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The Fat Man in History

the sense of 1930's German dissent

<body><div align="center"><b><font size="-1"><b>The sense of Hitler's greeting:</b></font><br><img src=" http://www.melbourne.indymedia.org/local/webcast/uploads/metafiles/hitlergrus.gif" width="274" height="363"></b><br><font size="-1"><b>Small Man asks for Large Gifts</b></font></div><hr noshade color="#003366"><p><img src=" http://images.indymedia.org/imc/melbourne/chaselsml.gif" width="152" height="44" align="right">The <a href=" http://baltech.org/lederman/913chase.html" target="_blank">Rockefeller family's Chase Manhattan Bank</a> has as its motto, &quot;Chase: The right relationship&quot;. As Chase is on the verge of buying J.P. Morgan and becoming the world's richest bank, it might be timely to explore a bit of the history behind that slogan. </p><p>Chase Bank actively supported the most viciously racist regime in world history, Nazi Germany's Third Reich. Unlike many other banks which also have done business with murderous regimes, Chase's involvement was much more thathan just a business arrangement. Morgan Bank has a similar history of closely working with Hitler and advocating Nazism both before and throughout WWII. </p><p><b>Chase Bank, it's owners, the Rockefeller family and the family's other main business-Standard Oil (now known as Exxon)</b>-were an integral part of Hitler's war effort. Rockefeller, Standard Oil and Chase Bank helped put Hitler in power, helped him build the world's deadliest army, supplied him with oil throughout the war and after the war helped the Nazi elite to smuggle billions of dollars stolen from Holocaust victims and Nazi-occupied countries out of Germany and into Swiss and Latin American banks. </p><p><img src=" http://www.melbourne.indymedia.org/local/webcast/uploads/metafiles/logocomp.gif" width="38" height="117" align="right">The powerhouse of Germany's war industry was <b><i>I.G. Farben</i></b> the chemical company that patented and manufactured Zyklon-B the nerve gas used in Auschwitz. The relationship of I.G. Farben to Auschwitz went much deeper than Zyklon-B. </p><p><i><b>Auschwitz was built by I.G. Farben</b></i> as a slave labor camp that manufactured rubber and other materials for the Nazi war effort and &quot;recycled&quot;gold fillings, human hair and other substances derived from those worked to death or killed in the gas chambers. At the end of WWII I.G. Farben was transformed into BASF, Bayer and Hoescht. </p><p><i><b>Rockefeller/Standard Oil was the largest stockholder in I.G. Farben</b></i> and I.G. Farben was-next to Rockefeller-the largest shareholder in Standard Oil. </p><hr width="95%" noshade color="#cc0000"><p><font size="-2"><img src=" http://www.melbourne.indymedia.org/local/webcast/uploads/metafiles/fordlogo.gif" width="108" height="43" align="right"></font>On December 20, 1922 the New York Times reported<font size="-2">4</font> that automobile manufacturer <a href=",%2Bnazis&hl=en&ie=UTF-8" target="_blank">Henry Ford was financing Adolph Hitler's</a> nationalist and anti-Semitic movements in Munich. Simultaneously, the Berlin newspaper Berliner Tageblatt appealed to the American Ambassador in Berlin to investigate and halt Henry Ford's intervention into German domestic affairs. It was reported that Hitler's foreign backers had furnished a &quot;spacious headquarters&quot; with a &quot;host of highly paid lieutenants and officials.&quot; <b>Henry Ford's portrait was prominently displayed on the walls of Hitler's personal office: </b></p><p>The wall behind his desk in Hitler's private office is decorated with a large picture of Henry Ford. In the antechamber there is a large table covered with books, nearly all of which are a translation of a book written and published by Henry Ford.<font size="-2">5</font></p><hr width="95%" noshade color="#003366"><p><img src=" http://images.indymedia.org/imc/melbourne/alcoa-logo.gif" width="65" height="51" align="right">&quot;Thurman Arnold, as assistant district attorney of the United States, his assistant, Norman Littell, and several Congressional investigations, have produced incontrovertible evidence that some of our biggest monopolies entered into secret agreements with the Nazi cartels and divided the world up among them,&quot; states Seldes in his book, &quot;Facts and Fascism,&quot; published in 1943. &quot;<a href=" http://www.wealth4freedom.com/Elkhorn2.html" target="_blank">Most notorious of all was Alcoa</a>, the Mellon-Davis-Duke monopoly which is largely responsible for the fact America did not have the aluminum with which to build airplanes before and after Pearl Harbor, while Germany had an unlimited supply.&quot; (3) </p><p>Alcoa sabotage of American war production had already cost the U.S. &quot;10,000 fighters or 1,665 bombers,&quot; according to Congressman Pierce of Oregon speaking in May 1941, because of &quot;the effort to protect Alcoa's monopolistic position. . .&quot; </p><p>&quot;<b>If America loses this war</b>,&quot; said Secretary of the Interior [Harold] Ickes, June 26, 1941, &quot;<b>it can thank the Aluminum Corporation of America</b>.&quot;</p><hr width="95%" noshade color="#cc0000"><p><a href=" http://makethemaccountable.com/articles/Author_links_Bush_family_to_Nazis.htm" target="_blank">Herald-Tribune, November 12, 2000</a> </p><p>The president of the Florida Holocaust Museum said Saturday that George W. Bush's grandfather derived a portion of his personal fortune through his affiliation with a Nazi-controlled bank. </p><p><img src=" http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2000/democracy/bush/stories/bush/prescott.jpg" width="150" height="125" align="right">John Loftus, a former prosecutor in the Justice Department's Nazi War Crimes Unit, said his research found that Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a principal in the Union Banking Corp. in Manhattan in the late 1930s and the 1940s. Leading Nazi industrialists secretly owned the bank at that time, Loftus said, and were moving money into it through a second bank in Holland even after the United States declared war on Germany. The bank was liquidated in 1951, Loftus said, and Bush's grandfather and great-grandfather received $1.5 million from the bank as part of that dissolution. </p><p><b>&quot;That's where the Bush family fortune came from: It came from the Third Reich,&quot; Loftus said.</b> </p><hr noshade color="#003366"><div align="center"><br><font size="-1"><b>Adolf the Ubermensch</b></font><br><img src=" http://www.melbourne.indymedia.org/local/webcast/uploads/metafiles/swallowsgold-spoutsrubbish.jpg" width="274" height="368"><br><b><font size="-1">Swallows Gold and Spouts Rubbish</font></b></div></body>
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Thank you, I have been wondering where to start. This helps.

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history bytes

your welcome. I appreciate the feedback

I have some middle east bytes too--which I'll post soon.