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Road to war paved with LIES?

The road toward war in Iraq may be paved with LIES.
Do you like being lied to? No?

What if those lies result in people dying? People, possibly
including neighbors or family?

If these possibilities concern you, then please plan to
take some action (see below).

You may recall that the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which
got the United States into the Vietnam War, was based
upon a lie.

In Vietnam, 59,000 of ours died, and more than a million
of theirs. For what?

The story that Iraqi troops stole incubators from Kuwait,
leaving hundreds of poor Kuwaiti children to die, is also
a well-documented lie that was created and circulated
(along with other fabricated stories, see the next link)
to promote the first Gulf War. I was taken in at the time,
but never again!


Now the incubator lie is being ressurrected by HBO in a
slick and subtle manner to promote a new gulf war.

The story is here:


What is different in our society between past major wars,
and the current drumbeat by the Bush adminstration?

Just one thing: the Internet!

If we use the Internet, perhaps we can make a difference.
Using the Internet (email and web pages) adds a dynamic
that didn't exist at the time of the Vietnam War or the
first Gulf War. One way to take advantage is by sending
mass emails to third parties that influence public

I just sent an email of protest to HBO, complaining that
the deceptive story in their recent production "Live from
Baghdad" promotes war. I hope you'll take similar action.

First, please go to this link to get HBO's email address,
and send them your thoughts.


I hope that everyone sends HBO a message urging them to
tell the truth about war.

Second, please forward this message to folks that you
believe may also dislike being lied to. Urge them to use
their personal computers to fight for truth!

Third, if you would like to see media coverage of our
move towards war that hasn't been available in the
mainstream press, bookmark this link:


best wishes,
richard myers in Denver