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Why the fuck isn't Indymedia covering a possible imminent coup in Venezuela?
Why the hell aren't you Indymedia idiots covering the possible coup in Venezuela? Even Hugo Chavez himself has warned about an imminent coup, yet Indymedia continues to ignore the issue.

Even a leading mouthpiece of the American "free press" such as the Washington Post has been desperately hoping and calling for American intervention in Venezuela--all to "prevent instability" of course.


And here is a post on the Indymedia newswire warning about an imminent coup attempt tonight (12-9-02). At the very least, it deserves investigation.

It is Indymedia 'activists' that are forever running their mouth about promoting "grassroots democracy" yet you ignore the issue when grassroots democracy is currently being threatened in Venezuela by the capitalist oligarchy--and their American backers.

I wonder why Indymedia is ignoring this issue. Is it because you are afraid to admit that the Bush Regime and America are behind this obvious destabilization campaign--just as they had a hand in the original coup attempt in April 2002. History is repeating itself, and the coup plotters are getting more desperate. The strikes, protests, and now made to order shootings all designed to create instability and justify a violent and antidemocratic regime change.

Are you ignoring Venezuela because you have been distracted by the impending American attack on Iraq? In case you hadn't figured out yet, American formented coups/regime changes over the entire world are all part of a broader militaristic program. These coup attempts are motivated by a desire to expand the power of the American World Empire in general and colonize/steal oil resources in particular.

If you in Indymedia wait until the coup in Venezuela happens, it will be too damn late. Is that what you want?

Get the word out about a Coup Danger in Venezuela now, before it is too late.



what are you so afraid of? 09.Dec.2002 21:21


people have a right to overthrow their government if it is corrupt or not obeying the will of the people. stop hyperventilating.

what "people?" this is a rightist elite coup 09.Dec.2002 21:34

learn something

NEWS: Manufacturing rightist populist anger for the next Venezuelan coup:
1. Portugese born Venezuelan who fired into anti-Chavez crowd names anti-Chavez dissident military officers who paid him 35 million bolivaras to do it;
2. The Venezuelan police investigator chief who made the arrests, the investigation, and got the confession from the suspect has barely survived an attempted assassination the same day: the police inspector was kidnapped, beaten, and shot in the chest on the way home from the police station that same evening.
3. "In news reminiscent of April 11 [the first coup attempt by the military, coroprate elites, and upper middle class "ethnically white" supporters against mestizo Chavez], a government-allied parliamentary delegate has said that she has definite information that certain elements in the opposition have hired death squads from foreign countries. The death squads are said to be arriving in the country presently and will be targetting government officials, members of the media, and certain members of the opposition. Colombian and Salvadoran death squads are believed to have been behind the sniper attacks of April 11, 2002, which left a number of opposition and pro-government marchers dead and provided a pretext for a short-lived coup [in which the oil CEO Camora took over as president for a day, until Chavez was returned by loyal troops and by a massive outpouring of pro-Chavez support from the capital city. Traitor Camora was allowed to escape by his police captors while under house arrest, and he supposedly made it to Columbia]."

Report ties Venezuelan assassin to dissident general (english)
Anonymous 11:14am Mon Dec 9 '02 (Modified on 4:32pm Mon Dec 9 '02)

Joao Gouveia, the Portuguese born Venezuelan who has admitted to firing into a crowd of opposition supporters in an attack which killed three and left fifteen wounded, claims he was paid to carry out the attack by an opposition general, reports say.

Juan Barreto, a Caracas area journalist and parliamentary delegate from the ruling Fifth Republic Movement, says that he has seen the tape in which Joao Goveia confessed to the killings.

At first, Mr. Barreto said, Mr. Gouveia feigned insanity.

But after he was examined by several psychiatrists who concluded that he was sane, he confessed.

His confession stated that he had been paid 35 million Bolivars by General Medina Gomez, Mr. Barreto said.

***General Medina Gomez is the leader of a group of dissident officers who have been camped for two months in plaza which Joao Gouveia attacked.*** [ready and waiting their chance]

The officers have been camped in the Plaza Francia ***in the fashionable Altamira section*** of Caracas for nearly ***two months.***

The officers have called for the resignation of the country's leftist president, Hugo Chavez, and have called on other military officers to join their movement. They have declared the plaza a "liberated area" and declared themselves to be in "legitimate disobedience" against the government. The government, the Organization of American States and several neighboring countries have denounced them as coup-plotters.


A videotape linking Mr. Gouveia to Freddy Bernal, the pro-government mayor of the Caracas municipality of Libertador, has been discredited. The video, widely shown on ***opposition controlled T.V. stations,*** purports to show Mr. Gouveia and Mr. Bernal meeting in the early morning of December 5.

But airline and immigration records indicate that Mr. Gouveia arrived in the country from Portugal at 5:00 p.m. on December 5.

Mr. Gouveia is one of two suspects still in custody for Friday's killings. Six suspects were originally arrested, but four were released after preliminary hearings determined they were not involved. Police say that two guns were seized at the scene and the generals who control the plaza claim that eyewitnesses say there were two shooters.

The other suspect still in custody is reported to be a mechanic of English nationality who continues to deny any role in the killings.

Frank Reyes, Chief of Criminal Investigations for the Caracas municipality where the killings took place, was kidnapped over the weekend, beaten and shot in the chest, according to the opposition-allied mayor of the municipality, Leopoldo Lopez. Lopez said that Mr. Reyes was kidnapped by two armed men as he returned home from police headquarters and that he survived the shooting only by luck. He is now recovering in a clinic, Lopez added.

In news reminiscent of April 11, a government-allied parliamentary delegate has said that she has definite information that certain elements in the opposition have hired death squads from foreign countries. The death squads are said to be arriving in the country presently and will be targetting government officials, members of the media, and certain members of the opposition. Colombian and Salvadoran death squads are believed to have been behind the sniper attacks of April 11, 2002, which left a number of opposition and pro-government marchers dead and provided a pretext for a short-lived coup.

The country's banks have shut down today, in mourning for the victims of last Friday's attacks. They are expected to reopen tomorrow. [There is a rightist business elite "strike" (sic) going on presently, where they have closed down the economy as best they can to faciliate a further crisis for Chavez.]

Commercial businesses are functioning at an even higher level than they were Friday, despite the opposition's promises to deepen and extend its strike in retaliation for Friday's killings, which it blames on the government.

The situation in the oil industry is fluid. A refinery shut down over the weekend due to security concerns has reportedly been reopened after members of the national guard were posted to improve security.

***Many managers of the state oil company who are taking part in the strike have been fired and are now being replaced.*** But shipments of gasoline to gas stations in Venezuela are still delayed, and many gas stations are closed.

A strike in the oil transportation industry which began when a tanker captain dropped anchor last Thursday has spread. Many of the companies in charge of distributing gasoline to gas stations are not operating. The national guard is said to be taking over operations of those companies as well.

The government has charged that some of the gas stations which are shut in fact have gasoline. Some gas stations have refused to accept gasoline delivered by national guard run trucking companies, claiming that the gasoline is contaminated.

Oil production remains reduced, with the opposition claiming that it has fallen %90. [Venezuela gets the majority of its exchange currency from trade in one commodity--oil--trading it across the globe.]

Reports from the past few days from various sources point toward a one sixth reduction. Exports have also been slowed, largely due to a shortage of tankers and crews to conduct loading and unloading operations. The government has ordered the military to fill in for striking workers in these areas, but the effect of that order is not yet known.

A promised strike in the country's aluminum industry appears to have fizzled.

****Although the union took the decision to strike, most workers have ignored it,**** and production is normal, industry executives say. Aluminum is an important export in Venezuela.

add your own comments

Source? (english)
A Person 11:40am Mon Dec 9 '02

How about listing your source, Anon?

Yes, please (english)
pjd 1:23pm Mon Dec 9 '02

Yes, this woud be a hell of a bombshell if it were true. Source please?

Juan Barreto (english)
Anonymous 3:01pm Mon Dec 9 '02

I'm sorry. I thought the article made clear that the source was Juan Barreto, Caracas journalist and parliamentary delegate for the ruling party. He's also the one who broke the bit about Gouveia's international travels.

To be honest, I'm an amateur, and all these articles are, generally, is a rehash of what's available in the online Venezuelan press, principally from www.eud.com, www.redbolivariana.com, www.el-nacional.com, and www.venpres.gov.ve, sometimes with original analysis.

This particular tidbit I took from redbolivariana. That is the simplest place I can direct you if you wish only to satisfy yourself -- although of course it, like the other three, is in Spanish.

But if you are a journalist and want more information, I would suggest that you contact Juan Barreto, who has given a couple of interviews, or the Caracas police. Although I'm not sure which agency interrogated Gouveia -- there are about four involved in the case.

Naturally Juan Barreto is a pro-Chavez source. And for this reason I thought I was being direct about where I got the information. On the other hand, it seems like a stupid lie, since sooner or later the tape will come out. And besides, he has been accurate in the past, as on the Bernal-Gouveia tape.

Thanks, Anonymous (english)
A Person 4:32pm Mon Dec 9 '02

Thanks, clickable links would speed things up.

All sounds plausable. The MO of the destabilization operation in Venezuela presently looks very much like a re-run of the CIA plot that toppled Mohammed Mossadeq in Iran, in 1953, after he nationalized the oil industry.

Now, the Bush Mafia wants control of Venezuela's oil. What's so hard to understand about the situation? It's just more Yankee-doodle plutocrats doing what they do best.

all from:

not a peoples revolution 10.Dec.2002 01:29


<<<people have a right to overthrow their government if it is corrupt or not obeying the will of the people. stop hyperventilating.>>>

this is not the people overthrowing their government! Hugo Chavez has tremendous support amongst the population, especially the poor

this is a US backed attempt by big money in Venezuela to create a 'revolution' and oust Chavez because he has dared to talk about land reform, and about giving a share of the oil profits to the poor and landless and to build national infrastructure

the Venezuelan elite hate him for it and their money owned media is manipulating the situation just as the US media is spinning the truth about events there in a thoroughly disgusting manner

you have been brainwashed by corporate media - WAKE UP!

It is true a coup is coming 10.Dec.2002 02:59


First, it is true that a coup is likely coming in Venezuela. It is also true that the US is largely behind it, as it was behind the first, failed attempt several months ago.

But I must take issue with the original post's diplomatic skills.

Let me see if I have this straight:

First you call Indymedia 'idiots' for not drawing attention to the story.

THEN you provide two INDYMEDIA links ABOUT the story.

That makes a LOT of sense!

give me facts 10.Dec.2002 04:02

give me facts

it will be easy enough to claim that a coup is really right wing or that it is left wing - but seriously, where is the proof? i'm not arguing anything for or against either position but all i see here is hearsay from a journalist who says he has seen a taped confession from a related incident. that's not exactly hard evidence.

You're The Idiot 10.Dec.2002 09:00

Ed Harley

Guess what? Indymedia uses something called 'open publishing'. Congratulations on participating and posting a story you think is important. Wailing away at "you people" at Indymedia is fucking ridiculous. No one out here has any more or less responsibility than you do to post important news to the newswire. So, nice job yelling and screaming at a bunch of people who have nothing to do with your paranoid visions of an Indymedia goonsquad controlling what appears on the news wire. You're the fucking idiot. You wake up.

In more diplomatic language 10.Dec.2002 10:32


You're free to post any news story you think is important and relevant. Sounds like you need to do some work here, though. A news story needs to have facts and information, not just a lot of ranting at "you people."

As the above poster makes clear, YOU are the reporter. Make it happen. Where do you think the rest of these stories come from? That's right! People just like you who think something is really important and then go out and do the research, and then write about it.

Obviously this story is very important to you. Let's see what you can come up with! (But please stop railing at "other" folks who haven't written it FOR you.)

The will of the people 10.Dec.2002 17:16


001010110010111001011001 wrote:

"people have a right to overthrow their government if it is corrupt or not obeying the will of the people. stop hyperventilating."

That comment sounds more applicable to the US than to Venezuela.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was democratically elected by the people of Venezuela. He is not obeying the will of the elite and is dealing with the legacy of 40 years of their corrupt rule. Therefore, the elite are trying to take him out by whatever means possible.

none 10.Dec.2002 17:27


For more information about this topic please refer to a December 7th post to the Newswire. The post is titled, "The Venezuelan Revolution in Danger".

How easly they are Led 11.Dec.2002 13:08

Media Whore

When did the middle class turn into the upper Middle class. a lot of people want the Chavez government to fall, most are middle class(taxi drivers, Oil refiner workers, dock workers etc.)

How do I know this? I just got back from CA and met many people on travels from the south.

Since when are Unionists our enemy? The Oil, shipping and many other industries are on strike to shut down the system.

When did it become acceptable to use a member of the Chavez government as an independent news source??

Chavez supporter in the last couple of days have trashed independent news outlets.

Thanks Indymedia for a truly independent(Stalinist) view of current events

to media whore 12.Dec.2002 11:24


Um, wait. Lemme get this straight. U just returned from CA...would that be CALIFORNIA?...so u know what's happening in venezuela? Is there a link here that i'm just not seeing?