhaps this individual never fully recovered his psychological equilibrium. In the last 12 years we've seen a few other high-profile cases of this happening to Gulf War veterans (Timothy McVeigh, John Allen Muhammad) whose tensions eventually boiled over after a few years spent attempting to reintegrate themselves into civilian society and resulted in them taking out their aggressions on domestic targets. If American troops had been in Kuwait for as long as they were in Vietnam, I suspect individuals such as these would be the ones 'fragging' their officers. Because the American presence there was so short-lived, the results of these destabilizing experiences have instead been visited upon civilians in the U.S. 'Far left ideology' probably has little to do with it, (it certainly didn't in McVeigh's case) except as an immediate trigger or a rationalization on the killer's part.

No-Doz, while I do agree that there's evidence of a somewhat organized effort to disrupt dissident media, (I think a lot of the more ridiculous conspiracy articles posted to indymedia sites originate with such an effort) I'm fairly doubtful that the Red Bluff incident and the bombing in Italy were perpretrated for purposes of 'counter-intelligence' activities. First, it should be remembered that people often take drastic actions when they perceive a situation to be urgent, as certainly many people in anarchist/anti-capitalist circles do, not without reason, regarding the current state of geopolitics. That a few individuals (especially one with a background likely to create mental instability) would be pushed over the edge to criminal acts simply by their convictions is not at all difficult to believe. Even if there's some kind of political manipulation of these stories going on, it really doesn't make sense for any kind of government body to have actually conspired to perpetrate the acts merely for propaganda purposes. (the FBI is not going to be party to a cop-killing. they may have little respect for the rights of anyone else, but pigs are fiercely protective of their own.) Which leads me to my second point:

The pattern of disruption that the indymedia sites are experiencing does not really suggest a government agency at work, but is more consistent with an independent entity or entities who see themselves as acting on the government's behalf. The posting of rightist editorials, for example, is the kind of activity your average freeper engages in simply as a pastime. The more immature trilox/goat/asdf-type attempts at parody and insults probably come from lonely adolescents who spend a great deal of their time connecting to web sites which allow open user posting and trying to draw attention to themselves; someone posted an article here some time ago about a website actually devoted to specifically this type of activity, (www.kobehq.com) on which is found an assemblage of juvenile political humor, bored-teenager type opinion pieces condemning islamic religion and the peace movement in simplistic, colorful terms, and, appropriately enough, pornography. There is also a discussion forum where users of the site exchange exactly the kind of 'why don't the stupid hippies move to Iraq' comments seen from the 'trolls' on portland and other indymedia sites. The more extreme racist or terrorism-advocating postings, not discounting the possibility of disturbed individuals with no ulterior motive, are the type of tactic often employed by fringe right-wing/fascist groups whose members are acquainted primarily through electronic communications rather than the geographical proximity necessary to engage in physical disruption of leftist/progressive activities and thus resort to electronic harassment, perhaps in an attempt to somehow provoke government action against their targets or simply to make them appear to take positions that will alienate certain potential supporters and discourage positive media coverage. There are a sufficient number of these types of groups to perform this task without the need for the government to get involved. If you'll recall, a lot of COINTELPRO's activities involved simply tipping off domestic right-wing militant groups with information on targeted radical organizations (or simply inciting one group of radicals against others, as in the case of black-power organizations)in order to minimize their own traceable involvement.

workin' for The Man 11.Dec.2002 21:31


'The more immature trilox/goat/asdf-type attempts at parody and insults probably come from lonely adolescents who spend a great deal of their time connecting to web sites which allow open user posting and trying to draw attention to themselves'

--i suggested that such "juvenile" antics still worked toward helping those who stand to benefit the most from such disruption, particulary, those on the other side of the dissent coin (free radical govt/commercial/industrial entities, etc)--the "big(gest) fish", so to speak.

immature, possibly--"lonely adolescents"? i was into girls when i was younger, not politics. not saying that little kids can't practice social monkey wrenching/espionage because it is wholely possible considering that "kids" seem to be, in my mother's words, "acting more grown" these days. kids can be pretty sophisticated, and let's face it, even monkeys understand "politics" to a certain degree.

now, would such kids have respect for "indymedia", seeing that it might serve as an outlet for themselves? maybe--what if the kid is a skater and the local ordinance is becoming less skater friendly? or what if certain uptight *adults*, instead of talking to their kids and allowing them to think for themselves, decided that a software product should not be made available to the public--won't these kids soon become IMC allies?

quit blamin' the kids :P ideally, if they just want attention, won't they "grow out of it" eventually? so say the child psychologists (of course, it's quite apparent that adults can be considered the bigger version of the juvenile...)

...but maybe, just maybe, the certain "leaders of the future" are expressing their corporate-government-loving selves whereby swearing their loyal devotion as junior minion for The State. who knows but they that know?

and the "trolls" who suggest that hippies should leave the US if they don't like it here aren't just doing it for kicks as i would understand it. this is a real response that gets thrown around on the street, in public face-to-face discourse. i remember i was at a *peace* rally in $eattle and a guy dressed in a civilian patrol officer uniform was verbally assaulting rallyers on the fringe of the crowd. he seemed to believe that questioning the motives of (those who control) your country was "wrong" and that anybody feeling that the country might in fact be in the wrong should go live "there", there referring to Palestine cuz the rally was also to show support to Palestinians (and there was one "admittedly" Jewish speaker at this rally--see, we all *can* get along).

is the IMC "under attack"? i don't know. could such "disruptive" posting denote an attack? possibly.

is IMC under "surveillance"? it's a strong possibility given the raids on certain centers.

are there people in the world that would go to whatever lengths to dominate and control the it and the human race as well? it's possible.

even if you don't get the truth on IMC, you understand that certain people here sincerely care about others around the world.

long live IMC and good will because i see them as truly good.